Special Requests

   Well, the requests so far include (1) a history update and the rules sheet for the Federation Campaign, (2) a list of the major temples equipped for technique and school research in the Legends of the Five Rings campaign, (3) the sketch map of the regions outside Rokugan for the Legends of the Five Rings campaign, (4) designs for a couple of L2 Eclipse characters, (5) some of the history for the pre-hiatus Mandate group, (6) the three-page Star Wars rules, (7) a couple of the old Shadowrun characters, and (8) getting the Legend of the Five Rings log up to date.

    If there are any more requests, go ahead and leave a comment. I’ll see what I can locate in the old files and notepads while I’m digging for the Federation notes.

    The Champions campaign will be at the UT Library Wednesday evening as usual.