Khadim-17, of the Old Republic

   For today, it’s an old d6 Star Wars character – in this case an energy-being designed to cause a little confusion by playing up a bit – at least visually under the right circumstances – to whatever equivalent of “horror movies” was popular in the galaxy. There was bound to be something. If any of the other characters from that game are still out there somewhere, I’d be happy to put them up too.


   Species; Khadim Fragment, Sex; N/A, Height 6’2 (Variable), Weight; 112 Lbs (Zero), Age; 42 Days. Force Points; 2. Dark Side Points 0. Unspent Experience Points; 6. 

   Attributes and Net Skills. Values in () are after racial and gear modifiers are applied.

  • Dexterity 4d. Acrobatics 5d, Dodge 6d, Slight of Hand (3d).
  • Knowledge 1d. Bureaucracy (0), Languages 4d, Law (0), Survival 3d.
  • Mechanical 2d.
  • Perception 1d. Alertness 3d (4d), Bargain (0), Con (0), Forgery (0), Gambling (0), Performance (0), Persuasion (0), Search (2d), Sense Motive (1d)
  • Strength 5d (10d). Carousing 2d (7d), Cyberweapons 7d (12d), Intimidate (12d), Lift 7d (14d), Stamina 6d (11d).
  • Technical 4d. Computer 6d (7d), Electronics 5d, Medicine (2d), Power Systems 6d (8d), Vehicle Systems/Starship 6d.
  • No current special skills.

   Species Description: The churning white-hot currents of iron in planetary cores generate enormous electromagnetic forces – and life. The Khadim are creatures of pure energy, there is usually only one to a planet. While powerful, they rarely take an interest in ephemeral surface-dwellers.

   Lately this has changed. The bombardment of Mandalor touched the planet’s Khadim – and fragments have been sent forth, possessing discarded armor, droids, and even ships, to fulfill their missions. Such fragmentary consciousness aren’t very bright – but they’re quite durable and very persistent.

   Alien Power: Inhabit and Energize Equipment (Has no body otherwise): Does not need power packs, all melee weapons are treated as “Vibro” weapons and can parry lightsabers and energy effects. Fragments normally move their bodies about via magnetic manipulation.

   Large and powerful fragments may inhabit, and move, even severely damaged starships and other vehicles, but have a hard time operating in a group. They make poor PC’s.

Minor notes about the Khadim Fragments:

  • They are resistant to electrical effects, but can be stunned by ion blasts.
  • They tend to take time out to say hello to new planets.
  • They cannot hear or speak without appropriate electronics.
  • They are immune to most toxins and need no life support, but cannot normally get out of the items they inhabit anyway.
  • They are subject to contacts and orders from their primary “self”.
  • They are sensitive to electromagnetic and magnetic fields.
  • They suffer the following skill penalties: -1d to Slight of Hand, Bargain, Con, Forgery, Gambling, Performance, Persuasion, Sense Motive, Bureaucracy, and Law. -3d to Carousing. -2d to Swim and Medicine (given that they normally have no idea what such skills are).
  • They gain the following skill bonuses: +2d to Intimidation, Survival (since they don’t need much of anything external to survive), Lift, and Power Systems.
  • They do not eat or drink, but do occasionally need some electrical energy.

   The basic mission parameters for the Mandalorian Khadim Fragments are:

  • To find out what was poking the planet, make sure it doesn’t do it any more, and make sure no one else starts.
  • To look after and repair Mandalor’s biosphere. It’s company.
  • To collect information on surface- and space- dwelling life forms.

Personal Description

   Khadim-17 inhabits a slightly modified suit of heavy Mandalorian armor equipped with pouches for extra tools. The near-skeletal body of the original owner was still inside orginally. That caused a great deal of confusion when it was demanded that he remove his helmet. Apparently the bounty hunters guild found a suit of “haunted” armor, worn by a desiccated corpse crawling with electrical sparks just a bit outre’.

   In the original game, his companions then spent some time convincing Khadim-17 that the corpse was not a part of the armor that he didn’t understand yet, getting it out, and giving it a proper burial.


   Our hero is very new to the galaxy; and doesn’t yet understand anything about surface life forms or the notion of “society”. After all, each Khadim is normally quite alone. At least as of yet, he tends to think of the electrical patterns of the nervous system as being the “person” and of the body as easily exchangeable. After all… “Electrical beings are we, not this crude matter”. He also tends to treat computers as if they were pets or domestic animals.

