Terin Aderath

   Terin is a possible character for the Federation Apocolypse setting – and his personal capsule history includes several important factors for that setting: He’s about thirty now (roughly equivalent to 20 for a pre-genetic engineering human), and thus was old enough to be growing up during the tail end of the Great Opening, when the dimensional gates Continue reading

Imperial Activities

   The Legend of the Five Rings game will be tonight (friday) as is currently usual. I would suggest that those characters with official positions and notable clan ties be prepared to play down your part in the assault – and that everyone try to come up with some good face-saving reasons why having a disputed border city taken over by an apparently half-crazed ronin supposedly taking orders from a small child is a good thing, rather than a gross insult.

The Federation Campaign Sheet

   Here’s the design sheet for the Federation Campaign. As a multiverse setting, it’s most notable for its general lack of restrictions. Characters could be virtually anything…

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