Orin Makala – Statistics

Drawings of tools used in ritual magic.

Well, yes, I might be able to do something with those...

And here we have some game statistics for young Orin Markala. It’s worth noting that – in Eclipse – a strong character concept usually leads to a strong character. That’s simply because a strong concept suggests limitations – and limitations make powers cheaper and/or more powerful. In Eclipse d20, once you have a strong concept, you’re more than halfway to an optimized character. Orin’s unlikely to increase the upper limits of his powers very quickly – they’re largely fixed and defined – but he will grow in how often he can use them effectively.

Race / Squirrel-Based Wildfolk. This provides: +2 Wisdom, +2 Constitution, and +4 Dexterity, Low-Light Vision and Scent, a -2 penalty on saves against light and scent-related attacks, 1d4 Natural Weapons, pays half price for the Acrobatics, Athletics, Perception, and Survival skills and gains a +2 racial bonus to them, and a bonus feat (in his case it’s Fast Learner, Specialized in skills for +2 SP/Level).

“Chosen One” Template (also known as the “GM Plot Hook Bonus”): This provides +2 each to Strength, Constitution, and Charisma, 60′ Darkvision, a mental link with other four other Chosen Ones, a bonus language (Draconic), Grant of Aid with the regeneration option, and 1d6 Natural Weapon (claws; this goes to 1d8 with his existing natural weapons).

Available Character Points: 48 (Level One Base) +10 (Disadvantages; two of these are GM secrets, the other is – of course – “Compulsive”. Orin is a chivalrous, dedicated, and noble priest) +12 (2x L1 feats; the GM here is giving out an extra one) +2 (Duties – another GM-determined item) = 72. The game master is using a (rather generous) attribute array of 12, 12, 14, 14, 16, 16.

Orin Markala:

Basic Attributes: Str 12 (14), Int 14, Wis 16 (18), Con 14 (18), Dex 16 (20), and Chr 12 (14).

Basic Purchases (24 CP):

  • Warcraft (BAB): +0 (0 CP).
  • Hit Points / Dice: 12 (L1, 3d4, 16 CP) +12 (3x Con Mod) = 24 HP.
  • Proficient with All Simple Weapons (3 CP)
  • Armor Class 10 (Base) +5 (Dex) +2 “armor” +4 (Martial Art) = 21
  • Initiative +5 (Dex)
  • Save Bonuses: +1 Will (3 CP). This gives him Fortitude +4, Reflex +5, and Will +5.
  • Skill Points: 2 (Purchased, 2 CP) +8 (Int Mod x 4) +8 (Racial Fast Learner) +4 (Fast Learner at level zero) = 22 SP. Sixteen of those will be going to maxing out his adept skills, one to Shadow Walking, one to a speciality on Arcana (Ritual Magic), and four to his Martial Art – a staff-based variant on the Wind Dance style.

Other Abilities:

Priestly Ritualist Package (18 CP):

Fast Learner, Specialized in Skills (6 CP).

  • Adept: Arcana, Concentration, Knowledge/Religion, and Specific Knowledges (6 CP).
  • Augmented Bonus/Natural Mystical Channel, adds (Dex Mod) to Magically Related Skills (Arcana, Concentration, Shadow Walking, Theology, and Use Magic Device), Specialized and Corrupted/only for performing ritual magic (2 CP).
  • Luck, Specialized and Corrupted/only for performing ritual magic (2 CP)
  • Occult Ritual, Specialized and Corrupted/clerical rituals only, powerful rituals cause magical disturbances across a wide area, rituals are always stressful; the user cannot “take 10” or “take 20” and rituals always fail on a “1” (2 CP).

Specific Knowledges (2 SP, already accounted for):

  • Memorized Holy Book / The Annals of Heaven: An account of the High Ones creation of the multiverse and ancient tales of mighty spirits and mortals who either rose as saints or fell into darkness working for or against the will of the High One. Basically the YuMirr “Bible”.
  • Memorized Holy Book / The Analects of the Five Winds: The theology, proverbs, and rituals of the YuMiir order.

Ten Memorized Minor Rituals (1 SP): These normally require appropriate priestly robes, a holy symbol, and some minor props – but it is possible to get along without those at +5 to +10 DC. Similarly, it’s possible to reduce the time, also at +5 to +15 DC.

