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   Updated April 28

   It is once again time for a new Latest Material index, and for updating the main index tabs. As usual, you should be able to find most of the stuff that hasn’t made it into the main index tabs here. For the very latest material, you may have to just scroll down the page. The previous Latest Material index can be found HERE.

General Material:

d20 Material:

Continuum II

  • The Rogue. Skill-based characters in Continuum II.

Marvel Super-Heroes:

   (FASERIP System)

  • Shadowguard– a low-powered superhero group including their equipment, Voltaire, Le Fey, Whisper, Cheshire, Shillelagh, Flux, and The Toad – a bonus opponemt. Here we also have Voltaire broken out by himself.


Legend of the Five Rings:

Star Wars:


  • Astral Experiments: Player experiments and their results – cyberware, transplants, power armor, flying saucers, magical circles and resonance.

Godlike / Wild Talents (ORE):

  • Father Joseph, a priest who shelters refugees and resistance fighters, along with an optional rule for Concentration.
  • Asteraoth, a youngster who can project his mind across the world.
  • Fornemjarnulf and Gullsmed, a pair of scandanavian resistance fighters – a psychic cyborg and a mystical artificier.
  • Les Tenebres, either a crazed french college professor or an immortal medeival sorcerer, along with a rule for General Talent Experience.
  • The Celestial Voyager,  a living space-probe and gravatic manipulator.
  • Earthworks, a TOG Commando who specializes in staying under cover.
  • Dybbuk, a death-camp and massacre survivor who believes that he is dead – and calls up the dead to take their vengeance.
  • Nonoma, a young amerindian warrior and spirit of thunder.
  • Adamantine, a very laid-back – and almost indestructible – infantryman.
  • Carnage, a petty thief turned soldier with a most destructive ability.
  • Nahualli, a mexican jaguar-warrior and priest of the ancient aztec gods.
  • Peter “Pops” Rundell, a specialist in transport from the home front.
  • De Ville Tailleur, a resistance fighter who proves that clothes really do make the man – or the regiment.
  • Nishanth, a blind Vedic Warrior from India who creates his own darkness.
  • Choir, a youngster with a very valuable musical talent.

Godlike: Nishanth

Nishanth (Warrior of Darkness)

/ Kellan Kaditula

   Children were routinely abandoned to the priests. Most were damaged somehow – deaf and dumb, with a twisted or malformed limb, or – like this child – blind. They would never be more than a burden to their families, but – in the temples – there were many jobs that placed few demands on the afflicted.

   Save for his blindness, Kellan grew to be healthy, strong, and dutiful. He memorized the Vedas, chanted in the temple, and meditated upon the gods. He executed the Mudras and chanted the Sutras. He sought to encompass the universe that was denied to his eyes in his mind.

   And the universe opened. It was stunning. It was an unending marvel. It showed him more than his mind could comprehend. It flowed and burned within him, and it made his merely mortal body a suitable vessel for that power.

   The ancient ways were threatened. A leader was needed – and one who was blind to the world might fill that need well. Kellan – now Nishanth, the Warrior Who Walks In Shadows – gathered the darkness around himself, rose, and went to the senior priests.

   They would have weapons and armor for him.

   Nishanth is as blind as ever – but his supernormal awareness of the universe more than makes up for it. Within a full mile’s radius, his awareness is near-absolute. He always knows what to do – which allows him to do virtually anything with an incredible effective skill. He may not be able to roll more than ten dice, but he – for example – will usually have an 18 die pool with staves and spears. That’s enough to ignore a lot of penalties.

   Secondarily, the forces which now blaze within him cause his body to regenerate itself, enhance his attributes, maintain his life in virtually any environment, and – apparently – allow him to absorb light within a modest radius. Unfortunately, sufficient injuries (enough to “kill” his “Alternate Form”) will force most of his powers back into latency for a time – anything from a few minutes (if he has plenty of will available) to a full month (if he’s pretty much out).

