Julius Gaius Maximus

Julius Gaius Maximus, Level 5 Imperial Human (144 CP Base)

   Julius is a healer-priest and trade representative from the Atheria campaign. Like all Atherian characters he was created using d20 Point Buy from Eclipse: The Codex Persona (available in print Here and in a shareware editon Here) with some material from The Practical Enchanter (available in print Here and in a shareware edition Here).

   Julius started off on the streets, but showed an early aptitude for the Healing Touch – a talent valuable enough to get him taken into the House of Verdun fairly early on. While he still remembers his younger years on the street, even the rosy glow of nostalgia isn’t enough to make him miss them. He’s generally regarded as mildly eccentric: becoming a priest or acolyte is normal enough within the empire – indeed, much of the population is an initiate of one god or another – but he opted to join the Varnic Church; a monotheistic barbarian cult by imperial standards. Still, a healer-priest was always handy to have around, even if the order he’d selected was obscure, and he continued to develop his skills as a representative of the House of Verdun.

   When it became necessary to audit, and possibly replace, the clans trading representative in Dernmarik – the center of influence for the Varnic Church – Julius was a natural choice. In Dernmarik his choice of faith should be an advantage, rather than a stumbling block. Of course, the current house representative, throughly corrupted by the cult of the demon Alfaygor, didn’t appreciate such an investigation or the appointment of a possible successor.

   Racial Bonuses: Alarian Imperial Human/Order Magic Birthright. Assistant (any “Aid Another” actions provide a +4 bonus rather than +2, 6 CP), Privilege/Imperial Patron (6 CP), Innate Enchantment (Specialized: only works with a high-ranking in-empire patron to channel the magic of Order to the user, double effect. 6 CP/10,000 GP) (Enhance Charms and Talismans [a L2 spell effect, increasing the effects of Charms to L1 and those of Talismans to L2. Personal charms only, 8400 GP] and Inspiring Word (personal only, +1 Morale bonus to Saves, Attacks, Checks, and Weapon Damage, 1400 GP), Fast Learner (Specialized in Adept skills, +2 SP/Level for them, 6 CP), and a bonus feat worth 6 CP (in his case Adept. Half cost for Gather Information, Diplomacy, Listen, and Sense Motive). Total racial package cost is 30 CP, within the limits of a +0 ECL template.

   Level Based Bonuses: L2: +1 Chr (L2), L4: +1 Wis (L4) (both already included in listed attributes). Bonus Feats: L1: Healing Touch, L2: Immunity to Divination through L3 spell effects (Common/Minor/Major, 4 CP) and +1 Mana Point/Spell Enhancement Option, and L4: used as 6 CP to upgrade his Channeling abilities. No cost.

   Character Points: L5 Base (144 CP). Restrictions: Duties: Healer-Priest of the Varnic Church, the Order of Aschet. +2 CP/Level (currently +10 CP). Disadvantages: Hunted/Cult of Alfaygor, Obligations/House of Verdun (+6 CP). Total Available: 160 CP.

   Basic Attributes: Strength 15/+2, Dexterity 15/+2, Constitution 14 (16/+3), Intelligence 12 (16/+3), Wis 18 (20/+5), and Charisma 16 (20/+5).


  • Reflex +2 (purchased, 6 CP) +2 (dexterity) = +4

  • Fortitude +2 (purchased, 6 CP) +3 (constitution) = +5

  • Will +2 (purchased, 6 CP) +5 (wisdom) = +7

Warcraft: +2 BAB (12 CP).

Hit Dice: L1 d20 (16 CP), L2-5 d6 (8 CP). 55 HP

Move: 30

Initiative: +2

Armor Class: 10 (Base) + 2 (Dex) + 4 (Mage armor) + 5 (When wielding a staff) = 21

Proficiencies: All Simple Weapons (3 CP), Exotic Weapon/Multi-Sectional Staves (6 CP).

Languages (2 + 2): Havril, Illerian, Ikun, and Laran.

Initial Wealth Level: Destitute (L1), Affluent thereafter (6 CP). +2 Wealth bonus on Gather Information, Hide, Slight of Hand and Search. +4 Skill Points.

Current Wealth Level: Affluent. Armor, Shields, and Weapons are treated as Masterwork. Five Charms and two Talismans. 6 CP cost, since he gained this wealth level before starting play.

Usual Weapon: Three-Sectional Staff: +4 To Hit (+2 purchased BAB, +2 strength), 1d8+2 Damage. Critical 20/x3.

Basic Costs: 75 CP.


