Justifiers-TORG Part II – Robin Hood, Fox-Beta

   Now that we have the Justifiers Cosm described in TORG terms, here we have a character for it – one “Robin Hood”, a fox-beta christened by a player who couldn’t resist the joke. .

   Unlike many other TORG characters, Robin mostly contented himself with adding a few ranks to his most frequently-used skills, instead spending most of the possibilities he acquired on buying off damage and pulling off spectacular stunts This tactic made Robin THE central figures in combat for most of the early campaign; the players would – of course – play for time and cards when confronted with a major menace – and then would spend the cards that they’d been hoarding to support Robin as he “lost patience with the sparring” and spent possibilities on some incredible attack that usually demolished bosses or scores of minions.

   Here we have Robin’s background files and starting setup.

   Extract, Ceti Kell Files, Non-human Assets:

   Fox-Beta class humanoid 107av9, Cognomen “Robin Hood”; Age 24, Field planetologist with scout cross training, veteran of four prior survey missions (Reference; Wyrm, Tantho, Argos, Utgard). Promoted to O2 (I’st lieutenant) 2309 /17. Assigned Auron survey mission scientific section 2311/86. Psionic, primary mode telekinesis, secondary mode creativity, buyback debt 2.8 E+7 credits, current bank 1.3 E+6. Min 10, Str 8, Tou 12, Per 10, Dex 15, Cha 7, Spi 8. Primary training and genetic records ref; Pharos (Ceti Prime) beta lab 9. Chose to retain cyber replacements for right eye, ear, and skull segment after Tantho survey, had microcomputer/transceiver installed in skull segment after Utgard survey. Ht 143cm, Wt 41 Kg, silver fur, blue eyes, unmated male. Evaluation: Extremely fast learner, finished training in 23% of the normal time. Likes to try “dramatic solos”, but this psychological quirk does not negate his remarkable talents. Shows a slight over-reliance on raw talent, but still rates as a remarkable success; it is recommended that the line be continued in the next fox-beta generation. Currently assigned to Auron survey mission.

   Planetary Data Extracts: Wyrm, Tantho, Argos, Utgard, Auron.

   Wyrm (Tran IV), Class F2 blue-white sun with red dwarf companion, closest approach increases solar input ~10% for half-year period every 23 years. Two moons, dense atmosphere, land surface 36% in 3 major continents and numerous islands, extensive swamp areas. Semitropical climate, biosphere similar to earths cretaceous period complicated by numerous toxic plants and an extremely dangerous “dragonlike” predator. 1.2 gravities, 33 Hr day, 426 day year, radius 7100 Km, relatively poor in metals, very rich in unusual biochemicals. 2302/183.

   Tantho (Aldor III), Class G6 yellow sun, 1 major moon, 2 minor, moderate, slightly oxygen – rich, atmosphere, land surface 43%, 4 major continents, 3 minor, 2 major interior deserts. Temperate climate, fairly ordinary biosphere, defended by a small force of ancient robots from an abortive colonization effort. Fortunately for the survey team the robots and their supplies had been degrading for millennia, and their remaining resources were not insurmountable. .94 gravities, 23.12 Hr day, 328 day year, radius 6100 Km, unusual crystal veins with a multitude of technical uses. 2305/26.

   On the Tantho survey Robin was struck and gravely injured by a missile while entering a supply cache. A normal human or beta would have died – the hit inflicted six wounds – but, fortunately for him, as a possibility-rated character he could buy three of those wounds off with a possibility.

   Argos (K’rull I), Class M9 orange dwarf primary, thick atmosphere with high CO2 level, land surface 18%, many islands, 0 continents. Warm climate due to greenhouse effect with extensive cloud cover, painfully dim days. Extensive volcanism due to tidal effects of nearby sun and eccentric orbit, biosphere thus primarily oceanic, sentient, psionic, quasi-cetacean species, dangerously strong telepaths, highly developed mental techniques and “oral” culture but otherwise nontech. 1.18 gravities, 39.4 hr day, 97 day year, radius 7800 Km, rather poor in metals but seawater extraction useful. 2308/19.

