Star Wars: Kira Keldav

Kira Keldav

  • Albino Human, White hair, Yellow eyes
  • Former Republic Soldier, Renegade Sith Assassin-Trainee

   Notable Equipment: “Black” (ultraviolet with violet corona) Lightsaber with Magnesium Powder clip, Lightsaber Resistant Shield, Pocket Computer, Sith and Jedi training manuals.

   Home: Alderaan, Crevasse City. (Old) Galactic Republic.

   Education: Alderaan Pubic School System, Alderaan Orbital Republic Defense Base-C, Republic Battle Cruiser Naichron, Shipboard, Sith Training at Travus Academy, Malachor V.

   Parents Occupation: Grass Painters

   Personal History: Kira Keldav was born to a pair of renowned Grass Painters on Alderaan. He was a strong willed child that expressed little interest in following his parents career path (a trade that he commonly described as the “most incredibly idiotic system of half-trained landscaping I’ve ever seen – and even DULLER to actually be involved in than watching grass grow was normally”).

   Indeed, Kira showed little to no interest in much of any career, and usually spent his time in the educational system carousing and making a general nuisance of himself. His lack of respect for authority didn’t endure him to the authorities either.

   Then during the Jedi Civil War, Alderaan came under attack from the Dark Lord Darth Revan. As the Republic and Jedi rallied to try and defend the place, numerous civilians, including Kira, were drafted into the Alderaan defense force. Although Alderaan managed to avoid capture at the hands of the Sith fleet, a great number of Jedi, Republic and Alderaan soldiers were not so lucky.

   Kira was one of those soldiers drafted into the Alderaan defense forces. He was captured by the Sith during the battle – surviving the destruction of the cruiser he was serving aboard due to a bit of a traumatic breakthrough in the unconscious use of the force. That same surge of untrained power attracted the notice of the Sith commander, who promptly sent him off to the Trayus Academy of Malachor V to become one of Revan’s Sith Assassins. After all, the young man was obviously fundamentally rebellious – and if you were rebelling against the Republic, where else could you turn except to the Sith?

   At the Trayus Academy, Kira was thrown into a room with three other candidates and a few primitive weapons and told that the last one alive would be allowed to live and to study to become a Sith.

   Attempts to escape would probably have been futile – the Sith were presumably well-practiced at this stupid style of recruitment – but Kira felt that they should at least have TRIED, rather than going straight to a free-for-all with whatever everyone could grab. Survival instincts took over – along with some natural talent, the muscles developed from years of hard outside labor, the brawling skills left over from his educational period, some basic military hand-to-hand combat training (good thing he’d gone for that choice) – and perhaps something deeper.

   Kira found himself standing alone alone amongst the bodies with a bloodied spear in his hands.

   As the survivor, he was apprenticed to a Sith Master, who put Kira through some of the most brutal training he’d ever given to an apprentice, striving to break his rebellious streak and bring him to the Dark Side.

   Annoyingly, Kira picked up the basic techniques and abilities with remarkable speed, but there wasn’t much progress in breaking his rebellious streak. Still, that might not be so bad for an independent operative if he could just bring him firmly over to the Dark Side.

   The young man had developed an unusual style of lightsaber combat though. Whoever heard of a Sith OR a Jedi using a shield strapped to their arm? It seemed to be some souvenir habit from his college days, even if he’d upgraded the thing with a small shield generator. He’d helped him make a synthetic crystal for his first lightsaber too, but that had come out just as oddly. Who had ever heard of an ultraviolet lightsaber blade?

   And the blasted youngster kept trying to rely on cheap tricks instead of turning to EITHER the Dark Side OR the Light Side! It was like he acknowledged the power of the Force, but didn’t trust it!

   It would be dangerous, but there was only one way to break Kira’s defiance and force him to the Dark Side; he’d have to push him into a corner, where he had nothing to turn to except the Dark Side if he wished to survive.

   During a training bout he surprised the boy by launching into a furious assault and continually pushing him back. Soon Kira would have no choice but to give in to his fear and anger and lash out against him – and his journey to the Dark Side would be complete.

   He glanced up at where his lightsaber held Kira’s pinned, and prepared to use his other hand to flood the youngsters body with necrotic force if he did not counter with the Force – when Kira did do something desperate. He pulled out yet another cheap trick. A finger-stud in the hilt of Kira’s lightsaber punctured a capsule of compressed oxygen to blast a modest quantity of powdered magnesium into the blades energy-corona.

   The master recovered in a mere instant – but the dazzling flash, the moment of blindness, and the stab of pain through his head had let Kira slip his blade free and tap into enough of the force for a blind swing; he might have been expecting the flash, been looking away, and had closed his eyes, and thus suffered less from it – but he was still mostly blinded. Knowing only that he was – at least for a few minutes – off the leash, Kira ran like hell.

   Blast it. Now he was going to have to get his hand replaced again and Kira had run off with his third-best lightsaber in addition to his own. Not bad though… Maybe there was a place for cheap tricks.

   Meanwhile, Kira was using his new skills to sneak aboard one of the cargo transports leaving the academy. He jumped ship at the first world it landed on, and proceeded to get lost – running until he ran out of funds. He knew that the Sith teachings weren’t his way. He needed to find another path, the Jedi maybe? Well none the less, he couldn’t very well go home now, he would just endanger his family and friends if he did that. Still, even if the Sith were after him, the Jedi were going to have a hard time accepting anyone with any amount of Sith training into their ranks (not strictly true perhaps, but it wasn’t like Kira had ever really been checking out the details of the Jedi order), and the Republic was likely going to have a difficult time tolerating a Sith trainee as well. It wasn’t like he could just pretend that it had all never happened either.

   He wasn’t going to roll over for this. He’d look into the Jedi – hell, even that group of wannabees meeting down the street might know something (and it looked like they were service free sandwiches) – but whether he could find anyone to trust of not, he was going to make it.

Kira Keldav

  • Male Albino Human, Height 5’8″, Weight 160 lbs, Age 21
  • Attributes and Skills:
    • Dexterity 3d, Exotic Weapon Lightsaber 5d (6d), Parry 5d (6d)
    • Knowledge 2d, Scholar: Jedi 3d, Scholar: Sith 3d
    • Mechanical 2d
    • Perception 2d, Sneak 3d
    • Strength 2d
    • Technical 2d
  • Force Skills:
    • Inner Control 3d
    • Force Sense 4d
    • Manipulation 3d
  • Equipment:
    • Black Lightsaber: +1d Exotic Weapon Lightsaber for 5d damage.
    • Shield: +1d Parry.
    • Master’s Lightsaber (and now a total of six of them).
    • Force training manual set and basic gear.
    • Civilian Clothing