Star Wars: Episode 3, Session 2

   Here we have another player-prospective segment of campaign log for the Star Wars game. It’s always revealing to compare two different player logs for the same session… In any case, like pretty much any game-related submission, it’s worth a bonus experience point for the week.

   After fixing some of the ship’s failing systems and patching the most dangerously gaping holes in the hull, the ship does appear to be minimally functional. At least, it should hold an atmosphere. We hope. Regardless of Lazlo’s advice, Ben and Handell decided to take it down to the ocean floor. Miraculously, this did not result in mass death. Ben then managed to open the outer security doors by trying two or three codes out of a trillion possibilities.

   Lazlo now assumes that he and Kira are indeed Evil Sith: Kira arranged for them to crashland on this planet, urged the party to go down to this secret base, and Ben has some of the the ancient Sith codes. This makes far more sense than the actual explanation. Regardless, Lazlo has warned them to stay away from Master Handell and he won’t care about what nonsense they get up to.

   Happily, it looks like they have both an armory and a secret prototype Force Weapons lab, so we can hopefully arm ourselves heavily before the Sith Lords unleash the nightmarish horrors that await within to do their bidding and overrun the galaxy. Hopefully, the Republic will blame the Sith and not Master Handell, as I don’t think I can properly protect him from the wrath of the mighty Galactic government.

   Happily, Ben decided not to unleash everything before we open the entire base, and he apparently didn’t have the right codes for taking control of its droid systems and maintenance. Thus, we left the station in order to connect to the galactic network and find out ancient info on the Sith. Apparently, not only were quite a lot of old Sith codes well documented, they were even publicly available. I admit I did not anticipate anyone would have even recorded them, much less kept them available eons later. Perhaps it was an academic project or a data-storage service that sells stuff publicly.

   Of course, this immediately showed up on the Republic’s Bad Guy watchlist, so the Sith Lord better get his goodies quick before we get into a lot of trouble.

There was a strange power surge on takeoff, but nothing bad happened and we managed to get into space and over to the nearest communications node without trouble. Someone eventually traced it to the shield system. Oops, apparently somebody (like perhaps the previous owner) wired communication gear to modulate the shields into an impromptu broadcast unit. So we’ve sent out a giant “HERE WE ARE” message to anyone listening… like the Bounty Hunter’s Guild De’Arc was apparently a member of.