Purchased Abilities (67 CP plus his L4 Feat)

  • Channeling: (3 + Cha Mod) uses per day (9 CP), +2 Intensity (3 CP), Empower (Spend a Channeling attempt to imbue an item with [Cha Mod] “pluses” or equivalent special effects for [Magnitude] rounds. 6 CP), Imbuement (May expend a Channeling attempt to Bless objects and areas, 6 CP), and Spiritfire (May spend a Channeling attempt to generate energy, inflicting up to [Intensity] points of damage on up to [Magnitude] targets, 6 CP). Corrupted: Does not work while wearing Armor or if he violates his healer’s oath. Net cost: 20 CP.

  • Hand of Aschet: Improves his Healing Touch with Bonus Uses, Improved, Switch, and Empower with Bonus Uses. He may heal a total of [Cha Mod x Level x 9 {with enhancing charm} points per day] by touch, up to a maximum of [Level x 5] points in any single round. He may also use [Level/3 + 4] spells/week from among Remove Disease, Lesser Restoration, Remove Blindness/Deafness, Cure Serious Wounds and Remove Curse by touch. He may use Neutralize Poison and Restoration by spending a Mana point as well. Corrupted: Does not work while wearing Armor or if he violates his healer’s oath. Net cost: 20 CP.

  • Spellcasting: Clerical L8/No Domain Package Deal. 80 CP base. Specialized: Spells only recover once per week, Corrupted: does not work while wearing Armor or if he violates his healer’s oath. Net cost: 27 CP.

  • Advanced Staff Training: Augmented Bonus/Wis to AC while wielding a staff (6 CP)

Skill Points: 18 CP + 16 SP (Fast Learner) + 4 SP (Wealth) + 24 SP (Intelligence) = 62.

Modifiers: + 2 Wealth Bonus on Gather Information, Hide, Slight of Hand and Search.


Major Skills: SP Base Att. Wealth Other Net
Appraise 8 8 3 +11
Diplomacy 4* 8 5 +13
Gather Information 4* 8 5 2 +15
Heal 8 8 5 +13
Hide 4 4 2 2 +8
Knowledge/Religion 8 8 3 +11
Listen 4* 8 5 +13
Sense Motive 4* 8 5 +13
Slight of Hand 8 8 2 2 +12
Search 2 2 3 2 +9
Speak Language 2 2 1 1 +4
Spot 6 6 5 +11

          *Effectively doubled due to Adept.

Commonly Memorized Spells:

  • L0 (6 + 2): Light, Purify Food and Drink, Mending, Create Water, Detect Magic,

  • L1 (4 + 2): Bless Child, Protection from Evil, Command, Comprehend Languages, Obscuring Mist, Summon Monster

  • L2 (3 + 1): Augury, Enthrall, Make Whole, Zone of Truth

  • L3 (3 + 1): Daylight, Dispel Magic, Magic Circle against Evil, Speak with Dead

  • L4 (2 + 1): Dismissal, Divination, Sending. Note that these require a point of Mana to cast

   Imperial Charms (5): +4 Bonus Uses/Healing Touch, Mage Armor, +2 Wisdom, +2 Constitution, one slot currently open.

   Imperial Talismans (2): +4 Charisma, +4 Intelligence.

   Personal Equipment: Multi-Sectional Staff, Vestments, Factor’s Badge, Travelers Cloak, Light Riding Horse (Not that he’s much good at riding) Healer’s Kit, a copy of the Codex Varnia (the sacred scriptures of the Varnic Church), Writing Kit with House and Personal Seals, and a Holy Symbol. Most of the luggage-carrying is left to his entourage.

   Basic Entourage: Aurelius Leon, assistant manager/accountant, Geoff and Orin (enslaved petty thieves, ages 10 and 9, errand boys), assorted porters, drovers, and camp workers associated with his trading caravan.


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4 Responses

  1. just wondering what books the three sectional staff came out of and where you got the feat for advanced staff training. thanks mk.

  2. As noted, the characters are designed using Eclipse: The Codex Persona. The shareware version is linked at the top of the page. The effect you’re looking for is Augmented Bonus; the player simply decided to call his specific application of that effect “Advanced Staff Training”. If he’d wanted to add, say, his constitution bonus to his charisma bonus for turning purposes, he might have called it “Legacy of Aschet” or “Inner Strength of the Divine” or something.

    Three sectional staves can be found in Oriental Adventures or any of a wide variety of other works. Come to think of it, I ought to list the critical values (which I will now add), although the original player didn’t bother: he wasn’t normally a melee fighter and the character would normally opt for full defense.

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