Updated Identities

   For today, it’s a selection of Classless Eclipse: The Codex Persona d20 power-packages – in this case from the Federation-Apocalypse campaign. In that game Kevin Sanwell is a dimensional chameleon; an aspect of his basic powers (along with his massive charisma modifier) allows him to automatically adapt fairly powerful roles in a variety of realms. Of course, there are limits – but his currently-established Identities are all normally Rank-7 (bestowing an extra 56 CP worth of abilities in the appropriate realms). Some of those established Realms, and the Identities that go with them, include:

   The Wylds of Faerie are the domain of the Seelie and Unseelie courts – and it was to the Unseelie that Kevin was drawn. In the Wylds Kevin usually goes by the name Kierroth, the Knight-Huntsman of Exeter, and appears as a handsome anthromorph (most often staglike) while his Thralls take the form of horses, hounds, and assistant knights. Here Kevin is a member of the Unseelie Host, a noble of the court, a participant in the usual social events (such as the Wild Hunt), and rides the borders, dealing with the occasional visitor or raider from other realms. In many ways, Kierroth is perhaps the most “real” of Kevin’s identities: the quicksilver realms of the Fey mirror his own mercurial personality, the social whirl of the court – supported by unseen magic and the labors of the minor fey – eerily mirrors Core Earth, where he was born, and the easy acceptance of the fey offered him an odd sort of comfort and stability amongst the overwhelming strangeness of the Multiverse when he was first infused with dark power. They helped him bring that power under control, and helped him understand it. Perhaps as much as any place can be for an Opener, Faerie is Kevin’s home.

   In his travels across the Manifold, Kevin serves as an ambassador of the Fey – essentially promoting tourism (in the immortal realms of the fey, mortal visitors – who can still feel wonder, take real risks, be truly heroic, father or bear ensouled children, and be novel – are one of the most valued commodities of all) and recruiting the occasional changeling. Here, also, is found one of his major contacts – Cedfion Basceol Darcia (Battlewine Deathmusic), Master of the Pattern, Lord of Ravens, Son of the Morrigan, is the High Lord of House Fion, of the Unseelie Court. Unlike most of the lesser Unseelie, he habitually wastes the power to assume near-human form. While far too magical to spend much time in core himself, Cedfion is more than capable of traveling the Manifold and retains much of his power in many realms – and he would like to expand his realm. The best way to do that among the immortal and almost totally infertile fey is to acquire changelings and recruits from among the once-human. Thus, he is one of Kevin’s sponsors, and he has no objections to allowing him to traipse in and out of Faerie – not that Openers are easy to stop in any case.

   Kierroth gains

  • Blood of the Dragon (Specialized, only as a prerequisite, 3 CP)
  • The Dragon’s Bones (May sustain up to (Int Mod+2) levels of spells without effort, 6 CP*)
  • The Emperor’s Star (oddly, this does not apply to all Thralls while he’s in Faerie, it applies to all Thralls who are currently in Faerie whether Kevin is there or not – giving them an additional positive level, the ability to take large forms and +2 bonus uses of Shapeshift, 6 CP).
  • Innate Enchantment (+4 Competence Bonus to all Skills, 8400 GP, +2 Luck bonus to all Skill and Attribute Checks, 1400 GP, +1 Luck bonus to AC and Saves, 1400 GP, +1 Resistance Bonus to All Saves, 700 GP, Personal Haste, 1400 GP, Expeditious Retreat, 1400 GP, and +12+2xCon Mod HP, 1400 GP, total 16,100 or 17 CP)
  • Major Favors/the Courts of Faerie (6 CP)
  • Privilege (Noble Status in Faerie, 3 CP)
  • Advanced Witchcraft:
    • Advanced Shadowweave (may generate L2/L3 illusions for 2/4 power, 6 CP)
    • Advanced Glamour (L2/L3 hypnotic and emotion-influencing effects for 2/4 power, 6 CP)
    • The Sight (6 CP)
    • Weathermonger (6 CP)
  • Luck (6 CP) with +4 Bonus Uses (6 CP)
  • Wealth/Faerie +32 (1 CP).

