Federation-Apocalypse Timeline Update

   Today it’s an update for the Federation-Apocalypse game timeline. Thanks to the fact that the groups interests – and secondary player characters – have spread across the Manifold, and there’s activity taking place in dozens of realms, sorting the activity into a simple timeline is getting difficult; therefore timing of the activities in the various secondary realms should be regarded as approximate at best.

   Week 27: The group arrives at Jerusalem only to find it under siege by three hundred Death Knights and a hundred thousand lesser undead. They break through the lines to get in and set to work gathering information, resupplying the city and dealing with the disruptive elements within it (such as Dr Lichstein). Kevin, of course, uses the same strategy he always does – recruiting Thralls. The Silmarils intervene on the side of the defense as well.

   Back in Core, Jarvain – now that he’s out of alcoholism treatment – deploys his Cadets in the Battletech realm in aid of his old house (albeit more as an unexpected allies than as subordinates). That way they’ll be able to gain some actual battle experience in the Battletech universe.

   In Kadia, communications are opened with the Update Authority for the Core Computer Network, and a study on the core acceptability of Kevin’s Thrall-Pact is implemented – although this does not alter Kevin’s schedule of press releases on the subject or his attempt to spread the information far and wide.

   On Ealor, a group of children who were displaying strange powers are taken into custody by Child Protective Services. While such powers – linked with an interest in Kevin – are appearing in Core, Faerun, and other places, only in Ealor has the response (at least as yet) been quite so hysterical.

   In the Dragonrealms, Kevin’s Hatchling-School is fully open for business.

  • Major Characters: Death Knights, Jurin Hans (Knight-Lord of the Knights Templar), Dr Lichstein, The Round Table Council, Assorted Dragons.
  • Major Factions: The Neanderthals, the Army of Death, the People of Jerusalem, the Unified Church. The Update Authority.
  • Major Plot Elements: The Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Disaster Realms, The Singularites, The Silmarils.
  • Major Realms: The Crusader Kingdoms, Core, Battletech, Kadia, Ealor in the New Imperium, and the Dragonrealms.

   Week 28: The primary group continues to build up their forces against the army of the dead besieging Jerusalem, improves the cities defenses, and investigates the Gate to Eden which was supplying the water. A series of battles and a final defense of the Temple mount destroys the undead horde – and leads to a confrontation with Death, his subversion to the Core side of things, and his being placed in the custody of the House of Roses, the Unified Church, and the Core Earth Military.

   On Ealor, a group of the Singularites children escape from Child Protective Services – and a call for a search and rescue group is placed to Amarant Solutions.

   In Kadia, Kelsaru organizes Kevin’s business arrangements and trade systems, as well as associating with Kevin’s parents and organizing the recruitment efforts – since the candidates are now arriving by the tens of thousands.

   In the Anthropomorphic worlds, the Thralls are setting up recruiting systems. In Core, they have finished purchasing all the available property-class Neodogs – although they had long since been reduced to individual negotiations.

   In many other places, the War of Souls is spreading across the Manifold.

   The Thralls of Amarant Solutions go on a mass-rescue mission to Coruscant, and pull it off.

   In Battling Business World, Mr Gelman discovers the existence of the Manifold, explores Kadia with his family, and battles the Neitzchian. Secondarily, Abigail investigates the squirrels, determines that they are – indeed – people, visits Kadia, and hooks up with Gelman. Unfortunately, she concludes that Marty and Kevin may be a danger to Julia, and begins legal action to bar his visitation.

   In the Linear Realms Rameraz encounters Doctor Brenner, the criminally insane surgeon, and rescues some children from him.

  • Major Characters: The Round Table Council of Crusader Kingdoms Jerusalem, Kelsaru, The Guardian of Eden, Thawban, The Horseman of Death, Tomlin (Marty’s Old Self), Puck, Gelman and Ruth, Corrigan and the Balrog of Moria, Abigail, Julia, and the Squirrels, Rameraz and Doctor Brenner, and Maegoren the Death Knight.
  • Major Factions: The Men in Black, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The Numbers, and the Neitzchian.
  • Major Plot Elements: Kevin’s Parents, The Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Ark of the Covenant, the War of Souls.
  • Major Realms: Crusader Kingdoms, Kadia, The five Worlds, Battling Business World, the New Imperium and the Old Empire.

   Week 29: Marty has a mid-life crisis, collects a harem, confronts Gelman, goes to visit Faerun, and negotiates with the Drow for his children. Kevin corrects a bad contract, punishes Ikeran (one of his Thralls) for setting it up, sets down rules for slave-trading, and returns to the Dragonworlds to deal with challengers.

   Gelman has an interview with Kevin, accepts that he – like all humans – holds both of light and darkness, and signs on to help organize his operations.

   In Core, Death is debriefed – and a variety of useful bits of information are obtained both from him and from other sources.

   In the depths of Faerun, Vekxin is cornered – although it’s going to take even more time to grind through the last of his defenses.

   In Battling Business World, Corrigan educates the Balrog of Moria on the value of humanity.

  • Major Characters: Mr Gelman, Ikeran, Rameraz, Dr Brenner, Marty’s staff and upcoming children.
  • Major Factions: The House of Roses, The Unified Church, The Core Military.
  • Major Plot Elements: The (Perpetual) Drow Godswar, The Dragon School.
  • Major Realms: Core, Kadia, the Dragonworlds, The Linear Realms, Battling Business World, and Faerun.