Federation-Apocalypse Session Nine: The Moons of Korriban

   This was a short session, due to the game master being called away. 

   Leaving the volcanic moon, the group headed off to explore the rest of the system. Having been to the ice moon first, the next obvious choice was the forest moon. It had a breathable atmosphere, but only 1/3’rd gravity and not a lot of civilization. Some structures could be seen in the upper third of the northern hemisphere, clustered around a cold plateau. The complex seemed to be a massive temple of some sort.

   The immense herbivorous dinosaurs were mostly accidentally dangerous: one nearly swallowed Marty by accident simply because he was too close to a large tree. Fortunately, simple fractures were readily treated with healing magic and a few holes in the ground provided plenty of cover.

The pyramid itself was a huge shelter for another Silmaril – which they acquired with seriously suspicious ease – and a huge library of dubious lore. They downloaded it and stole a few things on general principles. Even if most of the “history” was certain to be rubbish (although it did agree that Revan was the owner of the Hellstorm and said that a presence from the outside entered the human Manifold some time back and “waged war against it”, which was interesting if true and might explain the “AI” behind the singularity war), there would be plenty of techniques and things available. There was also something that purported to be a “map” of the Manifold showing that numerous realms populated by those who died of various plagues and disasters had been isolated for a time and were now reconnecting and opening up, possibly creating a pretty miserable set of bridges/gates. Of course, given that the infinite realms of the manifold were connected and organized according to how they were perceived (Kevin still had problems with the people who organized things according to the actors who’d portrayed particular characters and their relationships though) this didn’t necessarily mean much even if it was true. After all, much of the current first circle had belonged to the outer circles before interstellar travel became the accepted order of things.

   Still, it did tell them that the neutronium sphere was the “grounding mass” that stabilized the shields. It had to be offworld to keep the shield from consuming its own generation circuit. There were also a lot of warnings about actually trying to use the Silmaril: it imbued the user with immense positive power – and immense self-righteousness and overconfidence if they had even the tiniest of flaws. Just as in Dr Vu, limitless power in mortal hands eventually led to corruption. One could not be forced into perfection; only eons of growth could achieve that.

   Oh well. They were supposed to be very pretty, and would doubtless make good reading lamps (The holy radiance of truth, which makes all unclear passages readily comprehensible!) – and could probably also power the circuit that would protect them from the planetary wards.

   The planet was cold, barren, and miserable. There were a lot of Sith tombs around, just waiting to be properly recorded for posterity (or possibly for use in computer games) including the tombs of Naga Sadow, Marc Ragnos, Darth Bane, Darth Plageous, Dath Sidious, Exar Kun, and many more. The group sent in some probes and started looking around and scanning in books. Unfortunately, there was also an ancient, semi-undead, tomb guardian who wanted them to leave. They offered him a bath, some lunch, and some company before the game master had to leave…

   2 CP all around, for a grand total of 23.

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