   All of these abilities are Corrupted: they force him to take an anthropomorphic form and allow cold iron to bypass his innate strength-based damage reduction.

   *While this is normally simply (Int Mod) total spells, this has been house-ruled to disallow certain – quite absurd – builds which exploit temporary boosts to casting abilities to load up on high-level enhancement spells – starting, of course, with Intelligence. Kevin usually maintains an energy-protection spell and whatever sort of formshift or enhancement is convenient at the moment.

   The Fifth Circle Roman Imperium is a surprisingly popular destination. You can engage in the guilty pleasures of watching the games, sample a little decadence, and enjoy the spice of danger – since every year a small percentage of the tourists offend someone important, wander into the wrong place at the wrong time, or break the local laws, and wind up taking a starring role in the arena or the slave markets themselves. Admittedly, the percentage is tiny – but with 123 inhabited human core worlds, and 150 billion inhabitants, there are still several hundred cases a year. There aren’t many other “real” (ensouled) people on the Imperial slave markets any more; despite the general lack of aging in the Imperium, its been 2000 years since the major influx of the dead from the core waned with the fall of the Roman Empire. Most ensouled slaves have long since met with accidents and incarnated elsewhere, the trouble-prone adults have been weeded out, few ensouled children are born, and even fewer wind up enslaved.

   As Titus Decius Aquilla, a supplier of rare beasts (via transformation) and slave-trader, Kevin owns a sizable estate outside of Rome – and has his agents out to purchase any ensouled people who come up on the markets or can be bought out of the arena. Some will take his bargain. Some will be sold back to worried relatives, to people who come to rescue them or – depending on how demonic he’s feeling today – be quietly returned to core (especially likely if they’re very young), put to work around the estate, resold – or even (if they’re especially troublesome, prone to escape, refuse to acknowledge that they’re being rescued from worse fates, don’t respond to punishment, and he’s in a really bad mood) be placed in a shitty job or even be returned to the arena. That normally only happens when some idiot insists on fighting to win their freedom – but he makes sure that there are rumors. He usually leaves at least one Thrall here who can easily detect souls to manage things during his absences.

   Since the Imperial Legions are currently employing a fair number of Kevin’s Thralls, the expansion of the Roman Empire is once more underway – this time, into the neighboring reaches of the Manifold as well as into the barbarian territories. A steady stream of wealth – and new slaves – is pouring into the Roman Imperium. Kevin has made sure to expand his privileges, so as to acquire any of them that have souls before they even reach the markets.

  • Privilege/Wealthy Landowner-Noble (6 CP)
  • Privilege/First Choice of Slaves (6 CP)
  • Enormous Favors/Lower-level Imperial Bureaucrats and Managers (9 CP)
  • Wealth/Imperium +36 (5 CP)
  • Enormous Favors/The Imperial Military (9 CP)
  • Immunity/Legal Problems (as a prominent citizen, Kevin is effectively immune to most legal problems in the empire: Uncommon / Minor / Major, 3 CP)
  • Privilege/Advanced Trainers (6 CP)
  • Cloaking (conceals his power, 6 CP)
  • +4 Bonus Uses of Dark Channeling (3 CP)
  • Three Contacts: the Arena Manager, Commander of the City Guard, and Slave Market Manager (3 CP).

   Crusader, a realm spawned of a full-sensory computer game, allows visitors to take on the roles of super-heros and super-villains – complete with some minor powers (most often purchased as Innate Enchantment). Oddly enough, this often includes some Charisma enhancements – allowing people to invest more skill ranks in their characters and accounting for why so many super-types are so impressive – and either generically good-looking or incredibly repellent.

   In Crusader, Kevin takes on the role of Arpherion, an ambiguously dark mage who appears in the role of an antihero, wielding his terrible dark magics against other evils – and the occasional foolishly-interfering hero. With the current dimensional instabilities which are battering the realm, Kevin is currently finding it near-impossible to visit without being caught up in a battle against some malevolent supernatural force which simply does not belong in Crusader – a fact which is beginning to seriously interfere with his operations in the realm. The fact that the place is a major dimensional crossroads is no help at all.

