The Guardians and Associates

   Ah character lists… They make it so much easier to keep track of the characters. Afterwards though, what do you do with them? You recycle them into another game of course!

   Here’s the list from an old Continuum II superhero game, now recycled into the Champions game background.

   The GUARDIANS (Generally Underage And Rambunctious Delinquents In Another Nasty Situation)

  • Master Dao (Dr. Tristan Williams): A most notable researcher in physics and chaos mathematics, Professor Williams taught at Berkeley, practiced Tai C’hi – and was a powerful C’hi Master. Currently, he’s under the influence of the malevolent Crimson Bangle.
  • Changeling (Billy-Joe Cobb): A “Good Ol’ Boy” Park Ranger, “Bob” gained nifty shapeshifting and animalistic psychic powers when lightning “activated” long-dormant areas of his brain. He’s accompanied by “Ragnar” – a huge, wolf/dog sidekick/monstrosity which seems to tap into it’s “masters” powers a bit.
  • (The) Warlock (David Mayseren): A fairly powerful, if woefully inexperienced and untutored, mage, Warlock is underage, brilliant, and a bit over-idealistic. He has yet to become fully aware of his powers – although quite a few magical beings seem to have ideas for him. Both his mother Andrea, and his younger brother, Joseph, seem to have some psychic abilities of their own – and Andrea seems to be a highly trained secret agent.
  • LoneWolf (Robert Lee): A 15-year-old werewolf with psi-enhanced strength and toughness, LoneWolf would be dangerous enough without martial arts training and his unfortunate berserker tendencies. Currently, Warlock has used binding spells on him, in an attempt to limit the problem. His father, Adrian, is a survivalist nut, and believes in a massive government conspiracy. While he may be right about that, he’s still a nut case.
  • TimeWalker (Solamon Riser): Originally from 12’th century England, Solamon was recruited, and his latent temporal powers trained, by the TimeWalkers Guild – an organization of “extratemporal dogooders”. He uses his own powers, and a suit of futuristic power armor, and is currently assigned to this temporal zone. Sadly, the guild has a lot less information on this timezone then it would like. There seems to be some sort of instability.
  • Malavator (AKA; “RatMan”. Timothy Veil): A feral street thug with power, Malavator’s telekinetic powers are already frightening – and are still growing. He’s violent, unethical, a petty thief, and obnoxious – but has enough loyalty to his friends, and is handy enough to have around, to have led them to put up with him so far. It’s always nice to have a cannon handy – even if he did accidently get genetically spliced with a rat.
  • The Voice (“Thorn”, Mark Randall): The result of a bizarre accident, Thorn is a mid-sized, rather benign, earth elemental bearing the mindprint of Mark Randall; a navy SEAL who’s minor, latent, talents for Telepathy and Summoning suddenly kicked in, and flared into terminal overload, a few days ago. Mark died, but bits of his mind overwrote parts of the elemental’s mind, creating a bizarre composite being.
  • Twilight (Desrae Grey): A talented young actress, Desrae was also fabulously beautiful; lovely enough to attract the attention of an elder vampire. He inducted her into the vamphyric ranks – and continues to take an interest in her affairs. She has a variety of vamphyric powers and is mystically linked with Mask, her sentient “pet” raccoon.
  • Mara (Alexis Grey): Desrae’s little sister started wondering what was going on a few days after her older sister moved out. Unlike most thirteen-year-olds, she has vast, if still poorly developed and focused, telekinetic and telepathic potentials to use to find out.
  • EbonFlame (Louis Vanderin): Generous contributions and family connections virtually predestined “Louie” for a college slot and a degree. Louie didn’t know that his family heritage also destined him to host the power of primordial darkness as the cycle turned again. That was something of a shock. especially when the powers turned out to have a sort of “awareness” of their own.
  • Hawk (real name unknown): Shapechanging runs in families. When Hawk heard from Adrian that his cousin Robert “Had been subjected to government experiments and turned into a werewolf!” he was very interested. He’d recently taken hawkform himself, and flown through the spirit world. He hadn’t seen Robert since Adrian had sent him to Bangkok, but if he was shapeshifting – and back in San Francisco – he ought to find him.
  • Azrael (No pronounceable name): Strong, tough, and powerfully telepathic, Azrael is still at something of a disadvantage socially. Being a crashlanded, scaly, blue, alien can do that. By training, he’s is a space-fighter pilot, and he’d really like a ship. He brought the group the news of a possible Zarkonian invasion.
  • The Commander (No pronounceable name): Another one of Azrael’s race, The Commander was just that; a star-ship captain. While his telepathic abilities are far better developed then Azrael’s, he’s spent most of his life in space and in the military – and he’s having a hard time adjusting to earth.
  • XenoMorph (Michael Thelin): While he hasn’t gotten all the details of the control systems “down” yet, the battle armor Michael found is quite powerful enough to let him play superhero. Even outside his suit, he’s a skilled hacker and a decent techno-tinkerer. Douglas, his nine-year-old little brother, was kidnaped by the Crimson Seer for reasons unknown, although, judging by the restraints the Seer used, he may be on the edge of acquiring powers of his own.


