Thera: The Book of Thoth

   Thera was the setting for the the Chronicle of Ages game – in many ways a classic d20 game, in many other ways, quite exotic. Within the setting, the Book, Prophecy, and “Eye” (above) of Thoth were basic background elements that pretty much everyone in the world knew – and no one understood.
   Save, perhaps, for one rather confused young squirrel.

The Book Of Thoth

In The Beginning Was The Void

Without Space Or Time

Matter Or Energy


And Darkness Was Upon The Face Of The Void

And The Mytharkin

The Children-Fragments Of The Maker


The One Above All

Were Bored And Troublesome


And The Thoughts Of The Maker

The Primal Emanations








And Fire

Formed A Cradle Of Life And Death

That The Mytharkin Might Learn And Grow


The Void Resisted

No Match For The Maker

But Mirroring His Emanations

In Shadow And Void

Apophis And His Spawn

The Cycle Turns, As Turn It Must


The Fires of the World

Fueled The Forging

Of The First Age

Fire Upon The Earth And Hills

Birthing The Ogre Magi

Upon The Waters

Fathering Dragons

Burning Within The Air

Birthing the Maruk

Upon The Beasts

Spawning Kobolds

And Upon The Forests

The Hidden, Rooted, Ones

The Marent

To Contend In Battle


Valancior Beranth

The Firstborn Of The Dragon Race

Was Herald Of The First Age

A Lady Of Chaos

In Fire, Rage, And Death

Were They Birthed And Walked

The Reptile Kings

A Crown Of Blood And Ivory

Tooth And Claw

The Cycle Turns, As Turn It Must


Slower Birthing, Races Of Earth

Rose From Thera’s Bones

Enduring Within The Depths

Whispering Wind

About Leaf And Branch

Swirls Into Elfin Life

To Walk The Forests

In Twilight Dreaming

Touched By Sun And Tide

Without Benefit Of Earthfire

Rose The Water Races

To Spread And Grow

Across The Ages


The Herald Elgrim

Elfin Master Of The Beastrune

Was Created A Lord Of Order

A Hurtling Fist Of Iron Law

Upon A Cold And Mathemetic Path

Shattered Dominion, To Open Other Ways

The Crown Of The Reptile Kings

Was Lost To Them

And Their Age With It

The Cycle Turns, As Turn It Must


The Second Age

An Age Of Order In A Green Twilight

A Gentle Dreaming

As Coursing Earthfire

Fueled Megalithic Magic

And Eons Passed

As Unremarked As Drifting Leaves


But Other Paths Were Walked

The Elfin Way Of Leaf And Bow And Sourcery

The Dwarven Way Of Craft And Fire, and Metal

The Human Way Of Gods And Trade And War

The Wonders Of Change

The Corruption Of An Ancient Way

Acceptance And Rejection

Divided Each Race Among Themselves

Sindarik, Human Herald Of The Third Age

Heard The Siren Call Of Chaos

Led A Mighty Surge Of Art

Over Thrice A Hundred Years

The Cities Rose


And Fell

As Those Who Resisted Change

Allied With The Practicioners Of The Will

In A Rite Which Shattered The World

The Cycle Turns, As Turn It Must


The Third Age

An Age Of War And Chaos

As New Races

And Twisted Beasts

Spawned Of Wild Power

Sought Their Places

With None To Mark The Passing

Of Twice Ten Thousand Years

While Glaciers Walked

But Men And Others

Mastered Runes And Paths

Cities Rose

Havens Within The Wilds

Runelords Rose

Calling Together

The High Councils Of The Gods

The Cycle Turns, As Turn It Must


Khal Draysen, Dwarven Lord And Lawgiver

Heard The Call Of Order

Became The Herald Of The Fourth Age

An Age Of Order and Empires

Laid Out The Law

And Paths Of Governance

From East And West

The Legions Marched

Bringing All Within The Domains

Regardless Of Race


An Age Of Steel And Iron

Banishing The Last Of The Willworkers

Keepers Of An Ancient Tradition

Enthroned The Divine Councils

The Mage Of Light, Last Of The Seven

Binds The Forces Of Chaos

Across A Long Age

The Hand Of Law

Enshrines A Divine Mandate

The Cycle Turns, As Turn It Must


The Prophecy Of Thoth :

A Darkness Upon The Heavens

And A Crimson Moon

Brings The Herald Of Chaos

Harbringer Of The Fifth Age

A Rebellion Against Craft

An Awakening Of The Beasts

To Join The Chorus Of Mind


The First Great Cycle

An Age Of Fire

-Of Blood And Rage

An Age Of Earth

Of Growth And Green

An Age Of Water

Of Storm And Current

An Age Of Air

Of Word And Dominion

Is At It’s End


The Sleepers Arise

And The Rules Are Changing!

The Cycle Turns

As Turn It Must.


   Thera’s cosmology is summarized in the Eye Of Thoth, shown above. The seasons, powers, and races, each have their place within the cycle – and their relationship to the primal powers of Thera – as illustrated by their positions. The entities known as “Angels”, “Elementals”, “Nature Spirits” and “Demons” are fundamentally similar – minor aspects of the Primal Powers, divided more by their personality and functions then by their basic nature. They’re a part of the physical world.

   Dhaos is the ultimate power – but does not intervene. Apophis and it’s spawn come close to matching the power of the primals however. It’s spawn are the true “evil outsiders” just as the Celestial Host are spirits of light.

   The Mind includes the Intellect, Knowledge and Creativity, the Spirit emotions – that lead to growth or destruction – the Body anchors a soul in space and allows it to Work it’s will upon the world, while the Soul is linked with Light, Darkness, and Eternity. It can not be fully bound within the cycles of the world.

   There are four methods of manipulating the world – Magic, Science, Socially (The ability of intelligent beings to form complex groups) and through Will. The availability and usage of each method can vary from place to place, and through the ages; the lesser cycles governing such things change a lot.

   “Will” draws upon the spirit to manipulate chaos and destruction. Focusing on dependable disciplines is far safer, but can be blocked. Pure will over chaos is terribly erratic.

   “Magic” wields the mind to manipulate time and transformation. Most use runes and specific spells to control it’s wild powers – although such diluted powers can be blocked.

   “Science” employs the understanding of the eternal structures of the world to manipulate it’s order. While it requires tools – and is next to useless without them – it requires no personal talent.

   “Social” functions employ physical methods to accomplish tasks beyond any single entity. Oddly enough, if the local rules do not allow complex social organizations, they simply are not possible; people will simply be unable to comprehend them.