   Utgard (Loge II), Class K0 yellow-red sun, 1 moon plus varying captures from close asteroid belt, atmosphere thin and O2 poor, land surface 43%, supercontinent, 2 minor continents, frequent meteorite impacts. Arctic climate, massive centauroid species, sentient but low- tech, biosphere mostly oceanic and tundra of continental edge, natives migratory/nomadic herbivores preferring subsurface homes. 1.6 gravities, 18.2 Hr day, 287 day year, radius 8300 Km, rich oil reserves, luxury scents, and woods. 2310/98.

   During the Utgard survey Robin got an unusual chance to study the local aborigines for several weeks; they caught him, took his gear, and locked him up as a curiosity. His friends couldn’t find him, and it took quite a while to escape on his own. The experience has left him with a minor phobia about ropes, cages, and giants.

   Auron (Destin VIII), Class B giant blue-white sun, 3+ major moons and rings, moderate O2/N2 atmosphere, land surface 50%+, temperate climate. Extremely high metal content and radioactivity, unusual energy discharges, possibly ancient colony or working relic, continuous auroras. 1.1-1.3 gravities, day 16-26 Hrs, year 3240 standard days, radius 5000-5200 Km, survey team transmated 2311/116 to arrive 11/291, team consists of:

  • Major Robert Alton, bighorn sheep beta, planetary sciences specialist, commanding.
  • Capt. Indira Talasin, sea lion beta, medical and social sciences, 2’nd in command, psionic (healer, empath, danger sense).
  • 1’st Lieutenant Robin Hood, fox beta, planetary and life sciences primary, secondary scout training, psionic (telekinetic, creativity).
  • Chief Warrant Officer Telira Ashe, cheetah beta, pilot and electrical engineer.
  • Warrant Officer 1’st, Gunnar Norstedt, raccoon beta, electrical engineering specialist.
  • Warrant Officer 2’nd Mirlena Uhlman, wolf beta, mechanical engineer with security cross training.
  • Sergeant Griss Lugard, tiger beta, scout/field doctor.
  • Corporal Ross Murdock, bat beta, scout and social sciences, psionic (psychometry, animal control).
  • PFC Laura Stanislovock, falcon beta, security and life sciences.
  • PFC Jean Gautier, polar bear beta, security and pilot.

   Sergeant Lugard and warrant officer Norstedt were killed in the cosm transfer and ensuing crash landing, the rest are operating out of a valley in the rockies near the rocky mountain national park. Robin is officially on extended reconnaissance, in reality none of them are really sure of what, if anything, to do.   

   Given the likely importance of Auron, Ceti Kell is likely to send quite a few more teams before they give up…

   “Robin Hood”, Fox-Based Beta Class Humanoid 107av9

   Initial Possibilities: 8 (two spent on an additional skill add).

   Home Cosm: Justifiers

Magic 6
Social 20
Spiritual 5
Tech 28

   The fox-beta strain has been genegineered for improved balance, reaction time, endurance, and agility, giving them a +2 bonus to toughness and dexterity. Their innate animal traits give them +2 on scent perception and natural weapons with a damage rating of (str+3).

   Robin suffered massive head injuries during the Tantho survey, necessitating cyber-replacement of his right eye, right ear, and a substantial piece of his skull. The replacements function as follows:

  • Eye: IR/Normal/UV pickup with digital processing and image enhancement. It gives a +3 on visual perception in general, telescopic and microscopic magnification up to 60x and compensates for low-light or flare conditions. It also gives a +1 on his fire combat value when using a laser sight, as the spot can be more easily seen.
  • Ear: Has an extended frequency range, “parabolic” amplification, and the ability to suppress background noise or “home in” on sounds, giving a +3 on hearing perception in general.
  • His skull has computer and transceiver implants. The computer has translator, reference, and radiolocation programs (language +3, scholar +1, may “find” radio signals) among others, can record signals from the eye and ear, and use the transceiver as a remote datalink. The transceiver is quite normal, used for RF signal monitoring, communications, etcetera. Basic broadcast range of 24, indefinite with satellite assistance.
Attribute Value Action
Mind 10 Test
Strength 8  
Toughness 12  
Perception 10 Trick
Dexterity 15 Maneuver
Charisma 7 Taunt
Spirit 8 Intimidate

