Recordings from the Holocron of Kira Keldav – The Anti-Force

   Here we have something from Brian, one of the usual players – some of the notes and musings of his current Star Wars character, Kira Keldav.

   Things in my experience typically exist in some sort of balance. The fact that life continues on in the Republic much like it has for millennia is utter testament to that fact. Occasionally a star will threaten to go nova and there will be a scramble, or a trade dispute will arise on the border regions, but life continues on. The Republic has reached an equilibrium and is likely to stay that way on it’s own for another twenty millennia.

   The only exception to this looks to be the Force and the Sith it spawns. These eruptions of unrestrained Force have nearly destroyed the Republic on more than one occasion. To blame this purely on the Sith as the Jedi do is a red herring, as I am not the only one to notice that almost all Sith started as Jedi. So are the Jedi to blame? I imagine a great number of people who have lost loved ones in the war would believe so, but alas, I do not. Life would be so much simpler if it were true.

   No, it seems the real problem is the Force itself, and the inability of the Jedi to keep it under control. The Jedi preach that one must remain aloof and unemotional, a decidedly unnatural state for most every sentient I have ever met. Deviating from this prescription seems to almost invariably lead to the “Dark Side” and unrestrained expression of Force power. Only by carefully limiting how much they use the Force and how they use it do the Jedi seem to be able to maintain any sort of control. If your method of control is “Don’t touch it unless you have to” can you really be said to be in control?

   All attempts I am aware of to better control the Force and allow a more natural behavior in those with Force potential have invariably led to explosions of power orto a permanent shut-off of all Force power. Something is seriously out of balance here, but what? A critical clue may lie in the fact that the vast majority of sapients show no Force potential whatsoever. The prevailing view seems to be that most people have no potential whatsoever and that those that manage to trigger a “breakthrough” in their powers are merely opening a door to power that had lain dormant. But if this potential had been laying dormant, what was keeping it that way? To put it another way, why were those with latent Force powers more or less safe until they have a breakthrough?

   I suspect that something was keeping the Force potential in check until some dire circumstance causes the Force channel to open too wide to effectively counteract. I also suspect this same phenomena is also at the root of the stories of places where the Force does not work, permanent shutdowns of Force potential, and the occasional creature with Force-negating abilities. I would say all of these can probably be traced to a single explanation: a kind of Anti-Force. An area where the Force does not work may simply be an area strong in the Anti-Force, creatures with Force-negating abilities would then be creatures with Anti-Force potential or monotalents and the permanent shutdown of Force potential could be a breakthrough in Anti-Force potential that overwhelms the Force abilities.

   So what is this supposed Anti-Force and what can we determine about it given what we can deduce? First off, it appears to negate Force ability, either keeping them latent or negating them entirely for some duration. Second, I suspect that Anti-Force ability can be projected, otherwise those creatures able to negate the Force powers of others could not work and the areas where the Force does not work couldn’t exist either. Third, there are probably a lot of people running around that have had a traumatic breakthrough of their Anti-Force potential and don’t realize it. After all, they wouldn’t show up as Force sensitive.

   Anything beyond this ends up falling into the realm of pure speculation but can still be categorized into two viewpoints: the Anti-Force is like an opposing electrical charge, or the Anti-Force is like negative energy.

   If the Anti-Force is like an opposing electrical charge then we can predict several things about it’s powers. Instead of precognition, we might expect postcognition. Telekinetic powers could well end up behaving similarly. Energy projection and reflection abilities could also work in a similar fashion, although may lead to unexpected results when used against Force powers. Instead of enhancing the senses of the user, it may serve to dampen a person’s presence. Instead of telepathy, it may result in a walling off of the mind from external probing. Flashes of insight could be replaced with better deduction and retention of information. The basic power-set would then look oddly familiar to any Jedi, but with a twist that is sure to confound.

   Now if the Anti-Force behaves more like negative energy, then things become more complicated and more alien to our common experiences. Increased emphasis would fall on the fact that the Anti-Force is an entity of negation. Energy draining or absorbing would be the norm over energy projection. A possibility that instead of manipulating kinetic energy via telekinesis, the Anti-Force could manipulate inertia. Instead of precognition, one would appear absent to the threads of fate the Force reveals. Telepathy would be replaced with a clouding of read thoughts. Other aspects would be hard to determine without careful experimentation and more information.

   Regardless of which of these ideas bears out, or even if the whole concept ends up being flawed, experiments are going to be needed to be carried out. I would most like to see how the Force feels around the event horizon of a black hole. Not that I want to be near one, but I feel it is most likely to circumstance to at least tell me something. Another experiment would be to try and find out how the Force behaves inside a Black Globe Generator, not that I have one of those lying around. Third, I would want to chase down some of these areas without the Force and creatures that can negate Force powers. There is bound to be something to be found in looking at those. Finally, I would like to chase down someone who has had their Force potential go into permanent shutdown and compare them to normal and Force sensitive individuals.

   What worries me the most though, is the fact that in 21,000 years, I cannot be the first person to think along these lines. Given the fact that no Anti-Force is currently known or under study, says this idea is either wrong or the research itself is very dangerous.

   Regardless though, I have little choice in the matter now that my powers have become active. Most every choice I have leads either to falling to the Dark Side or dying a slow death in complete seclusion from society. I would rather die fighting this fate rather than to give in to either the Jedi or Sith paths, although I am not above using the Jedi techniques to buy myself time.