Exalted – Jouten Formation

Cherry crashing into primordial Earth

World Bodies... and their Cosmic Snacks

Primordials are often assumed to be “nothing but their charms”. They – at least based on the Ebon Dragon’s writeup – have Essence 10, Willpower 10, 1000 Motes, a hundred or so health levels, and… Charms.

They also have Jouten – ranging from Gaia’s (rather approachable) Emerald Mother on through Malfeas’s colossal-to-infinite world-body which grows, twists, convulses, and pulverizes continent-sized areas.

Jouten too are often presumed to have “nothing but their charms”.

That’s a bit of a problem though. To use senses, you need some Perception. If you don’t have any… you have no senses. Sure, you could stunt some way to sense things – perhaps direct essence-sensing – but how will you know that you need to? No Intelligence? That means that you have no memory without a stunt – and no way to know that you might need to stunt or way to come up with any. A rating of “0″ is NOT the same as not having a rating at all. Babies and mice may have several attributes at zero – or possibly even at negative ratings. Parsley, flatworms, and oak trees, on the other hand, have many attributes with no ratings; they don’t get any rolls in those areas and don’t get stunts in those areas either.

Most smaller Jouten are presumed to be able to walk around, pick stuff up, carry on a conversation, and so on, without having to find a way to fit it into their First Excellency.

The world-bodies have a variety of physical properties – bizarre atmospheres, earthquakes, deadly toxins, and more. These may be built into some sort of charm – “Manifest World Body” or some such – but if so it’s a permanent thing, unique to each user. That’s fair enough; the world-bodies certainly are certainly each unique enough.

Of course, Primordials are still presumed to be Idiot-Savants, and to be quite incompetent in most areas outside their first excellency. Ergo, while they must have some sort of dice pools to function, they can’t be very big compared to the kind of pools that an Exalt – or possibly even a Mortal – can come up with.

Sadly, we don’t have any good examples of actual statistics or abilities for Jouten save for the writeup for the Ebon Dragon – which, by it’s very nature, is a hollow mockery who only steals or mimics other peoples abilities.

Thus the manifestation of a Jouten is presumably an effect of a high-essence charm – but there really aren’t any guidelines for them.

That’s a potential problem. If the characters talk to the Emerald Mother, it would be nice to have some idea as to whether or not her opinion on something outside her specialty is likely to be coherent.

Ergo, here are some charms…

Voice Of (Primordial): Jouten Of The First Circle

Cost: —; Mins: Essence 4; Type: Permanent

 Touch of (Primordial): Jouten Of The Second Circle

Cost: —; Mins: Essence 6; Type: Permanent

Dance of (Primordial): Jouten Of The Third Circle

Cost: —; Mins: Essence 8; Type: Permanent

  • Keywords: Stackable (A given Primordial/Yozi/Neverborn may have up to three first circle, two second circle, and one first circle Jouten at any given time).
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Prerequisites: Possession of a World-Body and a Soul Heirarchy. The First Circle Charm is a prerequisite for the Second Circle charm, and the Second Circle charm is a prerequisite for the Third Circle Charm.

These charms are rather straightforward: they create a more reasonably scaled Jouten for an entity that already possesses a World-Body. This requires one week/month/year for the Voice/Touch/Dance version and rather a lot of motes – although, given that much time, that doesn’t matter much.

Far more advantageously, each variant provides a base form. A Jouten possesses (or at least can draw on) the Primordial’s powers and motes – but can also use the powers of it’s base form where those are better or if it doesn’t need primordial-level power at the moment. Thus, if a Jouten possesses Strength 2 and Athletics 2, it can pick stuff up with a 4d pool without stunting or using any other special powers it may possess, or calling upon its First Excellency.

The basic Primordial Forms are normally built as Commoner (First Circle), Noble (Second Circle), and Unshaped (Third Circle) Raksha – although they, as primordial manifestations, have no trouble functioning normally in Creation; they’re immune to calcification, respire normally, and are perfectly impervious to having order forced upon them. They also gain a +2 on their base essence, reduce all damage from shaping combat by their (Essence/2), and have an extra sixteen health levels (four each -0, -1, -2, and -4). Such basic Jouten are little more than shells however – although, if they’re destroyed it will normally only require the appropriate period of time to rebuild them. Sadly, if they’re destroyed by another Primordial – a creature of equal reality – the charm must be repurchased to rebuild them; the original version is gone for good.

More powerful base forms are possible; there is a version of this charm-sequence which uses the abilities of one of the Primordials/Yozis First Circle/Second Circle/Third Circle demons as a base – but few Primordials or Yozi’s use this version. Unlike a direct creation, such entities have their own motivations and desires, they influence their creator since those motivations and desires become a direct part of the Primordials mind, they can call on the Primordials power even when the Primordial isn’t paying attention – and if one is destroyed (which can be accomplished as usual), it hurts one hell of a lot more. The destruction of such a powerful Jouten costs both the charm and a point of permanent will, which will need to be repurchased as usual. Worse, until that will IS repurchased, the Primordial will be down (33 per level of the slain Jouten) motes due to the imperfection in its being.

Gaia, Kimberry, and a few others have been known to use versions based on their favorite creatures – Humans, Lintha, Dragon Kings, and various behemoths – but these are essentially equivalent to the basic version. Such creations, based on creatures far too weak to bear the power of a Primordial for even an instant, are mere shells.

The Neverborn Variant – if it’s even possible for the Neverborn to focus past their eternal agony for long enough to use charms and deploy a Jouten – will probably be based on the various horrors of the underworld. Given the fragmented minds of the Netherborn, it’s also likely to be equivalent to the more powerful variant – and will give some structure, and the ability to seek relief, to the Neverborn. This will make them even more hideously dangerous.

5 Responses

  1. Given that the Neverborn are basically immobile by nature, I think the Deathlords are as close to Jotun as they can get. Unless you count Hekatochires.

    • Quite possibly! Still, it’s very hard to say exactly what the capabilities of the Neverborn are in any given game. You could even argue that they’re not quite dead – they were described as being “too vast to die” in a few places. Who knows? Maybe all they need is a big dose of cosmic painkiller and a bit of medical treatment to be up and around again…

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  3. […] Jouten Formation: Charms to let the Primordials make Jouten. […]

  4. […] Jouten Formation: Charms to let the Primordials make Jouten. […]

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