   Crusader is a seriously silly place at times, and isn’t one of Kevin’s favorite realms. On the other hand, it’s one of the most useful. The place is overrun with youngsters from the Core Worlds, and thus makes for easy recruiting, it’s extremely convenient to be able to find powerful mages, sellers of mystical supplies, incredible super-geniuses, and purveyors of pretty much any other imaginable item or service in the phone book, and it offers terribly easy transportation and access to hundreds of other realms – second only to realms such as “Highway” or the “High Seas” and far move conveniently. If you want to do business across the dimensions, dealing with Crusader is pretty much a necessity.

  • Immunity / Recording and Remote Detection (Common / Minor / Major, 6 CP)
  • Advanced Blessing Specialized in his Immunity (sharing it with up to [Cha Mod + 1] others and any Thralls in the area, 6 CP)
  • Action Hero / Stunts (Corrupted: only Magical Stunts, 4 CP)
  • Contact/The Dark Rider (very powerful, 2 CP)
  • Berserker/Mystical Focus (Enduring, Odinpower, Odinmight, +8 Caster Level, +8 Saves vrs Magic,4 Con, -2 AC, requires 1 mana, corrupted for 10 CP)
  • Reflex Action (3 actions/day variant, specialized in magical actions, 3 CP)
  • Upgrade his Dark Magic to cover L5 spells (24 CP)
  • Wealth +32 (evading the -5 exchange rate with core earth, 1 CP).
  • He also gets a free Arch-Nemesis and a Cavern of Mysteries (which doesn’t actually do or contain anything in particular, and thus is also free).

   The Colonial Era was Kevin’s first experience with the far-flung British Empire – and he found the intrigues and colonial excesses of interest. It was also his first experience in working as an English special agent. While he no longer takes much interest in the local intrigues – his affairs now tend to involve larger-scale affairs – he still finds the focused concentration the realm allows useful in negotiations, and usually gathers potential recruits from Crusader in this realm for their final recruitment.

   As a “Player of the Great Game“, Kevin gains

  • Witchcraft/Divination (6 CP)
  • Enthusiast and Adaption / Specialized in Contacts (3 CP)
  • Wealth/The Colonial Era +32 (1 CP)
  • Privilege/Advanced Trainers (Corrupted: Limited number of students, 4 CP)
  • Block: Melee and Arcane (12 CP)
  • Combat Reflexes (6 CP)
  • Melding (6 CP)
  • Hysteria (mental effects, specialized in Skills; 1 mana for +12 to any skill check, 6 CP)
  • Improved Expertise (may take up to 20 off of his AC to focus on charisma or dexterity-linked skills, 12 CP).

   The Abyss – also known as Hell – is a realm of evil and suffering, pain and darkness. Kevin has never visited more than briefly – but the realm of the Fey borders upon it as it borders upon Heaven, it still has a hold on him, and there is a place waiting for him there if he should turn wholly to the darkness and seek to claim it. As Belramos, the Wanderer in Shadows, he is a minor princeling of the abyss – one of the few demonic entities human enough to freely walk the Core and recruit there – or, for that matter, to visit the Heavens…

   Kevin prefers to stay away from both the various Hells AND Heavens. He doesn’t really feel comfortable in most of them, and doesn’t generally approve of the Abyss. He remembers how it felt to be dragged there himself – and it wasn’t a good experience. Of course, the Powers of Light generally don’t have a big welcome waiting for him either – or at least not a good one.

