Building the Warlock

   For today, it’s a special request from Jeffery, who wants to know how to build a Warlock (as well as a few other character types I’ll do later) using Eclipse d20 Point-Buy. (Shareware version available here).

   Warlock Magic provides the ability to employ a very limited number of abilities with a limited theme, but allows them to be used as often as desired. In Eclipse, “unlimited use” usually means some version of the Path of the Dragon – and is something to be watched fairly carefully: unlimited use of almost anything can easily unbalance a game or disrupt the setting.

   Regardless of that, with the game masters permission you can buy it this way:

   Path of the Dragon: Shaping (6 CP), with Pulse of the Dragon III (6+12+24 CP), and Heart of the Dragon IV (6+12+24+48 CP for up to L3 spells) all Specialized (must buy individual effects separately as per buying spells and can be physically restrained from casting them, double effect) and Corrupted (all effects must adhere to a specialized theme, 1.5 times effect for a net triple effect and spells of up to L9). Warlocks normally buy 13 spells – a basic blast and 12 additional effects (+26 CP), for a net total of 164 CP.

   The ability to “Imbue Items” can be purchased as Equipage (6 CP) with Purchasing (6 CP), both Specialized (User must spend the time, XP, and cash as appropriate to create the item in question and must be otherwise qualified to create it save for not knowing the appropriate spells, half cost) = 6 CP.

   The rest of the Warlock build – 20 Specialized Caster Levels (60 CP), d6 Hit Dice (40 CP), 2 SP/Level (46 CP), +15 BAB (90 CP), +24 Saves (72 CP), proficiency with Simple Weapons and Light Armor (6 CP), Detect Magic (Occult Sense. 6 CP), Damage Reduction 5 (Specialized: not vrs Energy, Corrupted: not vrs cold iron, 4 CP), Mastery: Specialized in Use Magic Device Only, 3 CP), Innate Spell/Cure Critical Wounds, Fast Healing Variant (6 CP), Reflex Action (Specialized: only to trigger Fast Healing, 3 CP), and Minor (12-point) Immunity to two forms of Energy (6 CP Each, for 12 CP) – is fairly standard.

   The total cost of a Warlock-style build is thus 524 points. Of course, Warlocks are normally seriously mistrusted and seen as black magicians – a Restriction that brings their cost down to 504 points; exactly what’s available for a 20’th level character.

    Of course, this version of the Warlock isn’t quite identical – the resistances are two points higher and the fast healing is one point less (this could easily be tweaked, but its not worth the complications for an example) – but this version is also free to expand on the various “class” powers and is free to select a theme other than “Dark Magic” – making it useful for superheroes, specialist magi and healers, or for representing a variety of other fictional wizards.

    Interesting that: I would have expected at least a few points cost difference, considering that Eclipse came out well before the Warlock. Personally, I’ll take it as evidence that the Warlock authors got it right.