Champions – Armageddon

And for today it’s the first character sheet for a game that’s just starting up; After a little over a hundred sessions the Verdan game is winding down for the moment, and we’ll be picking up the Emergence Hero System game again. So here we have a young man who’s hosting a powerful spirit of light – and who has chosen a somewhat ironic name, since “angel” (in many variations) seemed to be taken…

Armegeddon (Jack Kade)


Armegeddon (Jack Kade)

Value Characteristic Points
5/70 STR -5
13/24 DEX 9
12/26 CON 4
18/28 BODY 16
16/28 INT 6
13/19 EGO 6
18/30 PRE 8
15/39 COM 2
14/20 PD 0
4/10 ED 0
4 SPD 10
18/24 REC 0
40/64 END 0
38/64 STUN -29
Total 27


Points Powers END
275 Angelic Powers; Generic Limitation (Fails to work or changes wildly ifa Soul Stone is present): -¼
(30) Vision Powers (45-pt reserve); Concentrate: ½ DCV, -¼; Generic Limitation (Visual Powers Only): -¼
u-1 Telescopic Sight (Sight, +10 to PER)
u-1 Microscopic Vision (×100000)
u-2 3d6 Killing Attack/Heat Ray Eyes (RKA); Range: 225; Generic Limitation (Doesn’t affect living creatures) 4
125 Angelic Characteristics
(66) +53 STR; Reduced END: Half, +¼ 2
(21) +7 DEX
(16) +8 CON
(8) +4 BODY
(14) +14 STUN
(16) Elemental Control (24-pt reserve); Always On: -½
a-53 Armor (20 PD/15 ED); Hardened: ×4, 1
b-24 Damage Reduction (Physical, 75% Resistant)
c-16 Mental Defense (52 pts)
d-17 Regeneration (3 BODY/Turn); Regenerate: From Death, +20
(20) Movement Powers (20-pt reserve)
u-2 Running (+10″, 16″, NC: 32″); Non-Combat Multiplier: ×2, +0; Non-Combat (MPH): 30 3
u-1 5″ Flight (NC: 10″); Non-Combat Multiplier: ×2, +0; Non-Combat (MPH): 15 1
u-1 10″ Gliding (NC: 20″); Non-Combat Multiplier: ×2, +0; Non-Combat (MPH): 30
u-1 Swimming (+10″, 12″, NC: 24″); Non-Combat Multiplier: ×2, +0; Non-Combat (MPH): 30 2
(5) Instant Change; Clothes: One Set
(3) Immune to Disease
(5) Infrared Vision
(3) Life Support: High Pressure/Vacuum
(3) Life Support: High Radiation
(3) Life Support: Intense Heat/Cold
12 +12 CP to All Attributes Great Blessing; Modifications to Primary Attributes do not affect secondary attributes. Aid to Defenses has half effect per standard rules.
(12) 2d6 Aid (All attributes) (Fade/turn, Max. 12); Range: 0; Affects: All Powers of Special Effect, +2; Reduced END: Zero & Persistent, +1; Always On: -½; Personal Only: -1; Increases maximums only, does not speed healing: -1; Difficult to Dispel: ×2, +¼; Aid to Defenses is halved per the standard rules. Aid to primary attributes does not affect secondary ones. 0
275 Total Powers  


Points Skills, Talents, Perks Roll
3 Bureaucratics 15-
3 Concealment 15-
3 Cryptography 15-
3 Disguise 11-
3 Persuasion 15-
3 Professional Skill (Journalist); assumend to be run off of Presence due to needing to influence people 15-
3 Stealth 14-
0 Everyman Skill 8-
21 Total Skills, Talents, Perks  


125+ Disadvantages
45 Human Base Disadvantages
(10) Dependent NPC (Normal, 8-); Skills: Normal, +0; Journalistic Story Source – Effectively, anyone supplying him information on his current story.
(10) Reputation (11-); Award Winning Journalist
(15) Code Against Killing (Common, Strong)
(10) Code of Chivalry (Common, Moderate)
166 Angelic Dissadvantages
(20) Reputation (Noble Hero) (14-, Extreme)
(15) Secret Identity
(15) Hunted (Demons, Evil Mages, etc) (8-); Capabilities: As Powerful, 10; Non-combat Influence: Extensive, +5; Geographical Area: Unlimited, -0; Actions: Hunting, ×1; Punishment: Harsh, 0
(15) Hunted (Other Powers of Darkness) (8-); Capabilities: More Powerful, 15; Non-combat Influence: None, +0; Geographical Area: Unlimited, -0; Actions: Hunting, ×1; Punishment: Harsh, 0
(10) Watched (The Powes of Light) (11-); Capabilities: More Powerful, 15; Non-combat Influence: None, +0; Geographical Area: Unlimited, -0; Only Watching: ×½; Punishment: Harsh, 0
(5) Watched (The Press) (11-); Capabilities: Less Powerful, 5; Non-combat Influence: Extensive, +5; Geographical Area: Unlimited, -0; Only Watching: ×½; Punishment: Mild, -5
(15) Accidental Change (Various Soul Stones) (14-);

Black (or any Fallen Angel Soul Stone) – Remove angelic powers
Red – Becomes an agent of Angels of Wrath
Pink – Angel of Love
Rainbow – Messenger Angel (cannot keep mouth shut about anything asked about, any instructions give from an authority figure must be followed)
Silver – Guardian Angel

(20) Distinctive Features (Angelic Aura); Concealability: Not Concealable, 15; Reaction: Always noticed & major reaction, +5; Works as a “Highlander” warning system for any who hunt him (Demons, Evil Mages, Other Powers of Darkness). They always know when they are very near, but this does not specifically identify him, the stronger he gets the larger the notice radius . Reaction can be anything from noticed to extreme prejudice. Normal people do not generally perceive it.
(10) Vulnerability (Soul Stone Present) (2× Effect); Attack: Uncommon, +5; While in the presence of any soul stone all damage received is doubled. This is due to loss of powers and the fact that he is not used to being hit without his abilities anymore
(10) Honorable (Common, Moderate)
(15) Forgive Everything (Common, Strong)
(16) Generic Normal Characteristic Maxima; Addition: +20; Generic Limitation (Soul Stone Present): -¼
211 Total Disadvantages


COSTS: Char. Powers Total Total Disadv. Base
27 + 296 = 323 336 = 211 + 125


OCV DCV ECV Mental Def. PD/rPD ED/rED Phases
8 8 6 52 40/20 25/15 3, 6, 9, 12

Story: Since he was a teenager Jack Kade has been working to better the Canadian world. He was always a weak kid, never able to keep up with others, but never gave up on trying and was always willing to forgive those who picked on him. At the age of 15 he was discovered by Alunel an Angle of Mercy who was looking for a talented young human to help him with a new opportunity that had popped up a few years before. Jack, who although weak was always willing to help and forgive others, fit the bill. He has spent the last decade working on his journalism as a reason to search to globe to help other people and to keep an eye out for the specific demon contracted human he was contracted to help redeem.

Height: 183cm (6’0″), Weight: 95kg (210 lbs), Sex: Male, Age: 25, Race: Human

Appearance: Dressed as a reporter he often disguises himself for his stories. Otherwise he wears a tweed suit with glasses – just for the “take them off and stare” effect. As Armageddon he is dressed in White with a red A in a red circle on his chest and cape. His belt is blue and the top rim of his boots are blue. He wears a red mask that covers his eyes, nose, and jaw but leaves his ears and mouth uncovered.