Godlike Sorcery

   Godlike “doesn’t have magic”. What it does have is a power that has no physical mechanism, leaves no traces, violates all known natural laws, depends on its user’s self-confidence, and increases when the user goes crazy. Sounds like magic to me, and I like magicians. Ergo:

Sorcery (New Power):

   “Sorcery” works a lot like Goldberg Science; A sorcerer can prepare almost any imaginable spell – but only a few at a time. Unlike Goldberg Devices, spells can be prepared relatively quickly, and don’t require investing will points. Unlikely a goldberg device, a spell is one-shot, and they never last for more then an hour or so at best.

  • Spells are “built” like powers. The maximum number of virtual “will points” which can be involved in any given spell is equal to the (sorcerer’s will score /3) at the time the spell is created and prepared. Powerful spells often have strange limitations.
  • The maximum die pool that any spell can have is equal to the user’s sorcery die pool. This also limits hard and wiggle dice.
  • “Preparing” a spell requires a Sorcery check at a difficulty number of; 4 + (the will value of the spell/10). The time required is equal to the five hours minus the width of the sorcery check.
  • Sorcerers may prepare a maximum of one spell per level of sorcery they possess.
  • Sorcerers do not require laboratories. They do require assorted obscure tomes – and would prefer a mystic sanctum. Not having a sanctum raises the difficulty number by “+1”, not having a library by “+2”, and not having any books at all by “+3”.
  • Sorcery is inherently “noisy”. Unleashing a prepared spell creates a disturbance which can be readily sensed by other talents nearby. Due to this inherent limitation sorcerers may not take the Beacon flaw.
  • Sorcerers are subject to weird “influences”. In general terms, this means that some spells will be useless or impossible on any given mission. The GM should advise the sorcerer of this in advance – but if there are too many ley lines in the area to allow you to teleport within Berlin, there are too many. In game terms this keeps sorcerers from ruining adventure ideas. In talent terms, this is because sorcerers are more or less nuts and thus are limited by odd superstitions.

Sorcery Power Stunts;

  • Mysticism. Adds to the user’s sorcery dice when the user is preparing spells.
  • Occultism. Adds to the number of spells which a sorcerer can have prepared at one time. Also acts as a Brains skill if a through knowledge of occult lore should ever come in useful.
  • Signature. You have one spell per level so well memorized that you can automatically prepare it in a single hour.

Sorcery Edges:

  • Archmage (+2/4/8); You may purchase spells with costs of up to (Willpower/2) points.
  • Silent (+2/4/8); Your “spellcasting” is no more “visible” then the normal use of a talent.

Sorcery Flaws:

  • Themed (-2/4/8). You are limited to spells that involve a particular style of magic – holy, black, necromantic, etc.
  • Ritual (-3/6/12). Your spells take at least one action per point of will they cost to invoke.
  • Talismans (-1/2/4). Your spells must be focused through physical charms, such as wands, amulets, and rings.

Sorcerous Side Effects:

   As befits a bizarre and complex talent, Sorcery can have up to three side effects… Some notable possibilities include;

  • You can make small lights, sparks and flames within thirty feet or so. You don’t need a flash- light or a cigarette lighter.
  • You both read and speak many ancient and obscure languages. Unless you’re chasing an archeological relic these are rarely useful.
  • You have a small animal that hangs about and makes snide, sarcastic, and/or annoying remarks. It may occasionally do something useful. It tends to just pop in and out – but if somehow caught it makes a great hostage against you.
  • You always have the supplies for some odious personal habit – smoking, drinking gin, spraypaint for leaving graffiti, etc – in your pocket.
  • Your clothing always remains clean and neat, no matter what happens to it – or you. If you have a particular “costume” (Voluntary or not) it tends to just “come back”.
  • You levitate an inch or two above the ground when sleeping or meditating. As a mattress this is exceedingly comfortable.
  • The insides of your tent, train compartment, pockets, or other “personal space” is considerably larger – and much weirder – then the outside. This has no practical use however.
  • You can slowly levitate and move about items weighing up to a pound or so within 20-30 feet.
  • You can perform various “magic tricks”, such as producing rabbits from hats, casting your voice (Up to about 30 feet) and do many fascinating things with cards.
  • You hear mysterious voices and are haunted by invisible presences… Occasionally these may say something useful, or act to distract the attention of another talent, more often they’re annoying.
  • You “see” without eyes. This tends to weird people out – but you cannot be blindfolded and can read letters through envelopes by touching them to your forehead.
  • Your voice has some extremely strange quality.