Physical Capabilities:

  Value Limit
Running 12 12
Swimming 5 5
Jumping 4 4
Climbing 2 2
Lifting 8 8

   Personal Data:

  • Height: 4 ft, 8 inches.
  • Weight: 89 pounds/40 Kg
  • Hair: Silver
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Apparent Age: 20’s (?)
  • Real Age: 24 years
  • Occupation: Planetary scout
  • Identity: Locally unknown
  • Legal Status: None on earth, property of Ceti Kell Inc. in home cosm, now presumed dead.
  • Other Aliases: None as of yet.
  • Birthplace: Ceti Kell beta lab 9, on pharos ceti prime.
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Group Affiliation: None earthly, assigned to Auron survey team.
  • Base Of Operations: A valley in the rocky mountains, near the park
  • Ethnic Origin: Fox-Beta
  • Religion: Deist
  • Education: Intensive survey training, field planetologist.
  Add Total
Dexterity Based


Beast Riding    
Energy Weapons    
Fire Combat +1 +16
Heavy Weapons* +1 +16
Lock Picking    
Long Jumping    
Melee Weapons +1 +16
Missile Weapons +1 +16
Stealth +1 +16
Unarmed Combat +1 +16
Spirit Based


Reality* +1 +9
Mind Based


Apportion Magic* +1 +11
Conjuration Magic* +1 +11
Science* +1 +11
Survival +1 +11
Test Of Will    
Charisma Based


Perception Based


Air Vehicles* +1 +11
Alteration Magic*    
Divination Magic*    
Evidence Analysis    
Find +1 +11
First Aid    
Land Vehicles    
Scholar +3 +13
Space Vehicles*    
Tracking +1 +11
Water Vehicles    
Strength Based



*These skills cannot be used unskilled.

   As a psychic – and one predating any “official” rules for it – Robin simply used the magic system with a slight modification: all psionics required a tech axiom of 26. The other axioms were irrelevant – and “Spell manipulation” was impossible

   Psychic Knowledges: “Living Forces” (Biofields) +1, “Inanimate Forces” (Field Theory) +1, “Light” (Electromagnetism) +1. 


Spell Skill Total Back-


DC Effect




Range Dur. Cast Time




9 12 9 20 Effect 15 12/4 Min 3/4 Sec




10 13 9 16 Effect 9 9/1 Min 3/4 Sec
Cylink Apportion


11 14 10 15 Effect 17 14/10 Min 5/10 Sec
Pyrotics Apportion


11 13 10 24 Duration 9 11/2 Min 5/10 Sec
Creation Conjuration


12 16 12 17 Effect 11 12/4 Min 7/25 Sec




13* 10 11 24 Duration 5 18/1 Hr 0/1 Sec




14* 11 14 16 Effect 3 14/10 Min 5/10 Sec




15* 14 10 25 Duration 0 11/2 Min 2/2 Sec
Amplify Conjuration


15* 16 11 16 Duration 0 9/1 Min 0/1 Sec

   Effects marked with an “*” were known, but were beyond his skills to use – at first.

