The Quantum Realms: Souls and Mana

Professor Arthorius, Continued:

   Souls remain a mystery. While we can now demonstrate their existence, detect and influence them, and even bind them for a time or transfer them from body to body, we still cannot say what they are or where they come from. We do know that they Continue reading

Legends of the Five Rings

   Since Brian would still like to join in the Friday sessions, I’ve set up a voice-over-IP link to the gaming table. We’ll see if that’s enough to make it possible at tonight’s session. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll try some adjustments and look around for a better microphone.

   Meanwhile, I’ll also be putting up a preliminary discussion of the nature of Souls and Mana in the Manifold. Since it is, however, a continuation of Professor Arthorius’s lecture, it should be considered “in character” – IE, based on insufficient information and observation, rather than on rigorous game rules. The good professor could be wrong…