   Since Nishanth is obviously 4-F – the blind (and people who believe that they’re the avatars of gods) are by definition unsuitable for service – he has the General Talent Experience package (+21 EP, 20 Will to spend on after-creation development, and +1 to any one attribute) as an alternative to the 60 EP provided by the TOG Commando Training package. (This isn’t worth as much as the TOG package – Will is easier to come by than EP and the total is only 51 in any case – but it’s considerably more flexible).

  • Attributes: Body 2 (3), Coordination 1 (2), Sense 1 (2), Brains 2 (3), Command 3 (4), Cool 3 (4).
    • After Experience: Body 3 (10), Coordination 2 (10), Sense 2 (6), Brains 2 (3), Command 3 (4), Cool 3 (4).
  • Skills (20):
    • Body: Staves and Spears 2
    • Coordination: Bow 1, Dodge 1, Stealth 1
    • Sense: Hearing 1, Smell 1
    • Brains: Education (Priestly Lore) 2, Languages (four groups at 1 each, 4), Tactics 2,
    • Command: Inspire 1, Leadership 1
    • Cool: Mental Stability (“Meditation”) 3

   Nishanth normally wears light chainmail (LAR 1) under his outer garments, carries a spear or walking staff, and has a bow and a quiver full of arrows slung over his shoulder. He usually carries a pouch with a roll of bandages, some Vedic scrolls, and a few other bits and pieces – mostly for the convenience of any companions he may have at the moment. He usually relies on his darkness (to penalize opponents pools), near-absolute awareness of his environment, and Hyper-Coordination (reducing the width of all perceived attacks by 2) for protection – but has been known to don a suit of thick steel plates (Heavy Armor 2, about 180 pounds of metal) when serious combat is in the offing.

  • Talent Basics:
    • Quirks: Blind (4), Believes himself a Divine Avatar (1)
    • Will Base: 3 Command + 4 Cool + 2 (remainder of 25 base) + 5 (Quirks) = 14
  • Talent Powers (23 Will):
    • Regeneration (1D, 1) (Base 3/6/12): Automatically removes (Body) boxes of damage (shock first) per hour without rolling or Will expenditure (+2/4/8), Includes Rejuvenation (+1/2/4), Interfere (any other talent can block his recovery for an hour by spending a will point, -2/4/8), Requires peaceful mediation (cannot be used in combat, -2/4/8), Nervous Habit (chanting Sutras, -1/2/4) = (1/2/4).
    • Hyper-Skill: Meditative Attunement (1D, 1) (5D after experience) Base (1/3/7): Allows him to use a period of meditation to get his skill bonus dice working. Attached to Alternative Form (-0/1/3 due to minimums). This is a “power stunt” skill for his Affinity power, giving him a bonus to the roll to get it working provided that he can spend a few minutes meditating and composing himself for the attempt.
    • Alternate Form / (2HD, 4) (Base 5/10/20): Endless (+1/2/4),
      • Hyper-Body (1D, 1) (7D after Experience) (Base 2/5/10): Attached to Alternate Form (-1/2/4).
      • Hyper-Coordination (1D, 1) (8D after Experience) (Base 2/5/10): Attached to Alternate Form (-1/2/4).
      • Hyper-Sense (1D, 1) (4D after Experience) (Base 2/5/10): Attached to Alternate Form (-1/2/4).
      • Hyper-Brains (1D, 1) (Base 2/5/10): Attached to Alternate Form (-1/2/4).
      • Hyper-Command (1D, 1) (Base 2/5/10): Attached to Alternate Form (-1/2/4).
      • Hyper-Cool (1D, 1) (Base 2/5/10): Attached to Alternate Form (-1/2/4).
      • Affinity / “Cosmic Attunement” (1D, 10) (Base 5/10/20): Universal (+5/10/20), Enhanced Affinity Sense (detects persons, objects, and attacks, +3/6/12), +5 additional Dice to all Actions (+6D total, +10/20/40), Backfires (-2/4/8), Direct Feed (-2/4/8), Nervous Habit (Meditation, -1/2/4), Can’t Interfere (-2/4/8), Mental Strain (-2/4/8), Loopy (-2/4/8), Attached to Alternate Form (-1/2/4) = (10/20/40).
      • Dampen Electromagnetism (1D, 1) (Base 3/7/14): Endless (+1/2/4), Attached to Alternative Form (-1/2/4), Light Only (-2/4/8) = (1/3/6). Basically, this creates shadows and darkness, and can extend out to a radius of (Dice Pool) yards. With his affinity bonus, that comes to 6D and up to 6 yards.

