Champions – Antione Delmac, Occult Harvester

The Twilight War wasn’t nearly as large a problem in Canada as it was to the south or in Europe, but quite a few people – and a depressing number of children – wound up on the streets along the way.

Antione was one of them – although he doesn’t like to talk about any details.

Looking to survive on the streets, Antione fell in the Seelie Fey, and wound up bonded to a Ghillie Dhu – a faerie nature-guardian spirit. As a talented boy with a reasonable knack for magic, he rapidly mastered the nature, illusion, and sentinel (much less tricky than shapeshifting) magic that came with the bond and got back out on the streets.

It was no longer hard to get along. Admittedly, it often involved some ethically questionable stunts – but selling illusory experiences usually paid well enough, and when it didn’t an occasional bit of petty theft wasn’t that big a deal.

Eventually, however, Antione ran afoul of an unethical mage of considerable power, who caught him, built on the sensory aspects of his sentinel magic, and turned him into an (unpaid) hunter of occult resources.

Antione rapidly found a way to make that pay – there were a lot of OTHER mages who wanted components and ingredients out there, most of their requests didn’t clash with his masters, and there was no compulsion to fill their requests for free. It wasn’t long before he had acquired a tidy little fortune – and was reasonably familiar to most of the lesser occultists in Montreal and it’s immediate environs.

Aurora Ward – already in pursuit of his “master” – caught him, released the binding spells on him, and used him to deliver a trackable package to his contacts, so as to follow it back to his master.

