The Box of Eris (21 Point Item)

   The greek gods are pretty eccentric. When their demigodling offspring go to visit their parent or parents – and ask why they just got dumped on earth on their own – they never know what they’re going to get. In this case I suppose we’d have to call it an “allowance” of sorts.


The Box of Eris (21 Point Champions Item).  

   80-Point Multipower Reserve: all Powers must work on charges that do not recover (-2.5), require a full phase (-.5) of 0 DCV concentration (-.5) to use, OAF (golden box and assorted talismans, -1), require gestures (-.25), and are magically conspicuous, drawing the attention of the chaos spawn of Olympus (-.25). -5 Total, 13 Points.

 The “Welcome to Mount Olympus” Coupon Book (Come and Patronize our Temples!)

  • u) Summon Minions (8x 50-point humans); Range: 0; Summon: Single Type, 8 Charges (-.5) Summons servants/slaves from among the available staff on Olympus. They’re excellent servants, immune to disease and aging as long as they remain in service, good at a wide variety of basic tasks, obedient, ornamental, and good at anticipating their master’s desires. If dismissed, they return to Olympus. If they leave service, they die. 1 Point.
  • u) Divine Coupons: 2d6 Aid, adds one, single-charge, multi-power slot of choice (+.25), which must be used within the next few hours (fade/hour), 32 Charges (+.25),. No one god may be called on for the same favor more than once, none for more than three favors each, and none for favors outside their specialities. 1 Point.

The Other Items

  • u) Pluto’s Bag: 2d6 Aid to Wealth (fade/season, Max. 12); Range: 0; Affects: Single Power, +0; Charges: 64, (+.5), 1 Point. This can be used on yourself, by cashing in a pile of gold. More generous users can use it on other people.
  • u) Golden Apples: 1d6 Major Transform to Companion (Limited Class, +.25); Cumulative (+.5), Continuous (+1), 3 5-Hour Continuing Charges (+.25), No Normal Defense (Vrs not eating the apple, +1), Difficult to Dispel ×16 (+1). Active Points: 75; The Golden Apples infuse a normal mortal with a bit of the chaos magic of Olympus, providing them with a 60-point package of powers – normally including immunity to aging and disease, minor regeneration, enhanced attributes, and some minor magical tricks. Unfortunately, it also includes an assortment of new disadvantages – loyalty to, and dependence on, the godling that provided the apple, a susceptibility to countermagic, and various other minor problems. 1 Point.
  • u) Cornucopia: 2d6 Flash (Taste, Sight); Range: 375. One Hex Area Effect (+.5), No Normal Defense (Versus vision that can see through food, +1), 16 Charges (+0). 1 Point.
  • u) Cornucopia: Doesn’t Eat or Drink (or “Not Hungry”, thanks to the huge feast this produces). Radius Effect with Increased Area x 250 (+3, 250′ Radius), 16 One-Day Charges (+1.75). 1 Point.
  • u) Origami Paper: Shape Shift: Animals (Limited Group), 250 One-Day Continuing Charges: (+2.75). 1 Point.
  • u) Origami Paper II: 2d6 Aid to powers appropriate to animal form (Max. 20), Fades/Day (+1.25), Trigger (when previous Origami Paper slot used, aids appropriate powers until the relevant point limits for the form – or the 20 point maximum – is reached, +.25), 16,000 Charges (May average up to 64 per form, which ought to cover things. +2.5). 1 Point.

    There are a variety of other items in the box, however, most of them seem to be simply ornamental oddities.