Recordings from the Holocron of Kira Keldav – Session 43

2-1B medical droid

Image by drinkerthinker via Flickr

   With a general consensus that they’d need to rescue Jacob – if only because he knew too much about their plans to let the Sith catch and interrogate him – the group settled down to discussing how. Apparently he’d gone to ground by disassembling himself (?!) and was now bait for a trap. Worse, there seemed to be some sort of time limit…

   Time was now at a premium, whatever it was that was going to prevent our rescue Jacob, it was approaching quickly. Telera was handling liaison with the cities security and service forces. Ben and Lazlo went off to do what they could in terms of distractions (with Khadim and 10CH to stand guard) while I met Alys underneath the streets in one of the storm sewers. Luckily the storm sewer was wide enough for the bike to navigate in at low speed, although I could tell this was going to be a nightmare at highspeeds. Ben sent a copy of the sewer maps to me and I poured over them while I waited for Alys to show up. The basic pattern was a typical spider web design plan. That would have been nice except once I zoomed in I saw the myriad interconnects and side tunnels that criss-crossed the entire pattern.

   There was no way I was going to be able to commit this to memory. Well nothing for it but to shove the maps into the bike’s memory and wait for Alys. She showed up a few minutes later wisely carrying a sack to stuff Jacob into. After some silent signaling to ensure Alys was ready, I assessed the ceiling above me. Typical concrete construction with a probable reinforced inlay to give additional strength. According to probability assessment, a slow cut through the ceiling wouldn’t finish before the Sith were upon us so no moving quietly on this one. A fast and dirty opening it is then.

   Meanwhile, someone who called themselves “Ichara” was getting into touch with Jacob via force-telepathy. Evidently a Sith who wanted to know how he’d gotten into the armor and how he was managing to sustain himself in the armor. Perhaps fortunately, he didn’t know, although the investigator did conclude that – even with his Atavist talent to support him – his situation was unstable and degrading, and having his various parts separated was placing terrific strains on him and vastly accelerating the breakdown; he wouldn’t be able to last much longer without a living body.

   Jacob concluded that he’d have to fix that somehow – and that Ichara, at least, seemed to be interested in HIM, and relatively uninterested in Ben’s technology. That was strange. Weren’t all the Sith supposed to be after Kira and Ben?

   Upstairs, Ben sent in the Droids – including one wearing a mockup of Jacob’s armor – to cause a diversion (sure, they weren’t war droids, and would just mill around a bit once the Sith caught up with them – but they only needed a few moments) and started disrupting services in the area and sending a few droid-operated delivery vehicles into the middle of things.

   With any luck, there’d be enough random nonsense in the way of the Sith forces to give Kira and Alys a few clear seconds to work in.

   Whereupon Khadim and 10CH promptly moved Ben to another location; if their opponents were – as they suspected – Artificers, they could probably trace their communications links or pull information out of the Droids, or something.

   Meanwhile, back with Kira and Alys…

   Taking care to remain clear of the debris path, I dropped the Codex, grabbed the Force, located the proper place to cut, and sliced a large, fast hole through the ceiling. Rubble, dust, armor pieces, electrical arcs, water and more fell down as the hole opened to the sky above. Alys began shoving pieces of armor into the bag before announcing that Jacob’s head was missing. Looking up the hole to the sky above, I saw the helmet hanging there above me. I could just see what they were trying, they wanted me to climb out and chase after it while they played a game of keep away with force telekinesis.

   Firing off one of the variable stars at the helmet, it impacted with a satisfying thud and locked on. Alys and I then pulled together on the cable as the helmet and something else then came crashing down on us both.

   Not force-telekinesis then. Something physical but invisible? How was that possible? Did cloaking fields actually exist?

   The variable star cable retracted automatically, leaving me in a short tug-of-war with someone uns…. wait; the air just… rippled? Using an active camouflage system then? An incredibly good one then. Even Valerie’s system was nowhere NEAR that good.

   Grasping the helmet as tightly as I could, I guessed the location of the opponent and fired a telekinetic blast into them. That impacted something as it then hit the water and formed a human shape in the water.

   Jacob, in fact, was quite upset that his head had not followed the rest of his body – and fired his own telekinetic blast. Between his effort and Kira’s, they managed to overpower whoever it was.

