Exalted – Thaumaturgical Artifice II

Here for the day we have some additional artifacts – in this case a couple that are coming over from AD&D to visit some friends of theirs for awhile. 

Staff of the Magi

Perhaps the penultimate tool that a Thaumaturgist can create, a Staff Of The Magi not only produces powerful thaumaturgic effects, but allows the user to make his own (Int + Occ) checks to augment many of them even further. The staff costs a mere one mote to attune, but it’s active Class-A functions cost one mote per use and it’s Class-B functions cost two motes. Lacking weapon enhancements beyond being unbreakable (and of mundane fine quality), it’s a valid target for effects designed to enhance non-artifact weapons.

  • As a mundane weapon: Speed 6, Accuracy +3, Damage +7B, Defense +3, Rate32, Minimum Str 2, Tages 2, R.

Four Class-0 Powers:

  • Detect Magic: Detect/Mystical Forces (D3), Duration/Months (+5), Augmentable (for analysis, +2 = 10 Successes Art.(Class-0)
  • Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Ice Storm, Etc: Attack/Area Effect Energy, Int/2L base +5 Successes (D5), Fast (+2),Room-Sized Area (+1), Augmentable (+2) = 10 Successes Art. (Class-0). Basically, you attack a modest area with some form of energy.
  • Light: Illusion/Mobile Light (D1), Fast (+2), Duration/Hours (+2) = 5 Successes Art. (Class-0).
  • Occult Mastery: Fortune/+3 Thaumaturgic Dice on Occult Skill Checks (D5), Duration of Months (+5) = 10 Successes Art. While this generally won’t stack with common Charms, mortals don’t usually have those anyway.

Six Class-B Powers:

  • Conjure Elemental: Link (D1) and Compel (+10 for Ess 2), Fast (+2), Augmentable (+2) = 15 Successes Art. (Class-A). While you can only demand a rather limited and simple service or two, that can still be pretty handy. Most thaumaturgists can’t insist on even minor services of course, but most haumaturgists can’t handle difficulty eleven effects.
  • Dispel Magic: Countermagic, Fast (D2), Room-Sized Area (+2), +4 successes (+4), Augmentable (+2) = 10 Successes Art. (Class-A). That’s pretty good against Thaumaturgy, but only offers a minor chance against actual sorcery and other magics.
  • Invisibility: Illusion/Visual (D1), Fast (+2), Detailed, Mobile, and Convincing (+3), Duration in Hours (+2), Augmentable (extra successes make it harder to see through, +2) = 10 Successes Art. (Class-0). Note that this can be used to turn other things invisible at range – a wonderful opportunity for pranks.
  • Planar Travel: Detect/Mystical Forces (Locate Gates, D3), City-Sized Area (+5), Reveals Destination of said Gates (+2) = 10 Successes Art. (Class-0).
  • Pyrotechnics: Alchemy/Transmute Fire to smoke and light (D1), Fast (+5), No Equipment (+2), House-sized area (the smoke may spread much wider, +2) = 10 Successes Science. (Class-A)
  • Perfect Occult Tool (Class-A): Provides +2d on all Spellcasting checks.

Four Class-B Powers:

  • Knock, Telekinesis, Whirlwind: Telekinesis/Telekinetic Blast Successes as Ranged Strength (D2) Fast (+2), with +6 Str (+6) and the ability to affect many small objects (+3), Augmentable (+2) = 15 Successes Science. (Class-B)
  • Passwall: Travel/Pass Through Matter (D8), Fast (+2), Room-Sized Area (+1), Duration/Hours (+2) = 13 Successes Art. (Class-B).
  • Web, Hold Portal, Wall of Fire, Net: Alchemy/Transmute (Air to terribly sticky, fairly rigid, and strong (if very flammable) strands, optionally already on fire, Fast (D5), No Equipment (+2), (Sta+End) x 100 LBS (+6), Optionally Flaming/Sticky (+2) = 15 Successes science. (Class-B)
  • Indestructible, whether or not attuned (Class-B).

Artifact Design: Power 5, Usefulness 4, Plot Impact 3, Script Immunity 1, and Troublesome -1 (requires at least Occult and Int 4 to use and is slightly power-hungry – as noted in the costs to use it’s powers) = 12/4 = Artifact *** for your Staff of the Magi. An Artifact-**** version may exist, but creating a Staff of the Archmage – with half again as many powers – is probably no job for a thaumaturgist. The Staff of the Magi is close to legendary as it is. Still, while it’s a powerful tool of Thaumaturgy, and very versatile, a Staff Of The Magi is still – when you come right down to it – only Thaumaturgy. There are any number of ways for supernatural beings to deal with that.

Traveler’s Pouch:

This simple belt pouch is a wonderful aid to any traveler – at least as long as his or her credit is good.

  • Transcendent Sleight Of Hand: The user may reach into the pouch and pull out any ordinary object that could normally exist in creation provided that it 1) could normally be found for sale in a city, 2) counts as an “out of pocket” expense (with a cost below the user’s effective resources), 3) has no inherent magical powers, and 4) is non-sapient. You can get mules, but not people. (As a limited version of an Essence-1 Tier-1 Charm, this is a simple Class-A ability costing 1 Mote).
  • Blowing The Sands Of Time: The user may reach into the pouch and pull out some magical dust that can be blown or scattered over an area to accomplish (Int + Occ) x 10 minutes worth of unopposed work. You can thus set up a camp, dig out a buried door, draw a magic circle, and so on. (As an emulation of Essence-1 Tier-1 Charm, this is a simple Class-A ability costing 1 Mote).
  • Ever-Prepared: Travel/Light bag that holds an unreasonable amount of stuff (D3), Lasts for Months (+5), What you want is always right on top when you reach in (+2) = 10 Successes Art Effect (Class-0). This will cost one mote every (Essence) months to renew – which can safely be ignored.
  • Weather Warding: The user’s clothing is always clean, as dry as it should be, and acts as if it was appropriate to the weather – even if you’re wearing a loincloth in a blizzard or a parka in the desert. The user gains +3d on making relevant checks to resist the elements or survive. Warding (D5), Lasts for Months (+4), Extends to anyone the user carries (+1) = 10 Successes Art Effect (Class-0). This will cost one mote every (Essence) months to renew – which can safely be ignored.
  • Self-Powered Class-A.

Artifact Design: Power 3 (2 x Class-0, 3 x Class-A), Usefulness 3, Plot Impact 1 (How often does logistics come up in Exalted?), and Script Immunity 1 = 8/4 = Artifact **. A Traveler’s Pouch is a remarkably useful and convenient item, but it really doesn’t accomplish anything that you couldn’t manage with a shopping trip. It’s handy, but hardly overwhelming.