Godlike: De Ville Tailleur

De Ville Tailleur

   Henri-Marcel Eustace was small, and inoffensive, and not particularly physically inclined. He was a surprisingly effective resistance fighter as well – with a cool head, a steady hand with a pistol, and a fine hand as a tailor (a skill he turned to turning out disguises, creating hidden pockets, and altering captured uniforms). He only wished that his creations could offer his friends some physical protection when disguise failed. The Germans had tanks, and heavy weapons, and machine guns to supply to the troops – and all he had was clothing.

   Then, one day, it was no longer just “clothing” – and the Resistance began to make some fairly substantial gains against the Germans. Unfortunately, that brought additional attention…

  • Attributes: Body 1 (3), Coordination 4, Sense 2 (3), Brains 1, Command 1, Cool 3 (4).
  • After Experience: Body 2 (7), Coordination 5, Sense 3 (7), Brains 1, Command 1, Cool 3 (6).
  • Skills (20):
    • Body: Health 1, Run1
    • Coordination: Anti-Tank Rocket 2, Dodge 1, Grenade 1, Pistol 1, Stealth 2, Tailor 3
    • Sense: Sight 2, Hearing 1
    • Brains:
    • Command:
    • Cool: Lie 3, Mental Stability 2
      • After Experience: Pistol 2, Language Group (Germanic, includes German and English) 1.

   Henri-Marcel – now often going under the name Rene’ (“Reborn”) to avoid enemy identification – can fix your clothing. He can also turn it into armor, cause it to give you a bit of extra Body, and let it allow you to run and swim at superhuman speeds – and he can maintain those benefits for a small squad, as well as for himself.

   In his later version, after he’s earned the GTE experience package, those benefits are even more impressive and can be maintained for a hundred men.

   Secondarily, he has impressive self-control, excellent senses, and can heal minor wounds – and damage to clothing – with a glance.

