Twilight Isles – Level Two for Ysmir and Ishinomorel

   Next up we have some quick upgrades for level two in the Twilight Isles setting, since most of the players have now expressed their desires. Ergo, here is how their points for level two are going to be spent – unless the players want to append a note with something different in mind.

   Ysmir Gynt-Haaken and Ishinomorel Elthik will each be getting twenty-six character points for level two – the usual twenty-four base plus two for Duties. They’ll also get a few Intelligence-based skill points, but that will vary with each individual. Now all that we have to do is spend them.

   Ysmir Gynt-Haaken wants to go for “ninja-scout-sniper”, but is aware that there’s only so much that can be done along those lines at second level. In this case that’s going to be:

  • A d10 Hit Die for level two (6 CP). Rolling I get a 7, with a Constitution of 14 that will make a total of 35 HP.
  • Warcraft: +1 BAB, Corrupted/does not add to iterative attacks (4 CP).
  • Fire Sniper: Double Damage when attacking from ambush, Specialized/only works with his Produce Flame ability (3 CP).
  • Snap Shot: Split Movement/may split his movement up around making an attack, Corrupted/ranged attacks only (4 CP).
  • Power Channeling: Add +2000 “Virtual GP” value to his Innate Enchantments (2 CP):
    • Add Personal Haste to his natural magics (+30′ movement, +1 attack at full BAB when making a full attack, counts as two points against his magic item tolerance, Unlimited Use Use-Activated, L1 effect at CL1, personal only =1400 GP).
    • Raise Detect Magic to unlimited use (+800 GP – technically slightly over the limit, but well within the round-off).
  • Natural Magic: Action Hero/Crafter, Specialized/only covers the XP cost of adding Innate Enchantments (3 CP).
  • +4 Skill Points (4 CP). With his 16 Intelligence he’ll have a total of seven. These will go into +3 to Hide (+9 total), +1 to his Fire Juggler Martial Art (+10 total), +1 to Move Silently (+10 total), and +2 to Spot (+12 total).

   Next level he’ll probably want to boost his movement speed a bit more, possibly start boosting the power and/or effective casting level of some of his innate enchantments, improve his basic fighting abilities some more, and possibly pick up some more tricks. Of course, when you’re an adventurer, all plans are subject to change. Personally, I expect something to help with saving throws will soon become a priority.

   Ishinomorel Elthik would like some shapeshifting talents that don’t rely on Mana and – after a bad experience with some zombies getting up-close and personal – some combat enhancements that don’t rely on bows. Among his selections are:

  • A d8 Hit Die for level two. That’s 4 CP and (hm) – another “7”. That gets Ishin’s hit points up to 31, or 41 while wearing his cloak.
  • Shapeshift with Hybrid Form, Specialized/snake and lizard hybrid forms only (no full shapeshifting just yet – and no clear speech in hybrid form) (6 CP). Possible hybrid forms include:
    • Crocodile/Komodo Dragon/Etc: Darksight, +4 Natural Armor, d8 Natural Weapons, Swim 30′ and +8 to Swim checks, Str +6, Dex +2, Con +4.
    • Lizard/Gila Monster/Etc: Darksight, Lizard: Swim 30, +3 Natural Armor, d8 Natural Weapons, +4 on Hide and Move Silently, Str +4, Dex +4, and Con +4.
    • Constrictor Snake: Darksight, +2 Natural Armor, d3 Natural Weapons, +4 on Hide, Listen, and Spot, Str +6, Dex +4, and Con +2.
    • Poisonous Snake: Darksight, +2 Natural Armor, d3 Natural Weapons, +4 on Hide, Listen, and Spot, Dex +4, and Poison (1d6/1d6 Con, Save DC = 10+Con Mod). Sadly, most of a serpent’s skill bonuses do not translate unless a full transformation spell is used; they simply aren’t compatible with a “normal” body plan.
      • These bonuses do, however, replace the character’s natural physical racial abilities – low-light vision, the +2 Dex, any other physical attribute bonus, and the +1 bonus to Saves.
  • Warcraft: Another +1 BAB (6 CP).
  • Evasive: Luck with +2 Bonus Uses, Specialized in Saves (4 CP).
  • Mana, +1d6, Corrupted/only for use with Rune Magic (4 CP) – and a roll of “6”, for good luck striking this character today.
  • +2 SP (2 CP), for a total of seven SP this level thanks to his twenty intelligence. Two (thanks to Adept) of those will go to keeping his Totem and Transmutation Rune Magic skills maxed out (getting them to +15), +2 will go to the Cutting Winds Martial Art (getting it to +13 and gaining an Attack technique – another +1 to hit with the bow), and +1 each to Spot (+11), Survival (+11), and Move Silently (+7).

   At his next level Ishinomorel will probably continue developing his basic combat abilities, his magical reserves and skills, and his shamanistic talents – which is probably about all he’ll have the points for. It’s a good thing that his basic ability set is pretty well complete, otherwise he’d be getting spread awfully thin.

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