   Otherwise he’s obliging, pragmatic, and efficient. He does have a basic grasp of tactics: it was included in the suit computer.

   Khadim-17’s first “social” experience was with a pretentious bounty hunter going by the name of “Dark”, who was on Mandalor to do a bit of scrounging for weapons and valuables. Khadim-17 was rather awkward in his new “body” – but he was moving and didn’t show any conventional life-readings. Dark apparently concluded that he’d run across a damaged but still-functioning Mandolorian War-Droid – a find of considerable potential value. He stunned Khadim-17 with a light ion cannon and packed him up for later salvage and reprogramming.

   Khadim-17 came to some time later in a storage compartment. He was low on energy, but it was still easy enough to escape. On the way out he rescued another prisoner – a force-sensitive youth who’d gotten some very basic training somewhere – and got scooped up by a motley collection of other rogues.

   After crashing around the galaxy more or less at random for a few weeks – badly confusing some Jedi, a Sith military force, and the Bounty Hunters Guild – Khadim had reached the conclusions that (1) one of the major standard greeting routines for organic life forms was to discharge blasts of energy at each other, (2) listening to the Dark Side in any fashion caused you to explode randomly, and (3) most of the activities of organic life forms made no sense at all.

   While there were several memorable moments – accidently hijacking the local equivalent of a city bus, hitting a spacefighter with a skimmer when the pilot chased said bus into a parking garage (I still have no idea how the spacefighter got into the building to begin with. Perhaps the place was made for really large vehicles?), the reaction of the bounty hunters when he took his helmet off, and more – perhaps the best was when the “astral form” of a Sith Lord turned up while they were in hyperspace, traveling between worlds. Shooting it didn’t work. Khadim checked his databases – yes, legendary figure of evil, right up there with a wide assortment of other evil supernatural powers; making deals with such entities, or even listening to them, was not recommended. His personal experiences (“2”, above) suggested the same. So he promptly (1) turned off his ears and (2) stunned anyone else in the area who showed any signs of being willing to listen to the fellow. We never did find out what the Sith Lord had had in mind; he did seem to become quite frustrated though.


Mandalorian Armor (Current “Body”):

  • Armored Exoskeleton: +1d Strength (+5d after spending quite a lot of XP on the “upgrade personal equipment” option).
  • Assorted built-in Weapons: +1d Melee, 5d ranged.
  • Grappling hook with cable.
  • Grenade Launcher: 2x 8-shot magazines (Fragmentation and Thermal Detonators).
  • Attached Jet Pack.
  • Dart Launcher (Poison and Knock-out)
  • Magnetic Boot Grips (200 Lb maximum)
  • Flamer
  • Sensor Systems (+1d to Alertness and Search)
  • Environmental Analyzer (not that he pays any attention)
  • Life Support (not that this normally worries him)
  • Communication Systems (currently loaded with republic and Mandalorian codes and encryption/decryption routines).
  • Protocol Droid Linguistic Translator Module (+3d)

   Datapad (personal computer, +1 with Computer Skill). Databases (Galactic Guide, Medical, Veterinary Database, Encyclopedia, Classic Literature, Common Themes in Galactic Mythology, Technical Compendium (20 volumes), Handbook of Chemistry And Physics, Ships of the Galaxy, Astrography, Become A Jedi Master In Just Seven Days, Common Weapons, Starship Systems, Biology, Metallurgy, Chemistry, Genetics, Comparative Naturalism, Handbook of Tactics, Galactic History, Art, Cryptography, Guide to Religions, Republic Law, Police Procedures, and various others.  He keeps this inside the armor, since he doesn’t actually need to use the keyboard.

   Fusion Lantern (kept inside as light snack), Compass, Rope, Fusion Cutter, Mummified Body (of original owner, needs a proper burial), Fusion Power Generator (small), General Tool Kit, Starship Tool Kit.

Special Notes

  • Weight Totals: Mummified Body 23 Lb, Armor 54, Fusion Lantern 1, Datapad and Databases ~1, Fusion Cutter 3, Toolkit 10, Fusion Generator 20. Net 112 Lbs.
  • Weapons Stock: 6 Proton Torpedoes, 3 Antivehicle Mines, Anesthetic Darts, Poison Darts, 40 Thermal Detonators, 40 Grenades, Medium Repeating Blaster
  • Later Upgrades: The mummified body was eventually removed, but was replaced – at roughly the same weight – by a subspace communicator and a personal energy shield (+2d versus energy attacks).