Welcome to Hinode Monogatari, the Legend of the Five Rings Tales of the Sunrise campaign. This section of the site will be hosting the campaign records, any material that the players want to post, and supplemental campaign background material.

   Major Characters: Asahina Ninsei (child prodigy fire shugenja),  Neko Miyako (a cat clan skillmaster), Tamori Kochige (shugenja-sumo wrestler), Smoke Balamada, Senpet Heka Mage (The Heka Magic rules, along with a lot of other stuff, can be found in the Campaign Handout PDF), Bayushi Michio, Phoenix-Schooled Scorpion Bushi, back in the days when he was only extremely deadly, rather than a menace to the structure of reality, Neko Miyako, a powerful Cat Clan Samurai, Ambir Ryuko, A Dragon-Shapeshifter, Bayushi Sakura, a Tainted Scorpion Bushi, Toku Najite, a very high-ranking Monkey Clan Bushi, and the Madness Tattoos currently sported by Kochige’s Son (plus his base abilities – which aren’t much at his age).

   Maps and Locations: Rokugan Area Map,  Rokugan World Map (and an updated, and vastly improved, version: Rokugan World Map – at least the way it is in Tales of the Sunrise), Toshi Ranbo Circa 1124 Information and Full Scale Map,  Alex’s Fief Information and Full Scale Map, and Naga Forest Map Key.

   Schools: The Guardians of Traitor’s Grove, Master of the Hidden Mountain, Tiger Clan Sohei, Ivory Kingdoms Geisha School, the Mandate of Heaven School of Rulership, Yobanjin Spirit Binders, Meishou Shokunin Master Smith Bushi School, The Spellstorm School and Technique, Jade Guardian Monk School, Iron Guardian YojimboYodatai Scout School, Ivory Kingdoms Geomancer School, the Demon Mirage Ivory Kingdoms School,  the Recondite Weave school of gaijin void magic, Techynics (an Ivory Kingdoms school of magic), the Chikao Ronin Commander/Administrator School, the Taimushifuto Mugen (Timewarping Dream) courtier school, the Munashii Ji / Volgaren Merenae void manipulation courtier school, the Secrets of the Elders school of age, the Meditations of Unity School Ivory Kingdom Courtier School, Ronin/Nezumi Technician School, a Pre-Imperial Hadai Knight School, the Mountain Heart School of Earth Magic, The Ivory Kingdoms Rahu-Ketu School of the Midnight Sun (a school for light and shadow magic), the Ivory Kingdoms Dheramada School (a school for imbuing agents with power), the Fox Clan Temple Administrator Courtier School, the Walking Dream (Nezumi) Courtier School, the City of Jewels Evil Grand Vizier School, Hosfera Madrase Old Yodatai Divine School (beast-archery), Merenae Morgantha “Ninja” Courtier School, the Sparrow Clan Calligraphy School, Sagmahi Kashti Madrase old Yodata Divine School (far-traveling), the Thunderbolt Blade Bushi School, the Timeless Wanderer Bushi School (for planar travelers), and Capsule discriptions of twenty-one other Ivory Kingdom Schools. The two Cat Clan Minor Schools are in the compiled handouts or can be found at the end of Neko Miyako’s Character Sheet. We also have the Cheese Wheel Schools – or ” How to get Techniques without Ranks”.

Background Information:

Player Contributions:

Campaign Log: Compiled (Pre-Blog) Sessions, Vortex of Time Series, Part 1, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Firestorm Series, Interludes, The Phoenix Debates, The Borderlands of Twilight, The Drunkard’s Walk, The Rise of Fu Leng Series, The Clan Wars Series, The Bloodsword Legacy I, The Bloodsword Legacy IIClan War Sequence II, The Clan War Openings, The Planar WarThe Ivory KingdomsThe Deva’s TaleSessions 87-89, Session 90Session 91Sessions 92-93Sessions 94-95Sessions 96-97Sessions 98-99Sessions 100-101 (sorry, the discriptive titles were becoming a nuisance to track). To help keep the many sessions which made up each of these straight, here’s a Session Titles Index – with session log crosslinks and upper karma limits for new and replacement characters.


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