   Not stopping for a moment, I tossed the helmet to Alys and we both got on the bike. As the engines roared to life, I tapped into the Force and the Codex simultaneously to assess best way out of this mess. The Force indicated I needed to go further underground with as much rock and water between me and the surface as possible. Unfortunately, the Codex indicated the best immediate odds of evading capture was to jump out of the hole I’d just created and run through the Sith lines before they closed.

   Damn it, not even thirty seconds into this and my plan is backfiring as the two techniques give contradictory answers. Wait a minute, if they had put a tracer on Jacob, that might explain the discrepancy. The Force would be foreseeing the eventual trace, but the Codex is merely looking at immediate pursuit. At least I hope it was that way, but that did give me a basic plan of approach. Revving up the engine, I jumped the bike out of the hole and took off down the street accelerating the entire way. I could see Sith moving in an attempt to intercept us, but could see they weren’t going to make it in time to cut me off as we went past.

   Ben’s diversion was good for something after all! They were in everyone’s way!

   Turning a corner at high speed to break line of sight in case they had any sharpshooters, I could hear sirens fire up around us as the call went out over the security frequencies. Turning onto a major thoroughfare brought a security patrol car immediately behind me. Not even bothering to look back at him or her, I continued pressing on the accelerator and started weaving through traffic in an effort to lose him. That bought me some distance from that patrol car as it couldn’t keep up with something as nimble as the bike.

   Alys swore as she peered into the bag – and saw dozens of tiny spider-droids swarming out of Jacob’s armor. Surveillance-tracer droids. Just like on Coruscant. With any luck, they wouldn’t have assassination systems too.

   And she couldn’t just jettison the bag. Fortunately, it was heavy duty; she knotted it – and with any luck it would contain them for a few seconds.

   Jacob was reaching out with the force to find out what was creeping around on him – and found that he was covered with tiny droids that were… infused with force-energies? Ick! That had to be someone pouring power into them, but it made it really hard to do anything about them! And there were extra presences around too! That was NOT ACCEPTABLE!

   And he bet they were communicating too! He tried reaching out to scramble that – but had no way of telling how well that was working. They wouldn’t shut down either, they just kept on rebooting! He’d have to try something else.

   Glancing at the speedometer briefly, I saw a small mechanical spider staring back at me from the handle bars with a single glowing red eye. Right, I think the tracer idea gained a lot of traction. Ignoring it, I saw the speedometer cross the 650 kph mark. Odd, I didn’t think this thing could do better than 450 kph. It definitely seemed like the bike was performing far better than I had ever seen it do before. Precognition snapped my attention back to the road as I saw traffic begin to thin noticeably. Quickly I saw why: the road ahead was a major construction zone with detours onto the side roads now glutted with traffic. I slowed up as I considered the options.

   I could attempt to go through the construction zone, although precognition wasn’t happy with that idea. Attempting to turn around and hitting one of the side roads before pursuit caught up was going to be a serious race against security. Attempting to scale one of the buildings, while dramatic, was probably unfeasible with passengers. The Codex gave very good odds for that window over there though. The Force indicated that it should work as well. Alright, well the two agree on something there. Preparing to use a parked trailer as a ramp, I felt Alys tense up as she saw what I was about to do.

   Alys was busy trying to contain the tracker-droids, make the pursuers keep their heads down with a bit of covering fire, and hang on to both Jacob and the bike. Abruptly realizing that Kira was heading for a wall was nearly enough to make her reconsider that last bit…

   Gunning the engine, the bike sailed forward, up the make-shift ramp, and into the window. The bike’s shields handled the impact with the glass as shards went everywhere. Accelerating through the apartment, I saw a housewife making dinner in some sort of crock pot. The crock pot got stuck on the front of the bike as she dropped it in shock. Accelerating as quickly as I dared, I raced through the apartment for what the Codex and Force told me was an exit: a window vista of a mountain range that couldn’t be real given the location of the apartment building. Just as we were about to go through the other window, out of the corner of my eye I saw a kid watching the news about the chase as he turned to see us go by him at high speed.

(Kid) Cool!

   The bike then impacted the window as the mountain scene then cracked and vanished in a million shards. Apparently that was a holo display window. Snapping my attention out of the smug satisfaction that I just broke a mountain range, I saw that the mountain range was replaced by another apartment building straight ahead of me and closing fast. Throwing my weight to the side in an attempt to angle the repulsor at the building, I barely managed to cushion the impact as the bike slid down the face of the building and hit the street below. I didn’t even stop to assess the damage as I hit the accelerator before the bike even hit the ground again.

