Exalted – Hearthstones V

Lunar south pole region as imaged by Clementin...

The Eyes of the Moon

Black Opaline Inkstone (Water or Wood, * to *****):

This simple, shallow, bowl-shaped stone shimmers with a thousand internal colors, threading through the crystalline black matrix of the stone. When a pen, or writing brush, is touched to the stone, a thread of color will flow into it, filling it with any desired ink – although more powerful stones have other functions as well.

  1. * – You have an endless supply of any mundane ink you desire.
  2. ** – You may apply the ink the stone creates to a surface by simply waving your hand over it, reducing the time needed for relevant creative mundane projects by a factor of ten and the time required for uncreative mundane projects – such as copying an inscription – to a few moments.
  3. *** – You may also produce paper, papyrus, vellum or any similar mundane writing surface as needed, complete with bindings.
  4. **** – You may produce exotic and alchemical inks and materials, such as gold leaf for illumination, write in leviathan blood on dinosaur-hide parchment, and otherwise create wild and wonderful literary ingredients.
  5. ***** – You may produce an instant copy of any book which you could – given your current resources and abilities – normally obtain within one month.

Lens of the Moon (Lunar, * to *****)

This clear lens glows with the silvery luminescence of the moon (and the occasional thamaturgist will find that its light has all the normal properties of moonlight). Immediately upon acquiring the stone, or each lunar month during the full moon, the user can draw upon that light, and the transforming powers of the moon, to take on an ability which the character could purchase normally at the moment – if he or she had the time and experience and was qualified to do so. Unfortunately, the user must pay all the normal costs of using that ability and it only lasts until the next full moon.

  1. * – The user may temporarily pick up one dot in an ability.
  2. ** – The user may temporarily acquire a spell.
  3. *** – The user may temporarily learn an in-type charm.
  4. **** – The user may temporarily pick up one dot in an attribute.
  5. ***** – The user may pick up any two items from the list above.

Stone of Radiant Purity (Solar or Water, * to *****)

In the light, this simple oval stone takes on any color the user desires – and perfectly absorbs all other frequencies, transmitting only a simple monochromatic beam of that color – near-perfectly coherent and  collimated. When touched to a container up to the size of a barrel, the container and it’s contents will be bathed in the pure color of the stone – and its contents will be purified, the impurities flowing out around the stone.

  1. * – Can remove poisons and toxins, either selectively or all at once.
  2. ** – Can remove non-toxic impurities, either selectively or all at once.
  3. *** – Can mundanely refine materials, extracting, or leaving behind, pure elements and compounds.
  4. **** – Can mundanely process materials, extracting finished perfumes from flowers, cracking crude oil to extract various petroleum products, and creating specific alloys and products.
  5. ***** – Can thaumaturgically and alchemically process materials, although this requires eight hours and requires that the user have the skill (and make the roll) to carry out the desired process.

3 Responses

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  2. […] Hearthstones IV: Black Opaline Inkstone, Lens of the Moon, Stone of Radiant Purity. […]

  3. […] Hearthstones IV: Black Opaline Inkstone, Lens of the Moon, Stone of Radiant Purity. […]

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