  • Blessing of the Innocents: A blessing for children. Three times before adulthood, they can be aided in a time of crisis by an effect the ritualist could currently produce of up to level three. Thus a youngster might be saved from a fall at the age of three, be shielded from the flames of a burning building at seven, and be cured of a nasty fever at eleven. DC 15, 1 Minute.
  • Harmonious Bond: A ritual of marriage. It ensures compatibility; those married by this rite will find their partners easy to get along with, comfortable to have around, understanding, and – unless it’s totally unreasonable – mutually fertile. DC 15, 1 Hour.
  • Illumination of the Night: Creates a sourceless flame to act as a campfire, light a lamp, act as a small beacon, or whatever. The flame will burn for up to one week and is resistant to being extinguished by mundane means, but is stationary unless enclosed and carried. DC 15, 1 Hour.
  • Oathbinding: Calls on the high powers to witness an oath. If the oath is voluntarily broken, whoever breaks it will be subject to some sort of minor curse. Such a curse cannot be removed until some appropriate act of atonement is made. DC 15, 1 Minute.
  • Opening the Gates of Light: Offers forgiveness and release to lingering spirits. DC 15, 1 Minute.
  • Purification of the Spirit’s Dwelling: Purges the recipients body of impurities, such as mundane poisons and diseases and minor maledictions. DC 5, 1 Hour. Often rushed to DC 15 and 1d6 Rounds.
  • Returning to the Elements: Returns a body cleanly to nature, causing it to crumble to dust as if cremated over the course of the next hour or two. DC 5, 1 Minute. Occasionally rushed by the practiced to DC 10 and 1d6 Rounds.
  • Scriptural Vow: A secondary ritual that goes with Oathbinding The recipient picks up two minor disadvantages (an Obligation and a Vow) and a compensating bonus feat, which will remain in effect as long as he or she lives up to those disadvantages. If he or she fails to do so, the bonus feat vanishes and he or she will pick up a minor curse, as per the Oathbinding. Most lay members of Orin’s faith swear to Tithe to the church whenever they can do so without it being unduly burdensome and to refrain from pacting with demons – thus gaining a touch of divine aid in their daily lives. DC 15, 1 Hour, may target a modest group of willing participants.
  • Stream of Prosperity: Enhances the yield of the land throughout a manor or parish for the next year. DC 15, 1 Full Day. Can be rushed by the very skilled down to DC 25 and 1 Hour.
  • Walk of Dreams: A ritual of vision, to aid the recipient in making decisions and in discovering his or her true talents and vocation. Most of what is seen will be dredged up from the user’s subconscious and natural potentials, but the spirits of the celestial realms usually throw in a few extra hints. DC 15, 8 Hours, may be used on a fair-sized group.

 There are lots of other rituals of course; these are simply the ones he’s especially good at.

Rune Weaver Package (20 CP):

  • Shaping, Specialized and Corrupted (for double effect and two-thirds cost) / the user may only choose a limited number of relatively narrow themes linked to a particular attribute to use rather than being able to produce any desired effect within his or her limits; the user may select two attributes, gaining (Att Mod) themes from each, to start with. Additional attributes may be “opened” at a cost of 6 CP each at levels 3, 6, 9, and 12. The themes chosen will be represented by symbols on the user’s skin, which will be revealing to any knowledgeable observer. Sadly, without boosting, this is effectively limited to level zero effects – and cumulative effects (such as healing) lost effectiveness on any given target after 2d6 uses in a day (4 CP).

Orin’s themes are based on Dexterity (Elemental and Void Magic) and Wisdom (Holy Magic).

  • Dexterity: (Elemental) Cloak, Manipulation, and Summoning, Twisting the Threads, and Invoke the Depths.
  • Wisdom (4): Armor of Light, Exorcism, Opening the Way, and White Light.

Descriptions for those can be found in Legends of High Fantasy.

  • 2d6 (8) Mana (Spell Enhancement Option), Specialized and Corrupted for triple effect (24 Mana)/only for use with Shaping, only to reduce spell levels (not for caster level enhancement), use of more than half the reserve will fatigue the user, using it up will exhaust him or her (12 CP).
  • Ritual of Chi with +4 Bonus Uses, Specialized and Corrupted: requires at least an hour of rest and meditation or sleep, only restores Mana (4 CP).

Staff Mastery: The Way of the Guardian Word (10 CP).

  • +1 BAB, Specialized and Corrupted/only with staves (2 CP). Staves used with this discipline usually have a prayer for protection inscribed on them as well, but that’s an optional extra.
  • +1d6 (6) Mana, (Spell Enhancement Option), Specialized and Corrupted/only for use with Shaping, only to reduce spell levels (not for caster level enhancement), only for invoking counterspells and defensive spells, only while holding a staff (2 CP).
  • Reflex Training (three actions per day variant), Specialized and Corrupted/only for defensive actions, only for shaping, only usable when holding a staff (2 CP).
  • Evasive (Spellcasting), Specialized and Corrupted / only while casting defensive spells as a reflex action, only while holding a staff (4 CP).


  • Acrobatics: +4 (SP) +5 (Dex) +2 (Race) = +11
  • Arcana: +4 (SP*) +2 (Int) = +6. +14 for performing rituals (with his +3 Specialty and +5 Augmented Bonus ), +19 with memorized rituals.
  • Athletics: +4 (SP*) +2 (Str) +2 (Race) = +8
  • Concentration: +4 (SP*) +4 (Con) = +8, +13 for performing rituals.
  • Knowledge/Religion: +4 (SP*) +2 (Int) = +6, +21 with respect to his own faith.
  • Perception: +4 (SP*) +4 (Wis) +2 (Race) = +12
  • Shadow Walking: +1 (SP) +4 (Wis) = +5
  • Specific Knowledges: 4 SP*, see above.
  • Survival: +4 (SP*) +4 (Wis) +2 (Race) = +10
  • Wind Dance +9, Martial Art Techniques Known (5): Defense 4, Mind Like Moon

*Effectively 2 – half cost – due to Adept ability.

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