Our Items for Today:

   So far today it’s last weeks Champions Campaign Log Update (Below) and the next chapter of the Level Four Battletech Rules: the Turn Structure and Strategic Options. I’m reconstructing and re-editing the file on running Eclipse: The Codex Persona d20 games without using Experience Points: the original dates back to the playtest groups and the original updated version seems to have gone missing.

Champions Log Session 20: A Spirit of Mischief

   Whether fortunately or unfortunately, cleaning up after the battle with Tyrannon left the White Necromancer busy tracing spirits and performing banishments, the Chauffeur rushing people to the hospital and chasing the demons “Satan” had allowed to escape, and Ranko (as the only one well-enough known to be recognized) explaining to the Canadian authorities. That left The Hauntsman in charge back at the Orphanage – and Uncle Aldis had heard about “Satan”, and the demon attacks on the place, and had flown in to pick up his nieces and nephew. Continue reading