Science Node (10 point Computer)

A Science Node is a computer and a lab full of apparatus, all devoted to a particular field of science. While the exact list of sciences and the functions of the Synthesis System will vary depending on what the system is dedicated to, the general build is always the same. This example is devoted to the Biological Sciences, although it does cover some related fields for when it’s analyzing things with the multiscanner systems.

Computer: 0 Dexterity (-30P), 23 Intelligence (13P), 1 Speed (0P).

(4P) Multiscanner Multipower (20-pt reserve); Extra Time: 5 min., -2; OAF: -1; Focus Mobility: Bulky, -½

  • u-1 Psionic Analysis / Detect Psionic Energies (+6 to PER); Time Required: Half Phase, +0; Range: Touch, +0; Addition (Discriminatory): +5.
  • u-1 Genetic Analysis / Detect Genetic Structures (+6 to PER); Time Required: Half Phase, +0; Range: Touch, +0; Addition (Discriminatory): +5.
  • u-1 Biochemical Analysis / Detect Biochemicals (+6 to PER); Time Required: Half Phase, +0; Range: Touch, +0; Addition (Discriminatory): +5.
  • u-1 Physical Analysis / Detect Physical Structure (+6 to PER); Time Required: Half Phase, +0; Range: Touch, +0; Addition (Discriminatory).
  • u-1 Electron Microscope / Microscopic Vision (×1000000).
  • u-1 N-Ray Vision / X-Ray Scanner.

(4P) Biosynthesis System Multipower (20-pt reserve); Extra Time: 1 hour, -2½; OAF: -1; Focus Mobility: Bulky, -½; The system does need to be plugged into a serious power supply to make this multipower work; simply being on the power grid will not do.

  • u-1 1d6 Biochemical Synthesis / Transform: Stock Chemicals to Biochemicals (Major, Limited Class) (2 End).
  • u-1 1d6 Genetic Manipulator and Genesis Vat / Transform Cell Sample to Desired Organism (Major, Limited Class).This is a small facility, and normally produces eggs, infants, and so on (2 End).
  • u-1 1d6 Genesplicing / Transform for minor “tweaks” to living organisms (Minor, Limited Class) (2 End).
  • u-1 Regeneration Induction (1 BODY/5 min.); Usable By Others: Power Lost, +¼; Usable by Others Number: 8, +¾; Regenerate: Standard, +0.

Computer Powers Elemental Control (1-pt reserve) (1P)

  • a-2 Internet Access / Radio Listen and Transmit; Focus Mobility: Bulky, -½; IIF: -¼; Generic Limitation (Wireless Internet Only.): -½
  • b-2 Absolute Time Sense
  • c-2 Lightning Calculator
  • d-4 Eidetic Memory; Generic Limitation (Only for computer data and programs.): -1
  • e-1 Speed Reading; Generic Limitation (Only for computer data and programs.): -1
  • f-2 Cramming; Generic Limitation (Only for computer data and programs.): -1

Skills and Programs:

  • Scientist (3 P).
  • Biochemistry 14- (2P).
  • Biology 14- (2P).
  • Biophysics 14- (2P).
  • Ecology 14- (2P).
  • Electronics Engineering 14- (2P).
  • Genetics 14- (2P).
  • Medicine 14- (2P).
  • Microbiology 14- (2P).
  • Parapsychology 14- (2P).
  • Pharmacology 14- (2P).
  • Physics 14- (2P).
  • Cryptography 14- (3P)
  • Programs (7P):
    • Database Search
    • Multiscanner Operation
    • Biosynthesis Operation
    • Encrypt/Decrypt
    • Genetic Extrapolation
    • Synthesize Counteragent
    • Report with Summary

COSTS: Char: -17, Disadv: 0, Powers: + 67, Total = 50 (10 Point Computer).

The Arboreal Library – the Tree of Knowledge

The Arboreal Library is one of the greatest collections of mystical, and mystically-related, works in existence – containing tens of thousands of tomes, many of them unique. At least as importantly, the enchantments of the library will bring you books on any topic it has available on request – although delving into it’s depths for an hour or two is even better. As handy bonuses, the library contains a ritual room equipped to back personal magics with ambient magic and an enchanted mirror that reveals magical threats to the earth – as well as being a wifi hot spot.

