And on with the new material

   Presuming that the entry for Edward Elric updates properly, it’s on with the new material. Perhaps some sample martial arts and a few special requests on how to build particular powers.

    Hopefully some of that will be going up early this morning.

    And it’s through on that try. Nothing else has been a problem, I wonder why those entries were? Ah well. While I was at it, I updated Edward Elric’s sheet slightly: the player had been recording CP on a second sheet and updating his primary one sporadically, so his past-level-four total (7 CP) and a 1 CP purchase were not listed properly. They are now – and I’ll let the online version and the player-version diverge from now on.

   And for new material, here are some Sample Martial Arts – the four Celestial Styles from the DarkWeird Campaign – for d20 Point Buy.  

    To follow up, here are a some Sample Power Packages to drop into your d20 Point-Buy character builds, currently including the Maker of Potions, Talismans, and Scrolls and – per request – a selection of methods of working at Superhuman Speed.