   The security forces were having a difficult time keeping pace with that trick I just pulled. I began to assess methods of going deep underground nearby now that I had an opening. Odds looked good on a major service tunnel to my right and I veered off that direction at high speed. Moments later, after the tunnel came into sight, I heard the sound of fighter engines approaching fast.

   Oh hell, that was not good.

   Alys provided a fusillade of blaster fire – but the best she could do was throw them off a bit. Her rifle just didn’t have the power to take down fighters, and even her aim wasn’t so good while she was simultaneously hanging onto the bike and ejecting escaping spiders.

   She nearly ejected Kira while grabbing for the one on the handlebars; fortunately the bikes shield-generator – as low-powered as it was – was deflecting most of the wind.

   Unfortunately, about then Jacob gave up on trying to affect the tracer-droids directly; they were just too well shielded by whatever the artificers were doing to them.

   He filled his bag with force-lightning; that would finish off those dratted little droids!

   Unfortunately, in his unfocused state, he drew on far too much power – and the electrical arcs destroyed the droids, blew the bag into flaming chunks, and poured into Alys instead of staying confined to the surface of his armor. The force-feedback of injuring another with his powers ripped through his mind as Alys went unconscious.

   The fall from the bike would kill her!

   Jacob drew recklessly on all the power he could and telekinetically re-assembled his armor-body around Alys… His systems included an automatic medical system; it didn’t do him any good without his body, but it could help Alys – and being assembled again felt a LOT better.

   Not even bothering to look back, I slammed on the accelerator again and was vaguely aware of the speedometer moving upwards. Suddenly I could tell the rear of the bike had caught fire as the heat rose behind me and the bike briefly stalled. Daring a glance back, I saw Alys unconscious, flaming debris trailing us, and Jacob’s armor wrapping itself around Alys. I could also see a slight light distortion that was about the size of a human sitting on the back of the bike too. Looks like we had a stowaway aboard. The bike entered the tunnel with a noticeable “foom” as air displaced quickly.

   Precognition told me to brake hard as a hole opened up in the tunnel ahead. Looked like the fighter blasted the tunnel in hopes of either trapping or killing me. The rubble was blocking the main tunnel downwards now. Heading towards the residential levels was out of the question on general principles. That left one of the service tunnels leading to a major industrial zone on the left, heading back out the way we came, or through the hole in the ceiling. Security was surely catching up on us and would seal off the tunnel before I got out again. And as dramatic as leaping out the window and taking out a fighter with my lightsaber would be, the thought of Jacob enthusiastically endorsing that idea was more than enough motivation to head into the industrial zone.

   The bike was blaring warnings about radiation, toxic waste, and bad gases in the air, but precognition showed nothing immediately hazardous that a bit of medical treatment in the next week wouldn’t solve. Besides, evading the fighters and security forces was higher priority, and I’ve seen how suicidal those fighter pilots could be at times. All of the sudden my Force precognition went completely blank and the Codex probability analysis indicated the only chance of surviving the next few moments was to enter hypertime immediately. Not one to question such insights, I entered hypertime as the bike suddenly lunged forward. The bike continued accelerating wildly and I was vaguely aware of breaking the sound barrier as I busily tried to steer the bike faster than the obstacles were now coming.

   Fortunately, if our mysterious passenger was enhancing the bike like I suspected, then they were improving the durability and response as well since the bike was responding to my accelerating commands and wasn’t melting from me sitting on it. As I dodged around one machine far faster than I would have liked, my head collided with a steam pipe. Unexpectedly, this wasn’t nearly as bad as my gut reaction felt as the pipe proceeded to shatter and vent steam everywhere while leaving me with the impression of a soft tap.

   This was NOT the way that Alys liked to return to consciousness. Riding behind a flaming Kira, aboard a bike that was traveling faster than most atmospheric fighters through a confined space, wrapped in massive armor rather than a vest, and with alarms of all sorts going off!

   Jacob, meanwhile, had started pouring power into the bike – trying to neutralize whatever their stowaway was doing to it. Unfortunately, that had only… added to it! Whatever was going on, their passenger had just taken his power, channeled it into the bike – and into other things that he couldn’t make sense of – and they were picking up more and more speed!

