Cyberpunk Street Occupations and Backgrounds

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As a general rule, most street characters will have the “Streetwise” general skill, and many will also have area lore, begging, or something similar.

For their occupations, and their more important skills, roll 1d40:



Special Notes and Requirements
01) Acolyte Enough patience to hang around and be
respectful with a straight face.
02) Artist/Crafter Relevant general skill, such as “painting”.
03) Hobo / Bum Being willing to put up with anything.
04) Day Laborer Often idiots or thugs. Servants and such will
need a general skill such as “Butler”.
05) Dependent “Property” as far as the streets are concerned.
If you don’t like it, all you have to do is get
out on your own.
06) Driver A driver’s licence.
07) Entertainer Needs a relevant general skills or skills.
08) Guide Needs city knowledge and – preferably – an
extra language or two. Salespeople are a
minor variant.
09) Lab Rat “Volunteers” are always handy.
10) Plaything Mostly for runaways. This is awfully easy at
first, but rapidly becomes less pleasant.
11) Social Worker From babysitters and volunteers on up.
Higher-ups may have contacts, law, legal
protection, psychology, and linguistics.
12) Street Vendor Those who restrict themselves to legal items
are usually barely getting by.




Major Skill Minor Skill
13) Begger Con Artist Begging
-“Gypsy” Syndicate Backing Fortune Telling
14) Enforcer +3 Martial Art Intimidation
-Hitman Sniper Ambush
15) Gang Boss Information Gathering Gang Leadership
-Yakuza Syndicate Backing Intimidation
16) Go-Ganger Acrobatics Piloting
-Courier Evasion Smuggling
17) Hacker Computer Operation Forgery
-Executive Syndicate Backing Extortion
18) Lookout Stealth Tailing
19) Messenger Dodging Recognizer
20) Petty Thief Slight-Of-Hand Evasion (1)
21) Poseur Thespian Disguise
-Celebrity Professional Skills Reputation
22) Prostitute Information Gathering Seduction
-Geisha Professional Skills High Society
23) Rebel Saboteur Field (City) Lore
24) Shoplifter Stealth Casing
-Burglar Locksmith Search
25) Street Dealer Fencing Contacts
-Fixer Information Gathering Connections
26) Tinkerer Technician Scrounging
27) Warewolf Cyberware +2 Martial Art
28) Wiz Kid Minor Magic (Psionics) Sensitive
-Mage Add any one magical skill Mystic Tongue


Highly Skilled 


Major Skills Minor Skills
29) Bodyguard Alertness and Missile
Ambush and
Cyberware (2)
30) Bookie Syndicate Backing and
Con Artist
Gaming and
31) Cyberdecker Computer Operation and
Cyberware (2)
and Contacts
32) Nomad Caravan Master and
Guild Member
Personal Vehicle
and Piloting
33) “Preacher” Guild (Church) Member
and Select
Oratory and
Religious Ritual
34) Quality Goon Combat Armor and MOS
(3) Training
Brawling and
35) Reporter Surveillance and Select Photography and
36) Rich “Kid” Cyberware and Legal
Contacts and
37) Rigger Cyberware & Electronic
Warfare Sensor Operator
Combo for remotes only.
Vehicle(s) and
38) Street Cop Legal Protection and
Brawling and
39) Street Doc First Aid and
Advanced First
Aid and
40) Street Shaman Minor Magic/Pacts and
Special Devices
Contacts and
  1. Evasion is normally a major skill, but Petty Thieves get a small break for their lifestyle. They could certainly use one.
  2. As a minor skill, Cyberware is limited to appropriate items.
  3. Military Occupational Specialty.

Continuum II divided most character abilities into General Skills (common, ordinary, talents that everyone got some of), Minor Skills (specialized talents covering either some special ability or a narrow field of training), and Major Skills (the items that tended to define a character – major special talents or broad fields of expertise).

The Street Runner vocation includes;

  • Militance II: 4D8 Vitality, +3 Attack Rating and Resistance Rating, and Semicombatant vitality bonus.
  • Expertise II: Two major and two minor skills, usually determined on the occupations chart above. Unskilled Occupations simply provide background. If you get a Skilled Occupation just roll up a second one and take the skills for both, ignoring “Highly Skilled” rolls. If you roll a skilled occupation twice, upgrade to the advanced (unnumbered) version if there is one, otherwise roll again. If you get a Highly Skilled Occupation first, you’re done.
  • Martial Arts I: Normally basic skills with Pistols and blades.
    • Street Survival Martial Art; Exclusive Weapon Katas (Blade and Pistol 3), +1 Attack (2), +3 Attack Rating(2), +2 Defense Rating (1), Fast (-1 on initiative, 1), No formal training (-1).
  • Either Mastery II – or Mastery I and a Vocational Speciality covering basic gear, credentials or a reputation, some minor auxiliary skills/etiquettes – and the fine art of getting along without an official identity.

Street Runner is not the most efficient vocation around – but it does have the advantage of being something that you can simply pick up as you go along.