Federation-Apocalypse Session 30

   Since the session was primarily combat-oriented, this is a fairly short log… 

   “Capture the Flag” seemed a silly way to run a bandit raid – but given the local tendency to use swarms of disposable minions, the group supposed that it made some sense. Still, they, personally, were planning on some decent food, beautiful women, and a massacre. They’d even all pretty well agreed on the outline of a plan – Jarvian and the Mirage at the center, weak opposition at the gates to funnel the bandits to them, and everyone else to hit the bandits from behind to block their escape and get the leaders. The Minotaurs were very happy to be put to work building barricades instead of being thrown at the enemy as suicide bombers, Jarvian was disguising the Mirage as a statue of Aku, Smoke was organizing the townsfolk, Marty was setting up an ambush, and Kevin was setting up at the gates. The town guard went along: their Captain had been killed the last time around, and he’d been their planner. The noncombatants were usually left alone anyway.

   The attack was a mad rush on the north side of town; mostly minotaurs and other assorted monsters with a battering ram. Kevin’s defenders went for stunning, tripping, and low-powered attack spells rather than killing – while Kevin quietly collected the ones who went down. After they (easily) got the gates open the attackers split up and headed for the town center down the two main roads – so Kevin and his harassment group followed the batch with only one leader and continued with the capture-tactics.

   Meanwhile, Marty and Jarvain sprang their ambush while Smoke coordinated the defense. Most of the mob was no match for heavy autofire – so Marty jumped in (very literally) and flattened the leader while Jarvian provided covering fire. Marty landed a couple of quick hits and then headed off into the alleys to kill mooks (a project which went quite well) while Kevin captured the bandits who were falling back – including one of the minor leaders. Unfortunately, someone powerful, fast, and capable of blocking massive attacks with his sword showed up to fight Jarvian and the Mirage. He was inflicting quite a lot of damage too… Jaiden made things awkward for him with some illusions, while the cadets held him up with telekinesis – but that sort of thing was a limited resource. Perhaps mass microfusion missile fire?

   Mass missile fire worked out fairly well. At least it seemed to stun him and drop him into the hole it had made – whereupon Jarvian went to work on massed weapons-fire to keep him there. Unfortunately, by that time Jarvian had lost his temper entirely (he really didn’t like guys with swords being a reasonable match for the Mirage) – and was in no mood to analyze things when a big demon showed up.

   Halfway across town, Smoke, the Minotaurs, the Militia, and a couple of the Thralls were handling the other thrust. After the initial harassment and the first few blocks the bandits were down to a little over thirty guys – mostly minor monsters. Smoke leapt into their midst shouting a battle cry; after all, he could probably scare off any he couldn’t defeat. It would be easy enough to inflict a spread a few massive blows amongst them. Sadly, he wound up taking a few good shots too (while he was skipping from head to head and teasing the opposition) – although, fortunately, nothing like the ones he was handing out. He wasn’t even having to rely too heavily on Bard’s healing talents – which was good, because they weren’t exactly limitless.

   Still, it was time to try and lure them into the back alleys and all the traps the minotaurs and townsfolk had set up. Fortunately, they were so annoyed about Smoke standing on them and skipping from head to head that they followed him eagerly – which was pretty much a disaster for them.

   Back at the center of town, Jarvian was unloading everything he had short of nukes on the demon-thing – without any observable effect. It just kept laughing – but not actually doing anything. Jarvian took it out of town so he could use his nukes – even if it WOULD be at short range.

   Marty was watching the show – and Kevin frantically got to work on tapping into the Elven High Magic of the Forgotten Realms to erect a city-wide negative energy shield as Jaiden passed him a warning. Even if the “Demon” was an illusion, the backblast from a triple nuclear strike wasn’t going to be good.

   It wasn’t.

   The shield took up the radiation-blast, but the shockwave blew it apart. There simply hadn’t been time enough for a really good shield on that scale.

   Unfortunately for Jarvian, the “Demon” had been an illusion – and he and Jaiden had just absorbed a major radiation blast. They’d need treatment fast. Back at the city, Kevin was finishing up the capture of the guy in the hole – via simply threatening to pin him down in it and fill it with water, which should work no matter HOW tough he was. Fortunately enough, the fellow agreed… That also left them free to tend to Jarvian and Jaiden. Fortunately, the Mirage brought them in before going into systems-checking and -purging mode.

   Fortunately, a healing ritual could handle the situation easily for Jaiden and Jarvain. The Mirage was going to need some serious repairs though; it had been forced to purge its entire nanite stock. Jarvian first; Kevin couldn’t resurrect him readily.

   It also looked like most of the real bandit leaders were still at the castle. They’d have to deal with them next. Still, after that display – probably enough to convince any hostiles within 50 miles that they DIDN’T want to come to town – Kevin bet that they could bluff their way into the bandit’s castle on the strength of the bandits wanting the group too close to use that sort of thing.

   And Jarvian had won the “most kills” award. Kevin tried to imply that Jarvian blew up like that whenever he didn’t get enough women, food, and booze, but he was just too honest to take advantage of it.