Antione Delmac


Value Characteristic Points
5 STR -5
14/17 DEX 12
8 CON -4
6 BODY -8
8 INT -2
6 EGO -8
5 PRE -5
12 COM 1
3 PD 2
3 ED 1
3/4 SPD 3
3 REC 0
16 END 0
10 STUN -3
Total -16
Points Powers END
10 Component Search; Side Effects (Feels compelled to go after and retrieve items that are on order if and when they appear. Becomes extremely single-minded when he detects such items. ): 60/All, -1; No Conscious Control: -2; Generic Limitation (Side effects cannot be avoided. ): -½
(2) Detect: Unclaimed Occult Resources (+0 to PER); Time Required: Instant, +2; Range: Ranged, +5;
(2) 360-Degree Sensing (Unusual Senses)
(1) Discriminatory Sense (Detect)
(3) Telescopic Sense (Unusual Senses, +10 to PER)
(2) Enhanced Perception: Component Search (Detect, +5 to PER)
6 2d6 Aid (Ritual Magic) (Fade/turn, Max. 90); Range: 0; Trigger: Changeable, +½; Points fade instantly after power used: -½; Fragile Focus: -¼; Gestures: Instant Power, -¼; Incantation: Instant Power, -¼; Increased END: ×10, -4; Costs END: -½; Side Effects: 60/All, -1; Visible (Easily detected by other mystics at fairly long ranges): -¼; Requires exotic locations or components at the option of the game master: Half, -1; Affects: Single Power of Special Effect, +¼; Charges: 1, -1¼; Recoverable Charges: -2 lev; Extra Time: 5 min., -2; Focus: Obvious Accessible, -1; Maximum of three rituals per day and seven prepared effects.: -1; Requires Skill Roll (using a relevant magical knowledge once per ritual): -½; Ritual Magic requires a bag full of odd components (starting off with candles, chalk, parchment, incense, a brazier and charcoal, pens and ink, odd bits of jewelry, a wand, a knife, a mirror, holy water, oil, and a bell, even before getting into the odder stuff required for particular rituals), an hour of chanting, gesturing, and fooling about with the materials, and a skill check with a relevant knowledge skill. If you succeed, you’ve built up the power to be used – which can either be unleashed immedietly, or be saved to be unleashed with a short invocation later. If you fail, the magic goes wild, with unpredictable (but generally bad) effects.
Ritual effects can have active point totals of up to 40 points if prepared anywhere, 60 if prepared at a minor nexus, 80 if prepared at a major nexus, and 90 if you have an appropriate extradimensional source of power to draw on.
6 2d6 60-Point Available Equipment Allowance Aid (Fade/week, Max. 60); Range: 0; Affects: Single Power of Special Effect, +¼; Extra Time: 1 hour, -2½; Only activates in armories, labs, or between outings: -1½; Personal Only: -1; Difficult to Dispel: ×2, +¼; Increased END: ×10, -4; Only to GM-specified items: -2; Actual point total of equipment available limited by GM decision.: -2; Must actually locate gear, availability is not automatic.: -2; This allows a character to haul along 60 CP worth of customized gear. 30
50 Feytouched Package
36 Variable Power Pool (30-pt Pool); Control Cost: 15; Generic Limitation (Only powers related to the specific fey the user is linked to. This normally includes Illusion, Shapechanging, and one other field.): -1; Generic Limitation (Easily identified as fey magic by experienced mages.): -¼; Generic Limitation (12- activation check against targets bearing cold iron or protected by relevant folklore charms.): -¼
(1) Immune to Aging; Generic Limitation (The feytouched gain an extended lifespan, but are not ageless.): -1
(1) Life Support: Intense Heat/Cold; Generic Limitation (Immune to natural weather extremes only. ): -1
(2) Elemental Control: Fey Powers (5-pt reserve)
a-2 Armor (2 PD/5 ED); Generic Limitation (Not versus Cold Iron): -½
b-2 MageSight (+0 to PER); Time Required: Instant, +2; Range: Ranged, +5; Always On: -½
c-2 Power Defense (10 pts); Automatically protects against any attempt to remove package disadvantages or abilities: -½
d-2 +1 SPD
e-2 +3 DEX
100 Feytouched Disadvantages
(15) Accidental Change: Various obscure rituals or exposure to large amounts of magic will reveal their fey nature, regardless of their illusions of normality, (14-)
(10) Distinctive Features: Feytouched – pointed ears, aqualine features, slit pupils, etc.; Concealability: Concealable, 10; Reaction: Noticed and Recognizable, +0
(15) Phys. Lim; Cannot directly lie. (Frequently, Greatly)
(20) Phys. Lim. Cannot intentionally break promises. (All the Time, Greatly)
(10) Prankster (Common, Moderate)
(10) Tends to respect and obey the great lords of the fey. (Common, Moderate)
(10) Reputation: The Feytouched are fairly well understood. (11-)
(10) Vulnerability: Cold Iron (1½× STUN and BODY); Attack: Uncommon, +5
The Feytouched (or blooded) are mystically bound to their trainer/owner until they master their powers (develop a decent control skill of their own, without needing their master to roll for them). Since they grow out of this, it’s a physical disadvantage in cases where it still applies.
22 Total Powers  
Points Skills, Talents, Perks Roll
2 City Knowledge/Montreal 11-
0 Stealth 8-
2 Knowledge/Occult Lore 11-
3 Combat Scooter Operation 12-
3 Streetwise 10-
9 Variable Power Modify 14-
5 Money (Well Off)
5 Luck (1d6)
29 Total Skills, Talents, Perks  
Cost Equipment
16 Magical Scooter Multipower (40-pt reserve); Focus: Obvious Accessible, -1; Focus Type: Vehicular, -½; Focus Applicability: Universal
u-2 12″ Flight (NC: 24″) 0; Non-Combat Multiplier: ×2, +0; Non-Combat (MPH): 36; Reduced END: Zero, +½; Focus: Obvious Accessible, -1; Focus Type: Vehicular, -½; Focus Applicability: Universal
u-2 Running (+7″, 13″, NC: 52″) 0; Non-Combat Multiplier: ×4, +5; Non-Combat (MPH): 42; Reduced END: Zero, +½; Focus: Obvious Accessible, -1; Focus Type: Vehicular, -½; Focus Applicability: Universal
u-2 Desolidification 0; Charges: +8, +0; Continuing Charges: 1 Turn, -2 lev; Focus: Obvious Accessible, -1; Focus Type: Vehicular, -½; Focus Applicability: Universal
u-1 Swimming (+13″, 15″, NC: 30″) 0; Non-Combat Multiplier: ×2, +0; Non-Combat (MPH): 39; Reduced END: Zero, +½; Focus: Obvious Accessible, -1; Focus Type: Vehicular, -½; Focus Applicability: Universal
4 Armor: Warding Talisman (4 PD/2 ED)
; Charms are normally Fragile Inobvious Accessible Foci (-.75) and are powered by Personal Magic (-.25). They cannot normally exceed 10 active points. either singly or in combination.
5 Demon Ward: Change Environment/Holy (2″ rad.) 1; Effect: Fixed, +0
; Charms are normally Fragile Inobvious Accessible Foci (-.75) and are powered by Personal Magic (-.25). They cannot normally exceed 10 active points. either singly or in combination.
4 Concealed Kevlar Bodysuit: Armor (4 PD/2 ED) ; IIF: -¼; Conventional Technology: -1
2 Smartphone with GPS (0kg)
3 Oxygen Mask (Life Support) ; Focus: Obvious Accessible, -1; Extra Time: 1 turn, -1; Fragile Focus: -¼; Generic Limitation (Only usable for about two hours without resupplying with oxygen): -½; Extra Time Required: Only At Startup, ½
8 Smoke Grenades: Darkness (Normal Sight, 1″ radius) 0; Range: 125; Area Effect (Radius): 4″ radius, +1; Focus: Obvious Accessible, -1; Focus Expendability: Hard to Acquire, -¼; Increased Area: ×4, +½; Charges: 3, -¾; Continuing Charges: 1 Turn, -2 lev
3 Infrared Vision Glasses ; IAF (Glasses): -½
52 Total Equipment
25+ Disadvantages
20 Normal Characteristic Maxima
5 Watched: Various Occultists (8-); Capabilities: More Powerful, 15; Non-combat Influence: None, +0; Geographical Area: Limited, -5; Only Watching: ×½; Punishment: Harsh, 0
15 Underage (Frequently, Greatly)
10 Hunted: Police and Social Workers (8-); Capabilities: As Powerful, 10; Non-combat Influence: Extensive, +5; Geographical Area: Limited, -5; Actions: Hunting, ×1; Punishment: Harsh, 0
10 Cannot perform rituals past the 30-point level without additional training. (Infrequently, Greatly)
60 Total Disadvantages
COSTS: Char. Powers Total Total Disadv. Base
-16 + 51 = 35 85 = 60 + 25
OCV DCV ECV Mental Def. PD/rPD ED/rED Phases
6 6 2 0 13/10 12/9 3, 6, 9, 12

Height: 147cm (4’10”), Weight: 33kg (73 lbs), Sex: Male, Age: 14, Race: Fey-Touched Human

Appearance: Antione looks to be about ten; he’s actually closer to fourteen – but bonding with a fey has reduced his aging considerably. Unless he’s covering up with a touch of illusion (he usually is) he will show various fey signs – slightly pointed ears, emerald-green eyes, and red-blonde autumn-colored hair.

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