Incarnum Builds

   The next request was a way to build an Incarnum wielder in Eclipse d20 point buy – so here’s a method:

   “Incarnum Magic” revolves around the ability to create a relatively limited selection of weak personal magic items (“melds”) which may be “charged up” with “points” of “Essentia” (a rather-ill defined primordial spiritual essence) and/or take up magic item slots to enhance their effects. Naturally enough, you can buy this using Eclipse: The Codex Persona. You simply need to take:

   Create Relic. Specialized: can only be used to create a limited (Int) set of predetermined personal relics, no more than (Con-10) may be created at a time, all of them must be related to a specific theme, and such relics can have a maximum cost of 6 CP (8 if they occupy a magic item slot). Fortunately, you only need to buy this once – unless you want to increase the number of relics available. 3 CP.

   Immunity: Melds/Relics cannot be damaged or removed. (Common/Minor/Great, 12 CP).

   Double Enthusiast, Advanced Adaption (one hour to redirect). Specialized: Only to invest points in relics. Corrupted: Relics must be “activated” on a point-by-point basis by investing personal mana in them unless they’re occupying item slots, in which case the first two points are free. Net 4 CP per 2 points of Relics available. This ability may be purchased as often as desired.

   Personal Mana. Corrupted: only for investment in Relics. 4 CP per 1d6. This ability may also be purchased as often as desired, although you’ll probably only need it half as often as the previous ability.

   Once you’ve purchased your Relic and Mana/”Essentia” pools, you can start creating your relics – using either the lists in the book for inspiration or developing some theme of your own.

   Thanks to the high efficiency of Relics, an incarnum wielder can be quite formidable – but they’re vulnerable to having their mana drained and often lack variety in their abilities. There are plenty of better power builds.


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