Session 42 and 43: The Return of SETI and Homeland Security

   While they were dropping off the children – and attempting to bypass the paperwork – somebody had a bright idea: the Bane Mummies hell-dimension of darkness drained or suppressed human powers. Invocation magic should work (at least as long as it was calling on nonhuman sources), and alien abilities should work just fine.

   Kimai wasn’t alien enough – most of it’s ancestry was human, and the same went for the werewolves, kids, and most of the Mandate – but there were some alien heroes out there.

   Well damn. That was what a lot of those attacks on various superhero groups had probably been about. The Bane Mummies had been taking out likely opposition before it could get to them. Still, there ware a fair number of nonhuman heroes – and mercenaries and robots and saner villains – still out there. All they’d have to do would be research, locate, recruit them.

   The White Necromancer, Yuki, and the Chauffeur set out to do that while the rest of the group tried to reinforce the estates defenses (with more magic, technology, and living barriers), to keep the children out of trouble, and to persuade various groups NOT to accept the Kraggan’s war-wiring technology. It wouldn’t do them much good to save the world from the Bane Mummies and lose it to aliens. For that matter they had to brief the government.

   Wait, what about the Destruction Company and those nuclear warheads, the power armor goons in Russia, and the demon-creatures that were on the loose over there?

   Never mind, the Harvesters and the Aliens seemed a lot more urgent somehow.

   Unfortunately, with Bane Mummies and psionic reptile men striking at will all over the planet it was pretty hard to get the governments of the world to turn down military enhancement technology, no matter how suspicious-looking the offer was. Back to the Bane Mummies.

   Eventually they got their list on nonhumans down to a few who were willing to come, were at least vaguely heroic, and whom seemed likely to be useful (a provision added after a talk with the Knights of Avalon – who had several nonhuman members, but none with useful powers) – which left them with… Ionstorm, Stranglevine, anyone they could get from the Heroic Extraterrestrial Law Protectors, and however many Celestial Dragons they could talk into coming along.

   Oh yes. How dumb could they get? They had the Racaf. Two hundred well-equipped, extensively cyborged, and heavily armed alien mercenaries. They wouldn’t need to appeal to the Producer or to the Arith Vaya out near Jupiter for more help. Just as well, they’d had no idea of even how to communicate with them, much less persuade them of anything.

   OK, that wasn’t bad. Zachary would still have some enhancement powers, as well as some Invocation magic to use, Kimai needed to go to act as a compass (thanks to it’s ongoing mindlink with the stolen souls of its agents), and Yuki was going because she insisted. Oh well, the Racaf needed someone to be in charge, and they did see her as their current commander.

   With the mercenaries ready, their base about as magically fortified as they cold manage, and the home front precariously stabilized for the moment, it was time to start bringing in their allies.

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