  • Privilege/may enter and leave hell relatively unmolested (3 CP)
  • Privilege/may enter and leave Heaven relatively unmolested (3 CP)
  • Favors/ minor gifts from the powers of hell (mostly a lure, 3 CP)
  • Celerity/Flight (Corrupted, requires wingroom, 8 CP)
  • a Powerful Contact – whichever demon lord opts to try and gain his loyalty or trade favors (2 CP)
  • Upgrade his Dragonfire ability to full use (3 CP).
  • Breath of the Dragon (6 CP)
  • Remove the “for spell conversion only” modifier on his Dark Channeling (3 CP)
  • +4 Bonus uses of Dark Channeling (3 CP)
  • Path of the Pharaoh (Gateway, 6 CP)
  • Channeling/Censure (may rebuke or command evil outsiders, 6 CP)
  • Channeling/Divine Command (may infuse objects with unlife force, 6 CP)
  • A 4-point Relic – the sword Nightfall (Channeling: Smite, Wrath, Corruption, and Final Death).

   In The Books of Magic, a.k.a the English Fantasy Zone, Kevin is Squire Jenkins – a reclusive sorcerer-graduate of Hogwarts, with an sizable estate holding an assortment of occult wards, servants, mystical resources, and gates – as well as some extremely talented trainers. Given that the Books of Magic border on the Talking Animal Zone, the Arthurian Realms, the Dark Fantasy Realms, Hogwarts, and the Wylds of Faerie, the situation there often gets a bit complicated. It’s still a comfortable life, and a place to keep and train his Thralls, concubines, and various other properties. It’s also where he stables his pet silver dragon – a juvenile import from the Dragonworlds (a slave bought to serve as a steed) who counts as one of his Followers.

   This identity has been becoming more active recently, as Hogwarts, and its students, have found themselves entangled with Vekxin – who, like Kevin, recruited many of them – but who, unlike Kevin, lied about what they were getting into. Kevin, of course, recruits at Hogwarts regularly – most of the Slytherin kids and a scattering of the others sign up every year – but he’s honest about it. He’s also an alumnus, and (at least these days) would probably be considered a qualified teacher, which may come back to bite him one of these days. Given his involvement in curing the various Hogwarts students, his political connections with the magical authorities have grown considerably – just as they are becoming more and more aware of their dimensional neighbors.

   As Squire Jenkins, Kevin possesses

  • A Sanctum with Occult Wards and Guardians (15 CP)
  • Power Words (6 CP)
  • Major Privilege/Access to Magical Schools and Places of Power (6 CP)
  • Magical Favors (Corrupted: other mages ALWAYS want to get something back, 2 CP)
  • Upgrades his Dark Magic to provide access to fourth-level spells (12 CP)
  • Major Favors/The Magical Authorities (6 CP)
  • An additional level of Eye of the Dragon (6 CP)
  • Contacts with numerous major, if difficult-to-locate figures (Enthusiast and Adaption, Specialized in 2 CP worth of Local Contacts, 3 CP).
  • His Sanctum Abilities include
    • Privilege/Major (access to trainers who can provide a high-level Package Deal, 6 CP)
    • Privilege/Neutral Meeting Place (3 CP)
    • An extensive Library (bought as Double Enthusiast and Adaption, 9 CP)
    • Witchcraft/The Sight (6 CP). A variety of Gates, including one to the Imperium near his estates as Titus, are free, since he can readily create them.

   In several worlds of Anthropomorphic, Talking, or Were-Animals, Kevin appears as Angkor Shadowfang – a dangerously predatory wolf-person. It’s a bit more of a giveaway than he would like, but he’s never been especially indirect either.

   As Angkor, Kevin is extremely feral, inclined to simply take what he wants, and can be quite violent if he’s opposed. Almost uniquely, his first fallback position as Angkor is hitting someone – rather than talking, psychic manipulation, spellcasting, or some other more subtle method. For Angkor, there are few things more fun than a mass melee with claws and fangs. If anyone is silly enough to let him catch or dominate them, then they’re his to do with as he likes.

   At least, unlike much of his predatory “competition”, he doesn’t generally kill and eat them.

