Jurassic Manor and the Mandate

   When Adrian Maximilian set out to gather his own team of superheroes, he decided to base them out of his family estate. Why not? It was sizeable, private, conveniently close to New York City, and there wasn’t anyone else living there. The few servants could easily be either sworn to secrecy or retired and replaced with robots depending on his telepathic estimation of how dependable they were.

   It didn’t seem like such a good idea after the Chauffeur installed his vehicle facilities, the practice area ran amuck, the killer machines of the Silver Twilight attacked (repeatedly), the Fey moved in, the Darkmage nearly destroyed the world from the living room, the White Necromancer built a Temple of Bones in the woods, Ballistic filled the place with hidden arsenals that re-manifested if removed, the War God made a habit of dropping by, and the dinosaur attack.

   It didn’t help that they soon found themselves playing host to a swarm of genetically-engineered extra-dimensional children with nowhere else to go, assorted revenants and ghosts, a Triceratops, a pack of youthful werewolves and other werecreatures, the various victims of the War God, an infant deity, some stranded alien mercenaries, and various super-powered children and teenagers.

   Unfortunately, it didn’t take them long to conclude that most of the kids would endanger normal people by their mere presence (especially after picking up some additional powers) and would be in danger themselves from the various other creatures that wanted them for one reason or another without constant superheroic protection.

   When Adrian was killed in action, his will turned out to be set up to establish the Manor as The Maximilian Memorial Orphanage (often nicknamed “Jurassic Manor” within the group) with a set of provisions for it to continue, secretly, hosting The Mandate. It was not until long later that the group concluded that – just perhaps – it might not have been the best of ideas to use Genocide Data Node as their central computer system.

 Jurassic Manor:

Cost Base Characteristics
12 DEF 6
4 BODY 6
20 Size 10, 792 hexes (34,088 sq ft), DCV -10
9 Grounds 405,000 hexes

Area (18×44 = 792 hexes); Includes assorted outbuildings.

Grounds (450×900 = 405000 hexes); 40 acres/.6 square miles. About a mile wide along the lakeshore and averaging half a mile deep (the shoreline varies).

5 Location: Suburbs
4 END Reserve: 25 END, 2 REC/turn

This will run the lights, air conditioning, basic household items, and surveillance cameras if the power goes out.

3 High Range Radio Hearing; Focus; Radio Console: Obvious Accessible, -1; Focus Type: Base, -1; Extra Time Required: Only At Startup, ½


(7  Points) Genocide Data Node (Computer, 55 pts, -20 Disad.); Number: 1, +0

  • Basic Attributes; Int 23 (13), Dex 0 (-30), Spd 1 (0).
  • Talents/Perks; Scholar (3), Scientist (3), Absolute Time Sense (1, at least for a computer), DSL Modem (2), Eidetic Memory, Speed Reading, and Cramming; All for Computer Data/Programs Only, -1 (Net 8).
  • Surveillance Cameras; Clairsentience, (OAF, Base, -1.5), 14- Activation (Partial Coverage, -.5) (Net 7).
  • Sciences; Genetics, Biochemistry, Electronics, Parapsychology, Physics (All 14-, 10 Points Total).
  • Knowledges; Supervillains, Genocide, Mutant Powers, Pharmacology, Electronics (All 14-, 10 Points Total).
  • Other Skills, 14-; Cryptography, Paramedic (Net 6).
  • Programs; Database Search, Security Monitoring/Intruder Tracking, Firewall, Multiscanner Operation, Chemical Synthesis, News Monitoring, Encrypt/Decrypt, Genetic Extrapolation, Summarize Report, Synthesize Counteragent.
  • Multiscanner System; 20 Point Multipower, Requires 5 Minutes to use (-2), Base OAF (Laboratory, -1.5), (Net cost 4).
    • U (1); Psionic Analysis; Detect Psionic Energies (3), Discriminatory/Analyze (5), +6 Perception (20- Total, 12).
    • U (1); Genetic Analysis; Detect Genetic Structures (3), Discriminatory/Analyze (5), +6 Perception (20- Total, 12).
    • U (1); Biochemical Analysis; Detect Biochemicals (3), Discriminatory/Analyze (5), +6 Perception (20- Total, 12).
    • U (1); Physical Analysis; Detect Physical Structure (3), Discriminatory/Analyze (5), +6 Perception (20- Total, 12).
    • U (1); Electron Microscope; Microscopic Vision, up to x1,000,000 magnification (18 Total).
    • U (1); X-Ray Scanner; X-Ray Vision (20 Total)
  • Biochemical Synthesizer; 1d6 Major Transform into any (+.25) biochemical (Including DNA/RNA), OAF (Base Laboratory, -1.5), 14- Activation (-.5), Extra Time (1 Week, -4), Produces Very Small Quantities (A few “doses” at most, -.5), (Net 2).

   The Data Node Cost (7 Points) is not included in the base cost. Note that Genocide wants the system back very, very, much; this is effectively an 11- Hunted.

    Base Skills and Special Functions:

21 Disguised (Not readily recognized as a base). 18-
5 Paramedic (Infirmary) 12-
3 Criminology Lab 11-
3 Electronics Lab 11-
3 Mechanics (Vehicle Garage) 11-
1 Concealed tunnel network & exits.  
93 Base Cost  


   Base Disadvantages:

10+ Disadvantages (Cost: 10/5 = 2)
20 Assorted Small Children (Incompetent, 11-)
10 Pet Triceratops (Slightly Less Powerful, 11-)
15 Distinctive Features; Sprawling Mansion Near New York City
3 Watched By The Police (8-)
20 Vulnerability; Fire (2× BODY)
15 Secret Identity; Not publicly known as a base.
83 Disadvantages Total


   General History: Originally built in 1869, the Winchester mansion barely escaped demolition in 1987, when it was bought by the Maximilian family, and renovated as their private residence. Notable locations on the estate include the extensive mansion itself (with it’s Forcalt Pendulum in the north tower), the Boathouse, Maze, Barn and Stables, Chapel, Folly (A set of “Roman Ruins” in a modest grove), Pavilion, Indian Mound (Quite genuine; it has been left undisturbed), the old Carriage House (Now closed up), Springhouse, and Zoo (Again, almost entirely closed up, although one of the larger pens has been re-opened for the Triceratops. A remnant of Jacob Winchester, an enthusiastic naturalist, c.1922). The borders are walled off, although the barrier is hardly enough to stop anyone who’s determined to get in. Additional privacy, as well as a steady supply of firewood and a refuge for small animals, is provided by the wooded belt which has been allowed to grow along the borders of the estate.

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