  • Adrian Lee: A rampant survivalist, utter lunatic, and latent shapeshifter, Adrian sees conspiracies, and the intrusion of government spies, everywhere. While he may be right about the existence of the conspiracies, if they were that interested in him, they’d have “gotten him” long ago – if only on weapons and theft charges. He seems to have an entire military arsenal on hand. An attack helicopter is not exactly an easy item for a normal person to obtain.
  • The Crimson Seer (Jacob Emerson): Maybe a middle- aged wizard would do a better job of running the world then the current system does, but most of the group is unwilling to put up with someone who sacrifices little kids – especially uselessly. Not utterly an enemy, but hardly a friend.
  • Dr. Genos: A brilliant, if lunatic, scientist and maniac geneticist, Genos has yet to appear in person – but he’s managed to make more then enough trouble even without that, thanks to his creations, minions, money, and sewer-slime. Again, not necessarily an enemy, but often at cross-purposes.
    • The Lizard: Violent, super-strong, idiotic, and virtually indestructible, this massive “alligator man” seems to get bigger and stronger every time he shows up. Unfortunately, he also seems to be able to escape from virtually anywhere. A creation of Dr. Genos – and a definite pain in the ass.
    • Shifter: A full shapeshifter, apparently with a variety of minor physical enhancements, some lack of education – and a small problem with being influenced by random animalistic and predatory instincts. A possible ally – or maybe an enemy. Who knows?
    • The Blob: An acidic, corrosive, all-devouring “thing”, apparently sentient, if uncommunicative. Yet another creation of Dr. Genos. Probably destined to be a problem at some point.
    • Sequoya: A fairly normal-looking fellow, with various, enormously potent, plant-manipulating powers. He spends most of his time talking to plants. Maybe a possible problem, maybe benevolent – and maybe quite irrelevant.
    • Lt. Carl: Dr. Genos’s current security chief. Loyal, efficient, and quite unimaginative.
  • Equinox: An elder mage – and some sort of patron to Warlock. He sometimes helps out with magical problems, but tends more towards cryptic remarks. This may not be his “real” name, but it feels right to Warlock.
  • Ahanserat: Desrae’s “Sire”, an elder vampire, with a variety of quite formidable powers, and a selection of his own, special, curses. While his interest seems to be more or less benign at the moment, he’s the kind of “friend” that you’re not entirely sure you want.

   Organized Opposition:

  • Department X: A secret, quasi-official, department of the federal government, which has been in operation since some time in the 1840’s. It seems to be charged with the investigation, and containment, of paranormal phenomena, including people. They’ve been operating in emergency mode since the cycle began shifting sometime last year. Their general mode is snatch – and either recruit, or eliminate. They have training methods for low-powered telepathy, and plenty of hyper-advanced gear. They’ve been keeping track of “exceptional” bloodlines for generations – and have identified the Warlock. About 1400 agents nationwide, 6 major headquarters (Assigned 24-30 men each), about 60 major-city offices (With six men/two squads each), about 60 trainers – and around 100 “floating” agents. The rest are on vacation. The job is apparently pretty stressful. Maybe they mean well, but they’re ruthless, pay no attention to “rights” – and are willing to blow away kids for “the greater good!”.
  • The Matoshuko Ninjas: Apparently an expansionistic clan, with a base in Los Angeles and a variety of super-operatives available. They currently have a contract from his school to capture and return Mr Robert Lee.
  • The Order Of The Firehawk: These “monster-hunters” seem to be highly-trained normals – wielding enchanted silver blades that pass through “monstrous” defences and turn supernatural talents back against their wielders. Unfortunately, they seem to be pretty undiscriminating about who and what they class as a “monster”.
  • The Zarkonians: These shapeshifting, telepathic, and reportedly-hostile, aliens have recently pirated a few ships belonging to Azrael’s species – and are now either still orbiting earth, or have already invaded. While there really isn’t any hard evidence that they’ve done so, there have been a number of incidents that seem to point that way.

   Assorted Confusions:

  • Cell Foe: Warlock’s accidently animated and enhanced cellular phone. Other accidently-enchanted items include his TV, Mirrors, Table, Computer – and a Room.
  • (The) Ogre Brothers: This massive, indestructible, and stupid trio is relatively harmless – unless you look either collectable or edible.
  • The Dominator: The unidentified individual behind the convenience-store attack, possessed of some sort of mind-controlling power.
  • “Zardoz”: An unidentified and possibly alien being, possessed of vast strength, durability, two hearts – and advanced weaponry. “He” led a bank robbery, and escaped.
  • Troy Anderson: A responsible reporter – with some sort of mystical powers.


  • Eric Mayseren: Warlock’s father, a brilliant electrical engineer.
  • Gilead Mayseren: Warlock’s uncle, a business CEO. A fairly important and wealthy man, often worried by the antics of his son, Andre’.
  • Cathrin Mayseren: Warlock’s mother. Supposedly a corporate lawyer, she now appears to be a secret agent and to have some measure of psychic power.
  • Eidth Milner: Warlock’s aunt, a somewhat “flighty” artist.
  • Andre’ Mayseren: Warlock’s cousin (QV; Gilead), a small-time scam artist (More for fun then for anything serious). Age 17.
  • Julia Ambrose: A girl in Warlock’s chemistry class who wants to go out on a date with him.
  • Bryce Arhuss: Warlock’s sensai, a master of tiger style kung fu at the fourth – or possibly even fifth – level. For his “real job”, he’s a biotechnician at one of the local companies.
  • Cuerennos: An ancient celtic diety of nature, raw virility, and the wild hunt. He seems to have actually taken a personal interest in Warlock.
  • Spot, Fido, and Rover: Once agents of Department-X, now pet dogs and psychic energy sources for Desrae. They were useful sources of information on Department-X, it’s equipment and training procedures, and it’s bases – but Desrae and Warlock got most of it out of them fairly readily. At least for now they’ve been throughly bound down to the “good dog” level. The fact that they were willing to operate on a regardless-of-civilian-casualties basis in the middle of San Francisco didn’t leave the group with much sympathy for their position.