Guuzou Kami Spell List

   Guuzou Kami is the art of magic through images, including carvings, pottery figurines, paintings, and even origami. Conjures temporarily turn a model or image into a “real” creature or item. I creates simple items, such as a swords, barriers, coils of rope, or a minor construct which acts as a personal aide and secretary. II creates modest complex items or small animals, such as cats, pigeons, crossbows, and suits of armor. III creates larger items, such as rowboats, watch dogs, large tents, or competent laborers. IV can create a small house or yacht, a warhorse, several basic servants, or a small golem (tough, but not very competent). V can create a competent bodyguard, a huge animal or a small animal with minor special abilities, a large house and staff, a large boat, or a massive (if still incompetent) golem. VI can create a squad of decent fighters, a palace and staff, an expert in a particular field, a decent copy of a particular individual, an enormous animal, or a sizable animal with modest special abilities. Spell Storing/Symbol stores a spell of the appropriate level but takes several hours of work and preset release conditions. Finally, Scribe Spell crafts a particular spell effect. Unless stored, it is “cast” on completion of the item or image.

  • Level One: Conjures I, Casting the Bones (minor divination), Masterful Craftsmanship, Modeled from Life (perfect image), Augment Peasant Magic, Reduce to Talisman (make item into tiny representation).
  • Level Two: Conjures II, Reconstruction, Instant Forgery, Auric Sigil (private markings), Linked Items (to each other or to someone else, show condition, etc), Unimpeachable Discourse (can use item as prop to temporarily convince target of almost anything with a contest check)
  • Level Three: Conjures III, Spell Storing/Symbol I, Implant Suggestion (send missive), Enchanted Weapon, Carrying the Load (gear turns into charms till needed, can carry lots of stuff), Focus (create amulets, tattoos, etc, bestows a few extra points of power).
  • Level Four: Conjures IV, Spell Storing/Symbol II, Implant Emotion, Scribe Spell I, Awaken Item, Spirit Habitation (can be for spirits of the dead),
  • Level Five: Conjures V, Spell Storing/Symbol III, Implant Belief, Scribe Spell II, Firelight Shadows, Penultimate Seal (turn to talisman, banish or imprison spirit),
  • Level Six: Conjures VI, Spell Storing/Symbol IV, Implant Control, Scribe Spell III, The Great Unbinding, Forbiddance (keeps out spirit type, area of purity, etc)

   Well, as usual for the short expansion lists, this isn’t even tied to any particular game system. It’s one of the minor magical systems in the current Legend of the Five Rings campaign, but the summary list here would work perfectly well as a list for a d20 bardic style character, or a White Wolf magical path, or for quite a lot of other systems. If you want to use it, simply apply appropriate mechanics to suit whatever game you have in mind. It should be simple enough.

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