  • Telekinesis: Allows him to move masses of up to 100 Kg (Value 10) by mental force at a speed of up to 100 meters / turn (value 10). The result points from the bonus roll may be added to either value, but, sadly, must first be factored through the power push table.
  • Kinetic Bolt: A simple telekinetic attack with whatever is handy. Air and liquids do stun damage, using almost anything else does normal damage. Such attacks are made at +5 to hit as they can be steered en route. Anyone subjected to these bolts finds it difficult to concentrate, giving other attackers a +2/+2 advantage.
  • Cylink: Allows him to use his computer implant to manipulate other circuits and computers by psionically linking it to them, and amplifying its signals enough to override them. The effect is resolved on the general result table against the “system resistance”, normally 6 (simple systems) to 18 (The most complex, redundant, shielded, and secure military systems). This cannot be used on complex circuits without an implant, as they are beyond direct comprehension otherwise. The effect value is modified by +(27-target systems tech level).
  • Pyrotics: Shifts a targets temperature, inflicting up to damage value 12. Living targets have additional problems, those with Toughness below 25 suffer a -3 on their bonus totals due to fever, chills, burning pains, etc. It can be used against areas up to 4m across at damage value 10. It can be “left on” a target or controlled.
  • Creation: Is the ability to summon and shape light energy into various forms, as illumination, holograms, flares, or destructive, laserlike, discharges. Image quality and targeting are determined by an apportion skill roll, the initial value determines the amount of energy available. For example, an effect value of 20 can be discharged in one damage 20 bolt, 10 damage 15 bolts, or sustain an illusion for the powers duration. “Left over” energy is lost when the duration runs out.
  • Safety Field: Generates a classic “life support field” around him, providing considerable protection from environmental dangers such as heat, cold, lack of oxygen, and being drenched in acid. Against such, the field has a value of 24, but against focused assaults it merely adds 2 to the users armor value.
  • Psychic Healing: Briefly “supercharges” the targets body with life energy, greatly accelerating healing. The spell removes 1D20 points of shock damage, removes K/O conditions if no stun damage remains, and allows a normal healing roll after only 10 minutes. The effect value must exceed the recipients Tou for it to work.
  • Weapon Focus: Lets him channel negative bioenergies through a weapon, raising its base damage value by two to a maximum of 25. Missile weapons can be “charged” as they are fired throughout the powers duration, but this only raises their base damage by 1 (24 maximum).
  • Amplify: Infuses the users body with energy, briefly enhancing any single physical characteristic (Str, Tou, Dex) by three points, to a maximum of 16.

   Psychic Backlash:

Total Misses

Backlash By:

Effect Maximum effect from
0-1 1 Stun Safety Field and Psychic Healing.
2 “O”, 1 Stun Telekinesis.
3 “K”, 1 Stun Kinetic bolt and Pyrotics.
4 2 Stun Cylink and Weapon Focus.
5 “O”, 2 Stun  
6+ “O”, 2 Stun,


Creation and Amplify.


Weapon Damage Short Medium Long Tech Notes
MCr. Rapier 16 melee     27 See below
Gauss Pistol 23 3″-15″ 60″ 450″ 27 20-R clip and +1 “to hit”
Shuriken 11 3″- 5″ 10″ 15″ 15 Carries a total of 12.
Slingshot 12 5″-10″ 20″ 60″ 18 QV Special loads below

   Major Equipment Descriptions:

  • Chronometer (standard survey issue): A “conventional” multifunction and multi- planet digital watch, also functions as a bio-monitor, inertial locator, emergency beacon, and mini-recorder using molecular circuitry. Tech 26.
  • Fuel Cell recharger and power cells.
  • Gauss Pistol: This weapon fires heavy slugs using an intense magnetic field, quickly, with minimal recoil, and virtually silently. Almost any metallic slug will do, but handmade slugs are at -2 on the damage value. The clip holds 20 rounds and the battery which powers the whole thing. Damage rating 23, explosive rounds 25 (but see “contradiction at range”), AP 21/-4 armor. This is a selective fire tech 27 weapon, ranges 3-15, 30, 60, 450, +1 to users “fire combat” skill. He usually carries six clips – four of normal ammon, one armor piercing, and one explosive.
  • Helicopter (standard survey issue): Tech 26, speed value 15, Toughness 24, 2 seats, lift value 14, may mount a laser cannon and/or two wing machine guns. Powered by a microfusion cell, it has an autopilot/computer, a fairly effective stealth mode, surveillance camera, radio, and autowinch. The cabin is equipped with a fuel cell recharger, hot/ cold chest, hotpot, thermos, and stopper.
  • Identity Disk and Implant (standard survey issue): An optical memory chip tuned to the owners biofields, it degrades within 48 hours if lost. The implant is similar, but almost irremovable.
  • Laser Sight: Adds +1 to users “fire combat” rating.
  • Medical Kit (standard survey issue): Equivalent to the Tornaga MedKit from Nippon Tech, +3 on all first aid rolls, tech 24.
  • MonoCrystal “Rapier”: Tough, thin, and light, with an edge about ten molecules wide. While this gives it a +3 damage bonus over an ordinary (tech 15) rapier, it also makes it an useful cutting tool, as applying steady pressure will drive it slowly through almost anything. Damage value of Str+8, to a maximum of 25.
  • Multi-scanner (standard survey issue): An instrument package capable of picking up energy sources, life forms, chemical, and physical structures, within limits. Using it requires a science roll at +3 on general results table, tech 27.
  • Slingshot: A normal hunting slingshot, Str +3, Str +4 when using steel pellets, ranges 5-10, 20, and 60. Special loads contain explosives, acid, “smoke”, or various gases, all at value 18 and tech 23. He normally carries 12 of each special load.
  • Stopper (standard survey issue): Treat as an adjustable taser.
  • Survey Uniform: The standard issue uniform is easily cleaned, highly water resistant, and provides some protection from chemical and biological agents. With the hood up and a standard respirator mask in place it allows short-term operation in a vacuum (Tou+10 time value). A few moments work on the boots can fold them out into passable swim fins or snowshoes. It is woven of a synthetic “kinetic fiber”, which has a base armor value of 5, the limb coverage gives a total of 6 (Tech 25, Fatigue 2). The uniforms can be equipped with various special-purpose liners, notably antiradiation, biochemical seal, water recycling (90% efficient, runs for a week on a small fuel cell), and thermal (maintains comfort for 48 Hrs (or more depending on local conditions), per cell).
  • Survival Pack (standard survey issue): Respirator mask, condenser canteen, flashlight, 60-day ration pack, flaregun, tarp, cord, rope, hammer/axe, 24 spikes, sleeping/shelter bag, packcase, water purification tabs/kit, miscellaneous kit (Compass, lighter, fishhooks, line, whetstone, gloves, survival manual, sunglasses, sewing kit, etc) supplement tablets, folding shovel, filter straws, knife, grapnel, stimpills, monofilament “saw”, micro-fabric parachute, salt, wire, and “space blanket”. Tech varies, 20-24. (Standard survival kits include a Machete, monocular, long-range radio, survival rifle, water, signal mirror, and pyroconcentrate tabs, but he’s left these behind as unnecessary).

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  1. Wow… great job! I’m getting into TORG right now and allready wondered how many DMs came up with new realities for their settings and how many had enough material by using the official stuff.

    • Well I’m glad you liked it!

      As for how many TORG GM’s come up with new realities… it’s really hard to say. TORG games are already relatively scarce (unfortunately).

  2. You know of any TORG site worth visiting right now?

    All I find had their last updates some years ago.

    An do you know of any site with some good rules sheets for TORG, giving a fast overview about combat, charakter creation and stuff like this?

    • Sadly, TORG is a pretty rare game these days. I may put up the occasional TORG item to help fill that gap a bit, but I’m not aware of any worthwhile sites at the moment.

      I may have a condensed rules sheet around somewhere though; I used to use one at the occasional convention. I’ll take a look.

      Is there anything else in particular that you need?

      • Nothing particular. I’m just skimming various websites for sheets with rule overviews for charakter creation, combat, etc. – but most links are dead ends or the sites haven’t been updated for 10+ years.

        TORG has such a good idea as it’s base… so it would be great to see more of that on your website.

      • Well, since you’re looking for something along those lines – and we’ll probably get back to TORG eventually anyway – I’ve put up the condensed rules summary and a link to the PDF version. You can find them both here:


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