The Christmas Campaign

   First off, the Champions game will be meeting at the University of Tennessee library about 7:00 as usual. Expected characters include Ranko, the White Necromancer, Darius, the Hauntsman, and the Chauffeur. If the library is closing early, we may have to shift locations however.

   Brian, if you’re in the area this week, we’d be delighted if you dropped by to say hello.

    On the new material front, we have Julius Gaius Maximus, another d20 point-buy sample design. I’ll check him for typos and finish up the cross-linking tomorrow afternoon, it’s very late at the moment.

    Iuri’s Colonization Progress sheet is up, although that’s admittedly of limited interest unless you want a checklist for things to set up in a new colony or domain. Iuri’s Tale has also updated to his current projects list, although that’s probably of even more limited interest except for the players who were considering joining that game.