FA – Core Psitech

   Core Psitech is relatively straightforward – and not especially powerful, although it does enjoy the usual coretech advantage of working most places. In general, it falls into a few major categories – signal amplifiers (either on the bioelectrical or cosmological side), neural stimulators, neural resonators, and neural augmentors. Such systems are available at various Ratings. Unless noted otherwise such a system requires gadget points equal to its rating and requires a minimum of a few hours to properly attune: you can’t just “swap them out”.

   Biolectrical Amplifiers increase the potency or “Save DC” of the user’s abilities. Whether alone or in series, such devices have a maximum rating total of +3: going beyond that point invariably causes the user to lose control of his or her abilities as the signal-to-noise level increases. Such devices are difficult to attune and get used to: each rating point counts as two “gadget points”.
   Cosmological Amplifiers increase the range of the user’s abilities, multiplying them by (1+The System Rating). While no apparent upper limit to their rating exists, the size increases rapidly with each rating step. Rating-1 devices are the size of a fingertip. Rating-3 devices are the size of a paperback. Rating-5 devices are the size of a footlocker, and so on.
   Neural Stimulators provide additional Power reserves, at a ration of +5 Power per Rating Level. Note that turning off a neural stimulator when this would leave the user with a negative power score is dangerous: the user will suffer 1d6 points of temporary attribute damage to a random attribute for every 6 points, or part thereof, of power debt. (On the other hand, this wipes out their power debt). It is possible to use more than one Neural Stimulator at a time, but their effect rating is reduced by one for each additional device used. Thus using three rating-3 Neural Stimulators at one time will be as effective as using a single rating-6 system (3+2+1). Practical personal systems are usually limited to Rating-4 or so. Systems of up to Rating-20 exist, but weigh many tons and require that the user be sealed in a life-support system while special cooling systems pump chilled blood through his or her brain to handle the waste heat such an activity level generates. Unusually, Neural Stimulators are available in chemical form. These drugs require no attunement time and only a minute or two to start working, but are as perilous as any other form of high-powered stimulant.
   Neural Resonators increase the “level of use” of the user’s abilities by their Rating. Unfortunately, they do so by smoothing and stabilizing the user’s energy output – and too much of that will wash out the user’s control inputs. Such systems are limited to Rating-4 and are difficult to get used to – each Rating Point costs two Gadget Points to operate.
   Neural Augmentors provide additional abilities. Sadly, it takes at least a week of practice with a particular augmentation device (or substance) to learn to use such abilities. Each Rating Point of Neural Augmentor in use provides +3 CP worth of advanced psionic (witchcraft) abilities – but also costs two Gadget Points. In addition, such devices tend to interfere with each other and – at igher Rankings – even each other: no single individual can attune more than 4 Rating Points worth of such systems at any given moment – and once you unattune one, you have to “learn to use it” all over again later – although this does allow you to trade out the additional abilities. The constant neural changes of a living brain will quickly render your old settings moot without constant feedback to stabilize them.