Unfortunately, the libraries massive collection of mystical lore makes it a major target for mystical villains and dimensional invaders who don’t want their secrets revealed or who want some part of the information that (they think) it contains.

Computer, Int 13 (3P), Dex 0 (-30P), Spd 1 (0P).

Special Powers:

  • Mystic Mirror / Danger Sense (Against All Attacks, Anywhere); Massive, Immobile OAF (Mystic Map/Mirror).): -2, No Conscious Control / Often does not react to minor threats.: -2, Only reveals magical threats: -1. 8P, 18- check.
  • Mystic Librarian / Telekinesis (STR 10); Range: 185; Manipulation: Fine, +10; Reduced END: Zero, +½; Massive, Immobile OAF (Library Building): -2; No offensive capabilities: -½; Actual Str is only 5: -½. 9P.
  • Ritual Circle / Aid to any one Personal Magic Effect (Fade/min., Max. 30); Range: 0; Affects: Single Power of Special Effect, +¼; Massive, Immobile OAF (Ritual Room): -2; Reduced END: Zero, +½; Extra Time: 1 hour Only At Startup, -1 ¼, Gestures: -¼; Incantation -¼; Visible (puts up a major magical aura.): -¼; Cannot raise any power above 40 active points: -½; Generic Limitation (Target is the one who must take the time, perform the gestures, and incantations:: -¼. 7P
  • Internet, Radio, and Television / High Range Radio Hearing; Generic Limitation (Massive, Immobile OAF (Library Building)): -2. 3P

Library Stacks; Generic Limitation (Massive, Immobile OAF (Library)., only provides information that the game master is willing to give you.). Total of 33P

  • +4 level w/Knowledges and Sciences; Extra Time (Must do deep research): 1 hour, -2½; Generic Limitation (Library user must do the research with the “computer”): -¼; Massive, Immobile OAF (Library), only provides information that the game master is willing to give you: -2. The package includes Scholar and Scientist.
  1. Alchemy and Brewing; 14-
  2. Archelogy and Ancient Civilizations; 14-
  3. Astral Dimensions and Imaginal Realms; 14-
  4. Astrology and Prophecy; 14-
  5. Cryptozoology and Magical Creatures; 14-
  6. Cults and Faiths; 14-
  7. Death and the Undead; 14-
  8. Demonology and Angelogy; 14-
  9. Extradimensional Powers and Horrors; 14-
  10. History and Maps; 14-
  11. Linguistics and Translating Dictionaries; 14-
  12. Lycanthropy and Self-Transformation; 14-
  13. Magic Theory and it’s Development; 14-
  14. Magical Artifacts; 14-
  15. Magical Places and Megalithic Magic; 14-
  16. Magical Traditions of Earth; 14-
  17. Mythology and The Hundred Realms; 14-
  18. Occult Warfare and Tactics; 14-
  19. Paleontology and Archosaurs; 14-
  20. Parapsychology and Psionics; 14-
  21. Prehuman Magic; 14-
  22. Ritual Magic in Theory and Practice; 14-
  23. Spells and Powers of Ambient Magic; 14-
  24. Spells and Granters of Invocation Magic; 14-
  25. Spirits and Channeling; 14-
  26. The Healing Arts, Magical and Otherwise;-
  27. The Ancient Ones and their Pacts; 14-
  28. Theology and Religion; 14-

Understands Vocal Commands (2P)

  • English (Fluent Conv.); Literacy: Standard, 0; Only understands, cannot speak: -½
  • French (Fluent Conv.); Literacy: Standard, 0; Only understands, cannot speak: -½

Programs (5P).

  • Monitor/Display Mystic Mirror Warnings
  • Listen to Voice Commands. Otherwise cycle Maintenance and Book Care Programs
  • Locate and Deliver Tome (Basic Skill Check)
  • Perform Library Maintenance
  • Care For and Re-shelve Books

COSTS: Char: -27P, Disadv: 0P, Powers:+ 67P. Total: 40P (8P to buy).