   As Angkor, Kevin gets

  • Martial Arts/1d6 Natural Weapons (6 CP)
  • Grant of Aid/Bonus Uses (6 CP)
  • Grant of Aid/Spark of Life (6 CP)
  • Occult Sense / Scent (Specialized, -2 on saves versus scent-based attacks, 3 CP)
  • Mindspeech (Specialized in animals and animalistic creatures, 3 CP)
  • Major Favors (Elementals and Nature Spirits, with +Cha Mod bonus uses, 18 CP)
  • Adds his Dex Mod to his Str Mod when in Melee Combat (Augmented Bonus, 12 CP)
  • Track (Urban, Wilderness, and Dimensional), with the Identification and Style/Scent Modifiers (18 CP)
  • Tireless (6 CP)
  • Reflex Training/Self-Healing when Damaged (6 CP).

   All these abilities are Corrupted: their use forces a blatant change into an animalistic form per the local rules.

   In the Forgotten Realms – and in many other d20 realms – Kevin tends to fall into the role of Kevelian, an Initiate of the Red Wizards of Thay. Unfortunately, while Kevelian is an up-and-coming agent for the Red Wizards (or other local evil magical sect) he also maintains an undercover relationship with the local Priests of Thoth (or other elder-knowledge deity religious group), tinkers with Elven High Magic (or whatever the local elder magic is), and otherwise conspires all over the place in fine style. This will probably land him hip-deep in trouble eventually.

   Kevalian seems to be developing a reputation for his exceptional personal power and mastery of gates – as well as for a curious mixture of obliging geniality and murderous destructiveness. The fact that he’s trying to expand a trading network across a variety of dimensions is also likely to attract notice. He also may be becoming involved – at least peripherally – in the Drow Godswar.

   As Kevelian Kevin gets

  • +2d0 HD (and +2x Con Mod HP, 8 CP)
  • Metamagic/Area with Glory (12 CP)
  • Major Favors (The Red Wizards, 6 CP)
  • Favors (The Priests of Thoth; Corrupted: they don’t really trust him. 2 CP)
  • +2 on saves versus Spells (3 CP)
  • Major Favors / The Elven Races (6 CP)
  • Cloaking (conceals the majority of his raw power, 6 CP)
  • Major Privilege (he now has enough agents to recruit kids and purchase slaves across much of Faerun, 6 CP)
  • Weapons Proficiency / Psychological Weapons (6 CP)
  • Knowledge/Magic of Faerun +16 (specific knowledge, 1 SP).

   In the various Star Wars Realms, Kevin falls into the role of Darth or Master Santarous, an eccentric force-wielder. Unlike most such, he isn’t especially vulnerable to dark side corruption – possibly since he sees his powers as little more than a gateway for sticking his nose into everyone else’s business, rather than a choice between competing philosophies of life. He usually acts as a corporate mercenary, specializing in industrial espionage operations.

   Perhaps fortunately, most of the population of the realm sees Santarous as just another wannabe from Core playing at being a force-user – and probably as weak and ineffectual as most of the rest of them. A few of his local connections know otherwise; Santarous may not take his powers too seriously – the red cap with the white pom-pom is enough to tell them that – but he’s certainly got enough of it.

   As Santarous, Kevin gains

  • Immunity to Dark Side Corruption (Uncommon/Major/Great, 12 CP)
  • Innate Enchantment (Gains Melee Block, +2 Dex, +2 Wis, and his Blade is treated as Adamant – ignoring Hardness of less than 20, 6 CP)
  • Missile Block (Specialized: Only while Wielding a Blade, 3 CP)
  • Major Favors (Ruthless Corporations/The Black Sun criminal underworld, 6 CP)
  • Enthusiast (Specialized in a “particular” Relic: Improved Augmented Bonus: Whatever Forceblade he’s using lets him add his Dex Mod to his Str Mod in Melee combat) (3 CP)
  • Reflex Training/Combat Reflexes Variant (6 CP)
  • Improved Initiative +4 (6 CP)
  • Trick/Death Blow 3/Day (6 CP)
  • Advanced Witchcraft/The Sight (6 CP)
  • Two narrow skills: Security Systems +18 (1 SP, +7 Dex, +5 Int, +5 Trained) and Computer Hacking +16 (1 SP, +5 Int x2, +5 Trained).