   That was both a pain and very cool! He HAD to get a bike like this! And he was keeping Alys mostly all right! Yay learning helps people, must learn more as fast as I can!

   The cometary trail of fire they were blazing across the city was not conducive to stealth – and Ben’s frantic attempts to transmit directions and new maps to them simply could not keep up with the speed at which they were traveling. At least Ben didn’t have to worry much about being caught – not with Khadim standing by at the switch of a black globe generator.

   What followed were more hurried twists and dodges as the bike continued to accelerate and I had to rely on hyper reflexes alone to dodge all the obstacles. I didn’t dare look down to find the kill switch at these speeds, given that the hypertime was barely keeping me ahead of the crashes. Catching a glance of a relatively clear section of tunnel, I made for there. Only to find that the reason it was clear of obstacles was the presence of a massive waterfall as the industrial waters flowed back to recycling. Too late I realized I was committed to the trip over the falls.

   Oh hell.

   Angling the repulsor again to take the brunt of the impact, the bike impacted the pool several hundred feet below with the force of a tactical nuke. I was alright as hypertime allowed me to “filter” the effects that impacted me through the interface zone, but the others were not so lucky. Finally having a moment of respite, I hit the kill switch to the engine and let the bike come to a rest on the shore down river some ways. Amazingly the bike was unscathed despite all the abuse it had taken. Alys was now wearing Jacob, and neither one of them looked to be in great shape at the moment. Before I could get too distracted with either of them though, I had something to take care of first.

(Kira) Alright, I know you are there. Are you going to talk to us, or is this your idea of tailing us?

   Both Alys and Jacob looked at me like I had gone mad. Then a young woman about my sister’s age appeared as the active camouflage was dropped. Definitely a Sith, and judging from the handling of the bike during the chase, I would have said she was an Artificer. Both Alys and Jacob looked to be stunned to see her and I kept my face impassive as I could while I waited for a response.

(Ichara) Hi, my name is Ichara and I hear you have an real energy being with your group!

   No threats, no innuendos, no threatening gestures, just a bubbly personality and immediately declaring what she wanted to know about some arcane study. Yep, Ichara was definitely an Artificer. When asked why she wanted to meet an energy being, she began this long diatribe regarding the lifespan and functional limitations of organic creatures and her desire to find a way to transfer people’s force-ghosts into droid bodies when they got old so that they could be easily repaired and semi-immortal. It was silly to have bodies that wore out in a mere few centuries when the universe was good for billions of years!

   She then expressed frustrations with Jacob’s form being fundamentally unstable and unfeasable for anyone not an atavist. Apparently the atavism was feeding him enough power to keep him from degrading and departing from that armor of his, at least for awhile.

   Jacob was impressed. SHE was the one who’d boosted the bike? He HAD to learn that trick! Hey… could you use the force to encourage spirits to temporarily posses Droids? It was a neat idea, but it might well be an affront to the life force of the universe… Maybe another way? Perhaps by offering the choice just before death? Forcing or coercing spirits after death was not fair to them though, and the galaxy might not like that.

   Well I didn’t want to tell her this, since she was somewhat “friendly”, but I really doubted Khadim was going to be the answer she was looking for either. Still, she did help us escape from the other Sith. She didn’t seem offended that I was especially wary of Artificers since I was from Alderaan and all. Well, as long as she didn’t do anything untoward, I guess I was willing to let her meet Khadim. It was up to him if he approved of an examination or not though. With my consent given, she ran forward and hugged me tightly while professing appreciation repeatedly.

   Alys had her doubts… the woman was obsessed with turning creatures into machines like Ben was obsessed with superweapons – and seemed to be even less attentive to ideas like “consequences” and “ethical experimentation” than HE was! It was no wonder that people were terrified of Artificers!

   Jacob was busy reprogramming one of the droids to look for others. At least it could get into the insides of the bike.

   Meanwhile, Ben had (unfortunately) encountered yet another segment of the resistance – who, at least, were getting the proper idea; weapons, explosives, and a box of concussion missile warheads. Sadly, they didn’t yet have the hang of combat – and they were still chasing him and Khadim and 10CH instead of actually going after the Sith garrisons. Khadim took the box of warheads away from them while everyone was in stasis to keep them from blowing themselves up – and found a new trick; he could extend his personal stasis effect to the warhead, and keep it from blowing up until Ben disarmed it.

