Godlike: The Celestial Voyager

   To continue with what has apparently become this weeks theme, here’s another character for the Godlike or Wild Talents games. In this case, it’s The Celestial Voyager – a youthful astronomy and science-fiction enthusiast who has found that dreams do indeed come true.

   In the default WWII setting, the Celestial Voyager might have come from anywhere, and could be fitted in on any side.


The Celestial Voyager

  • Attributes: Body 1, Coordination 2, Sense 3 (4), Brains 2, Command 2, Cool 2.
  • Skills (20):
    • Body: Health 1.
    • Coordination: Dodge 2, Drive (cars and trucks) 1, Stealth 1.
    • Sense: Sight 3.
    • Brains: Education 3, Electronics 2, Language (Germanic Group) 1, Language (Japanese Group) 1.
    • Command: Inspire 1, Leadership 1, Seduction 1.
    • Cool: Bluff 1, Mental Stability 2.

   He had always liked to watch the stars. He fell asleep beside the telescope, and dreamed – as he so often had – of soaring among them.

   When he awoke the stars blazed about him like jewels upon a velvet background – and he drifted there in wonder for a time, lost in the rapture of the heavens.

   But the distant Earth called, it’s crystalline beauty marred by a smog of war. From his vantage point – drifting some 20,000 miles out – he could see a great deal.

   The traveler remained in the depths of space – but reached out, appearing as a crackling image on the telecommunications equipment that Doctor Altin was developing for secure military communications.

   That took a great deal of explaining – but Altin got the point pretty quickly. You never knew when some reports from someone with the best of all possible views might be useful.

   Besides, without that human contact, the Voyager might well have gone mad. The stark silence of space was filled with beauty, but humans were never made to live without contact with other humans.

   And – at least for the moment – the Voyager was still mostly human.

   The Celestial Voyager is a living space probe – capable of visiting distant suns, sampling the atmosphere of alien worlds, and (eventually) of hauling considerable masses through or into space. Despite his ability to launch gravitational solitons or even miniature black holes, and the fearful range the combination of telescopic senses and the typical line-of-sight range of talent powers makes possible, he simply isn’t powerful enough yet to actually inflict too much damage on anything – although you never know when a bit of “telekinetic-style” manipulation may come in helpful (it helps that any attack of his is virtually always a surprise attack). Currently he’s much more helpful acting as a communications relay, as the worlds first “spy satellite”, and relaying tight-beam communications to specified points. While he’s virtually impossible to spot – he’s a black speck against the sky, and even a high-powered telescope at night probably couldn’t spot him even if it had the fabulous luck to be pointed directly at him – any talent that got too close could automatically sense the way that he manipulates the structure of space-time, making returning to earth, or leaving it again, a very vulnerable period for him.

  • Talent Basics:
    • Quirks: Deeply in love with Space (1), Science-Fiction Fiend (1), Keeps hunting for Aliens (1).
    • Base Will: 2 Command + 2 Cool + 5 (left over from 25 base) + 3 (Quirks) = 12
  • Talent Powers:
    • Life Support/All Environments (1D, 6) (5/10/20), Extras; Intuitive Navigation (+1/2/4), Unshakable (never turns off involuntarily, +2/4/8), Energy-Based Metabolism (unaffected by starvation, thirst, disease, age, fatigue, and toxins, +2/4/8), “Glow” (actually a sort of “Antiglow” – a radiating darkness as he absorbs all ambient photons for power, this is pretty conspicuous on a planetary surface, -1/2/4), Loopy (whenever he changes environments he finds the experience of his body adapting quite intoxicating, -2/4/8), Addictive (must make a Cool + Mental Stability roll to descend from space, and additional periodic rolls to resist the temptation to return, -1/2/4).
    • Gravity Manipulation (2D, 2HD, 6) (Base 5/10/20): Allows Flight (+1/2/4), Allows FTL travel in Space (and in space only, +1/2/4), Fine Control (+1/2/4), Points of Width from gravitational attacks can be given up to add the Penetrating quality to such attacks at -1 Width per +2 penetration (+1/2/4), Points of Width may be given up to add ranks of Radius (using the Zed table) to gravitational effects at one radius rank per point of width given up (+1/2/4), Beacon (-4/8/16), Nervous Habit (must gesture, -1/2/4), Reduced Effect (-1 Width) when not operating in space (-1/2/4), Attached to Life Support (-1/2/4), “Glow” (radiates darkness and cold as all available energy is gathered up to fuel the effects, this is extremely conspicuous on a planetary surface, -1/2/4), gravitational attacks always go last (-1/2/4) = (1/2/4). (If this worries you, or you don’t feel you know enough physics to handle this, the effect is basically similar to Telekinesis in most ways).
    • Hyperstat; Sense +1 (1): Allows detailed technical analysis of what he senses (+2/4/8), Telescopic (+2/4/8), Attached to Life Support (-1/2/4), Must consciously shift focus between long-range and local levels (a variant of “Go Last”, -2/4/8), Can’t Interfere at Telescopic Ranges (-1/2/4) = 1/3/6. Note that, while the Celestial Voyager can see a great deal, the fact that he can only focus on small areas at a time, and cannot see through clouds and other barriers, keeps him from seeing everything. In addition, his mind is only human: he can only keep track of so much. On the other hand, he can readily send back the data he picks up, the images he observes, and similar material via;
    • Instantaneous Radio/Television Communications (2HD, 4) (Robust, Useful Outside Combat, base of 3/6/12), Fine Control (can use tight beams or broadcast, amongst other options, +1/2/4), “Uneven” (subject to sunspots, jamming, and other interference, -2/4/8), always takes several rounds to make contact (-1/2/4) = (1/2/4).
    • Heavy Armor (1 level, 3): Base of 7 per level, Linked with Life Support (-1), Only works in Space (-3).

   The Celestial Voyager is another irritant. He isn’t all that dangerous at the moment (although he will be after he picks up a few more dice of Gravity Manipulation; almost his first action as a Talent was to add another hard die to that ability), Affinity, and (perhaps) a bit more Heavy Armor. Still, his work has been a valuable addition to the war effort.

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