Star Wars – Jarik Alder, Physican-Gambler

   Here we have a preliminary version of a new character for the Star Wars game…

   Jarik Alder

   Jarik has a gambling problem. A LARGE gambling problem. One that’s left him quite a few thousand credits in debt – and led him to slip off his home planet, working a tramp freighter under an assumed name.

   He slipped ashore, and took a new name again, on Archegeph – but found that disguising his gambling habit was a lot harder than changing his name. After yet another string of losses, he was pretty nearly flat broke – and it was beginning to look like taking almost any route offworld would be a good idea.

   If that meant hooking up with some lunatic travelers, as long as they possessed their own space ship and he didn’t, that was just the way it was going to have to be.

   Jarik is a tall and solid (6’1″, 225 lbs, age 27, brown hair and eyes) human without much otherwise in the way of distinguishing features – although he’s short of luggage at the moment, and consequently appears more than a bit rumpled and worn. He isn’t the best kept of people, if for no other reason than the he’s moving around too much.


  • Major Debts (-3): Jarik owes QUITE a lot of money to the criminal underworld in general, and to Marthak the Hutt in particular. In addition to those obligations – which he is currently hiding from – he starts off with a mere 10 credits.
  • Gambling Fever (-3): Jarik finds it very, very, difficult to resist betting, getting in on a game, or looking up a game if there aren’t any immediately apparent. That’s why he starts off with only three major items of equipment instead of four – and will find it very difficult to hang onto money.

   Special Talents:

  • Force Sensitive (0): +1 Force Point, more vulnerable to the Dark Side.
  • Active Force User (3): Gains three skill points worth of Force Skills, is highly vulnerable to the Dark Side, and is subject to remarkable coincidences.
  • Three bonus Skill Dice (3).
Dexterity 2d6  
Knowledge 3d6 Languages +1d6, Streetwise +1d6, Survival +1d6
Mechanical 2d6 Animal Handling +1d6
Perception 4d6 Bargain +1d6, Gambling +2d6, Sense Motive +1d6
Strength 3d6  
Technical 4d6 Demolitions +1d6, First Aid +2d6, Medicine +2d6


Force Sense +2
Inner Control +2
Manipulation +2
Force Points 2
Experience Points 0
Credits 10

   This build actually requires twelve experience points rather than ten – but, given that the game is currently on session five, allowing a couple of extra experience points seems reasonable enough.

   Major items of Equipment:

  • Advanced Medical Kit, with expert-system assistance (+2d6 Medical and First Aid Skills).
  • Twin Blaster Pistols.
  • A Survival Vest – +1 armor with a breather mask and various basic survival-kit items.


  • Marthak the Hutt – notably, the same fellow to whom he owes a great deal of money.
  • Shivas Qorbin – an interstellar bookie.
  • Sair Heckmann – Jarik’s father, or supposed father, and a rather mild and quiet person.

   Plot hooks:

  • Jarik is massively indebted to the Hutt’s.
  • Jarik is related to one of the major figures in Republic politics or – perhaps – to some major figure of the Sith War. For good or ill, that individual is currently unaware of the relationship.


  • Marthak the Hutt.

   More detail is in order on all of this of course – but that is the nature of preliminary characters, and more material can easily be developed during play as it becomes apparent how the character fits into the group and the setting.

6 Responses

  1. I like him. May I post him on the STUFFER SHACK as a PC or NPC to steal?

    I would reference you as the author and link to your webpage.

    Let me know, thanks.


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