   Unfortunately, the stasis field attracted both the Sith, the resistance, and city services. City services got to them first – and they were not in a good mood.

   Ben managed to persuade them that the problems with time were centered on him; he’d somehow done something that damaged the very fabric of the universe – and kept popping in and out of stasis in front of them to “prove” it. He even managed to convince them that the plague was related to space and time – although their abrupt conclusion that he was responsible for it was not quite what he’d had in mind. Sadly, that meant that they then had to move again. They took up residence in a small motel, and the local resistance promptly crashed a droid-guided heavy transport full of explosives into it. Ben heroically grabbed the detonator and took it into stasis with him – and left it to Khadim to take it into his own stasis and wake him up to work on it.

   They spent the next few hours losing the pursuit. Those misguided resistance types were getting a bit too persistent.

   Alys, Jacob and I spent quite a bit of time searching the bike looking for any more spider droids, although I spent more time making sure Jacob wasn’t doing something silly with the bike than searching. We found several more of the blasted droids hidden deep within the bike itself and determined that if there were any left, then we would need to completely disassemble the bike to get at them.

   Once we were satisfied that we had found all the spider droids we were going to find, we took off towards another warehouse deep underground we had been stashing supplies into quietly. Ben, 10CH, and Khadim found us shortly after we had arrived. Ben immediately asked if Ichara was yet another mysterious Sith from my past or something similar. I immediately denied that and then insisted that she had followed me home instead. After explaining the nature of her particular “focus” and the wish to examine Khadim, Ben immediately became considerably friendlier around her.

   Wasn’t he accusing me of something similar a moment ago?

   Khadim assented to Ichara’s examination and she went to immediate work along with Shipwreck and Ben. I kept an eye on the whole proceedings in case she got a little overzealous with the whole examination and did anything untoward, but my concern was unfounded. As I predicted though, the fact that Khadim was a fragment of a planetary lifeform meant he wasn’t the answer Ichara was looking for either. She was predictably disappointed, and while I didn’t really care about the immortality bit, it seemed prudent to offer her some information she might find useful in hopes that she might make herself useful in the future.

   Offering data on the furipede biology and high speed regeneration monotalent of the Force predator we caught in exchange for continued assistance from her seemed to catch her attention. Ichara and Ben then began to speculate heatedly regarding the nature and structure of monotalents and whether it might be possible to safely duplicate them. Alright, I think that firmly establishes us in the “useful allies” catagory in Ichara’s eyes, at least for the moment. I left them to speculate on the matter while I went to catch up on the news reports after this latest fiasco.

   First off, it was now blatantly obvious to all parties involved in this sector of the galaxy that Kira Keldav was now on this planet. Given that, it was also fairly certain that the Sith had broken the Ayshan Vascud identity. The local security forces may not have reached that conclusion yet, but weren’t going to be far behind. The current media speculation was that I was an escapee from a super secret Super-Jedi Order and that Ayshan Vascud was another member of the Order trying to catch me. They then proceeded to show multiple recordings of me and “Ayshan” pulling stunts to build the case for these Super-Jedi.

   Alright, I know the hypertime trick is pretty dramatic, but I think that to be called a Super-Jedi is a bit much. Then the media started showing security camera shots of the chase earlier and I have to admit it looked a lot more impressive on the outside than the inside. Especially the portion where I entered hypertime and the bike was clocked at moving more than 8,000 kph through a construction zone. Watching the Sith and security forces flounder as they attempted to pursue was an eye-opening experience.

   Just what is going on?

   Next story in the media was about how Ben Therus apparently broke space and time. The plague was now being explained as a curse following him around as the structure of the universe began to unravel. Ben’s bounty increased substantially in response to this development, and when I tallied up the totals I was rather shocked to see that Ben’s bounty had now beaten mine by a substantial margin. Zandaras was even offering to turn whoever caught Ben into a planetary Governor for life. I imagined that anyone that did manage to get that reward would also get their brain scooped out as well, but that wasn’t my problem at the moment. Heh, even some of the more pacifistic organizations were talking of bringing Ben in for justice or punishment before the universe died.