   In the Anime Realms Kevin falls into the role of Arken of the Sands – an incredibly agile young mercenary swordsman with dark mystic powers which he usually winds up winds up wielding against far greater darknesses. Unfortunately, he tends to feel that if people don’t have either (a) the ability to protect themselves or (b) the resources to pay for such protection, then they’re obviously (c) – the property of whoever rescues them. He has no compunctions about saving a bunch of kids from demons, only to turn around and either ransom them to their parents or sell them on the local slave market. They’re better off aren’t they? Doesn’t that make him a good guy?

   Almost uniquely, there aren’t any real complications here. While there’s usually a plot to deal with when you drop into the anime realms, weird people appearing, doing incredible things for a short period, and then vanishing for lengthy periods before they re-appear somewhere else doing something totally different, is simply a normal part of reality there. Still, as an experienced wanderer of the Manifold, Kevin is mildly annoyed at just how strong the drag of the anime conventions are. There are a number of other identities he could try to slip into, and he could probably change things given enough time and effort – but every time he turns around in an anime universe he gets shunted back into being Arken. Not that it isn’t FUN to be Arken sometimes, but it’s a bit blatant.

  • +6 Warcraft/BAB (specialized in Swords, 18 CP).
  • Improved Melee Block (may block up to 60 points of damage from an attack with a DC 15 melee save. This uses up an attack of opportunity, 12 CP)
  • Arcane Block (Specialized, only with sword, 3 CP)
  • Opportunist/can reflexively throw a transmutation spell on anyone in the immediate vicinity who’s just gone unconscious (6 CP). Arken usually throws a protective, or move-to-safety spell on allies or people they’re rescuing, and a stabilize-bind-and-ready-for-sale effect on enemies.
  • May do Stun Damage with Blades without penalty (add Strike to the Blade Expert martial art, 2 CP)
  • Add Vanishing to his Lightning Fist Martial Art (2 CP).
  • Innate Enchantment (5000 GP, 6 CP): +2 Resistance Bonus on Saves (1400 GP), +10 to Jump (1400 GP), and a +4 Shield bonus to AC (2000 GP).
  • Contacts: A local dealer in “dark” magical merchandise and a slave trader (2 CP).
  • Specialist/Disarm (+4 to such attempts, 1 CP) with Evasive/When Disarming (1 CP), both Specialized: only with Swords.
  • Improved Initiative +2 (3 CP).

   In Baelaria, a world of steampunk and magic, Kevin is Arriken, a licensed mage, Ritualist, Channeler of Spirits, and Master of Spiritfire. The role hasn’t settled entirely yet – but seems to be far more focused on raw power than most roles, perhaps due to the ongoing war in the area.

   Thanks to their activities in Baelaria, a relatively simple combat-mage role suddenly became entangled with the Church, the Government, the Military, The Alchemists, the Mages, and the Underworld – all at the same time.

   In Baelaria, he gains

  • Firm Control on Ridden by the Loa (Specialized in the Half-Celestial and Half-Infernal Templates, 6 CP)
  • Privilege/Relevant magical licenses and memberships (3 CP)
  • Ritual Magic (6 CP)
  • Full Dragonfire (+3 CP)
  • +1x Eye of the Dragon (6 CP) with the ability to Drain Items (+3 CP) and Living Fire (6 CP)
  • Spirit Lore +16 (Narrow, 1 SP, +10 Int x2, +5 Training)
  • Minor Favors (Government, Military, and the Church, 9 CP)
  • Fortune/Evasion Variant (6 CP)
  • Local Wealth +32 (1 CP)
  • Mystic Artist/Oratory (Manipulation Abilities: Fascinate, Hold Audience, Emotional Auras, Freedom, Mass Suggestion, Greater Summoning, Inspiration Abilities: Emotion, Greatness, Excellence, Mass Greatness, and Mass Excellence. 6 CP).