  • Talent Basics:
    • Quirks: Obsessed with clothing (1), shrugs off rudeness and barbarity from non-french (1).
    • Will Base: 1 Command + 4 Cool + 1 (remainder from base 25) + 2 (Quirks) = 8.
    • After Experience: Will Base 10.
  • Talent Powers:
    • “The Master Tailor” / Healing (2HD, 4) (Base 3/6/12): Extends to Clothing (+1/2/4), allows minor “Alterations” – but only in clothing (+1/2/4), Go Last (-2/4/8), Interfere (-2/4/8) = (1/2/4).
    • “Clothes Maketh The Man” / Alternate Form (2HD, 4), (Base 5/10/20): Endless (+1/2/4), Allows Minor Variants (+1/2/4), Only changes clothing, not personal appearance (-3/6/12), Goes Last (-2/4/8),Nervous Habit (must quickly brush off and tweak clothing, -1/2/4) = (1/2/4). Note that, if “killed”, Henri-Marcel will simply revert to himself dressed normally – although his various other powers will shut down as well, abruptly rendering his friends vulnerable – and they will remain so until he sees them again. He avoids this at all costs.
      • Hyper-Sense (1D, 1) (After Experience 4D) (Base 2/5/10): Attached to Alternate Form (-1/2/4).
      • Hyper-Cool (1D, 1) (After Experience 3D) (Base 2/5/10): Attached to Alternate Form (-1/2/4).
      • Hyper-Body (1D, 1) (After Experience 2D) (Base 2/5/10): Attached to Alternate Form (-1/2/4).
      • Tough Fabric / “Plasticine Touch” (4HD, 8) (After Experience 8 HD) (Base 5/10/20): Endless (+1/2/4), Clothing of those wearing his special unit patch remains flexible enough for normal use as far as they are concerned only (+2/4/8), No Touch (+1/2/4), Multiple Targets (+2/4/8), Cannot Interfere (-2/4/8), Go Last (-2/4/8), Nervous Habit (mentally note defects of targeted clothing, -1/2/4), Only Harder (-2/4/8), Only Targets Clothing (-2/4/8), Attached to Alternate Form (-1/2/4) = (1/2/4). In effect, this power is pretty simple: he looks at someone and their clothing (hardness 2) becomes equivalent to armor (initially 3 LAR, later 10 HAR). If they’re carrying his embroidered signature they suffer no penalties – although they gain the armor benefit. If they’re not, they have to break out of their clothing before they can move. He can keep doing this until he’s affected as much fabric as he can at one time (his lift in pounds), at which time to affect any further targets he’ll have to drop some of the old ones. A uniform can generally be considered to weigh about 20 pounds. Note that this does not trigger will battles (in general, the clothes are NOT the Talent) and cannot be “dispelled” by expending a point of willpower: the effect is actively supported.
      • Super-Speed / Body Abilities (Run, Swim, etc) (1D, 2) (Base 4/8/16): Endless (+1/2/4), Extend to Others (+2/4/8), first die “shared” with any given target does not count against total dice available (+1/2/4), Ranged (+1/2/4), Only works on those wearing his embroidered signature and dressed in clothing he’s turned into armor (-3/6/12), Go Last (-2/4/8), Nervous Habit (mentally note how much better the clothing fits and how much better the user can move since he fiddled with it,-1/2/4), Attached to Alternate Form (-1/2/4) = (2/4/8). At the moment, anyone he’s given his special “Tailoring” to can run and swim at up to 75 MPH.
      • Hyper-Body (1D, 3) (After Experience 3D) (Base 2/4/8): Endless (+1/2/4), Extend to Others (+2/4/8), first four dice “shared” with any given target do not count against total dice available (+4/8/16), Ranged (+1/2/4), Only works on those wearing his embroidered signature and dressed in clothing he’s turned into armor (-3/6/12), Takes a minute to take effect (-2/4/8), Nervous Habit (mentally note how much better the clothing fits and how much better the user can move since he fiddled with it,-1/2/4), Attached to Alternate Form (-1/2/4) = (3/6/12). While it will be the last thing that takes effect, at the moment anyone he’s given his special “tailoring” to will – after a minute or so to get used to it – find themselves augmented with +1D of Hyper-Body.

   Basically, Henri-Marcel’s clothing bestows Heavy Armor 10 (although this is NOT self-restoring; it is depleted by penetrating weapons normally), +3 Body, and the ability to run and swim at 75 MPH, on up to 100 men. Ultimately, he could potentially increase those figures to +4 Body, the ability to run and swim at Mach 1, and a total of 600 men. Of course, at that point, no sane commander would let an asset that valuable anywhere near the front lines.

   Working with Henri-Marcel drastically increases most people’s chances of survival. While his clothes won’t stand up to penetration weapons for long, they’ll handle any amount of small-arms fire, and the body and speed boosts aren’t bad either. Of course, unlike most other talents, Henri-Marcel is probably at his best with a sizeable group of normal people along; he can’t make them into talents, but he can keep the talents from leaving them too far behind.

   For some possible variants, remember that anyone with an alternate-but-human form offers a convenient way to play a female character. You could easily make him a seamstress with an alternate form as a male, or a maker of uniforms back on the supply side of things – who must be located, and persuaded to use his or her abilities in a more organized fashion.