   I am glad I am not that popular. At least I am being lumped into the “Jedi” catagory and not the Sith anymore, even if it is supposedly as part of a super secret Order of Super-Jedi. Jacob now had a bounty on his head for twenty million credits. That was pocket change compared to Ben and I, but still a substantial amount of money for most people. Lazlo, strangely enough, was getting an offer to join the Sith military with the added enticement of special training should he actually join. I really didn’t think he would go for it, but he has expressed on more than a few occassions just how “nice” the Sith are to him.

   The war front with the Republic has apparently stabilized for now. The Republic was beginning to launch counter offensives while Zandaras was trying to keep them at bay through the use of a lot of really weird weapons. I can only assume that those were coming from the Artificers he was now loosely allied with. Zandaras was now switching to a consolidating strategy while trying to bring in the rest of the Sith factions to help his war effort. I had my doubts the other Sith would go for it, most of them didn’t like Zandaras anyway and the fact he was no longer winning wasn’t earning him points either.

   There were of course other news items, but most of them were largely irrelevant to us. Looking over the situation with the resistance and our upcoming strike, things were quickly progressing. The stasis generators were about 3/4’s complete with most of those already completed already near their targets or on their way. The remaining systems should be ready in less than a week as well. Missile embankments were set up and fully stocked with missiles to shoot down the mines if the shields didn’t come up in time. Attempts to quietly coordinate with the utilities to minimize damage to the systems from EMP were moving slowly and cautiously. At least it seemed the automatic protection systems would keep the damage from being too disruptive to the power grid. We had problems providing missile coverage over the oceans, but there wasn’t much that could be done about that save to increase missile coverage around the shorelines.

   This would really work best if we could simulate an attack on the planet. That way, the occupation would raise the shields, which we could then capture, and potentially scare off the defending fleet for a time. Problem was, we needed a fleet to really make a credible threat to the occupation and the asteroids were already on their way to Alderaan. The Shard of Devastation wouldn’t be able to get those derelict fleets operational for months either. So maybe we were stuck with a waiting game to quietly hold out until the fleet was ready and then strike. Knowing this group though, our ability to lay quietly was minimal at best and I have a feeling the chaos was about to really begin.

   Especially considering that Tailor Qwuam, Officer Olson, and Olivia Sandis were quite possibly in danger now that my cover was blown. Moving to rescue any of them may put them in more danger though. Sigh, we may have to have resistance members keep an eye on all three of them in case the Sith show up and start asking pointed questions. Otherwise, it was probably best not to interact with them at all lest we draw more attention. Damn it, knowing precognition, the Sith may go after them realizing that we would come to the rescue. Can’t seem to win either way I try this.

   Wait a minute, Xiang was supposedly on her way here with a ship loaded full of antimatter missiles. And she was crazy enough to use them in orbit without heed to the casualties it might cause. And she was only three to four days away from arriving last we heard.

   Oh hell.

   We don’t need to simulate an attack on the planet. We need to get the shields operational as quickly as we can if we were to have any hope of defending this planet from the damage heading our way. Eh, trying to capture the shield generators before the attack was going to be incredibly difficult. Warning the Sith to raise the shields also presented serious difficulties. What we really needed was to hack the computer systems and remotely activate the shield generators. But military class installations like the shield generators were going to be near impossible for our group to hack.

   Looking at Ichara and Ben excitedly discussion some obscure point in Force interactions, an idea came to me. It would be a dangerous deal with the devil, but at this point lives were now seriously at stake and I had to get the shields operational by whatever means necessary. We could bargain some of our information and rediscovered technology to the Artificers in exchange for their help in getting the shields online and defending the planet from Zandaras. If anyone could accomplish that sort of feat, it would be that bunch of technophiles.

   This was going to be a real race against time to get the shields up before Xiang arrived. We were going to have to put the shield generators into stasis to keep the occupation from interferring too much either. For the shields to be worth anything while in stasis, then it would have to be a First Stage Stasis effect. That meant the droids would be able to interfere in the process too. It didn’t help matters that the last of the stasis generators would be finished maybe hours before the attack arrived. Right, priority was going to be given for capturing the shield generators over the politicians Zandaras took over.

   I also get the sneaking suspicion that the Artificers are going to need a direct connection to the shield control systems and not a remote connection. That meant someone will have to sneak into one of the generators and broadcast a link out. Presumably while the entire facility was in stasis.

   Right, I think I know where I am going to be soon enough. But first we need to ask some questions of Ichara about her colleages.