Khamsin the Wanderer

   Today we have a quick writeup for someone who was having trouble creating a point-buy spellcaster who buys spells independently, each with their own caster level. There are actually several ways to do this in the system, none of which I especially recommend in the long run: a character with a broader magical education will generally be more effective – and almost always more versatile – at middle and higher levels. They’ll also usually be better balanced. After all, if a character buying individual spells decides to specialize in a very few, they’ll have access to very powerful effects early on – and if the NPC’s do the same, it tends to turn confrontations into a who-shot-first contest. This really isn’t much fun most of the time.

   Still, for this excursion we’ll be using the Rune Magic system. It’s the easiest way to give each spell an individualized caster level – although it would be more interesting to use some nested boosts, providing, lets say, a base caster level of 2, +2 with all Elemental Magic, +2 with Air Elemental Magic, and +1 with Transmutation. That could lead to some dramatic combinations.

   So, let us create – errr – Khamsin the Wanderer, son of Ivul the Far-Traveller. Continue reading