Eclipse Builds by Alzrius

Eclipse offers a lot of ways to build the character you wanted – quite enough that there are usually multiple ways to achieve any given result. That means that other people often design characters that I would never have thought of – and so here we have a list of the character designs that have shown up on Intelligence Check, Alzrius’s Blog. I’ll edit them into the main list as well, but they definitely deserve their own showcase post as well.

Pretty much all of these are written up for Pathfinder, and usually use the Pathfinder Package Deal.

Rinoa, from Final Fantasy via Dead Fantasy, a powerful 15’th level spellcaster – along with the Hyne Witch template and a discussion of many of the other characters.

Pyrrha Nikos, a 7th-level Huntress-in-training, along with statistics for Vytal Humans, three Martial Arts, and some world background and discussion.

Sharalia, a Level One Fire Dancer – a character who controls flame through dance.

A 20’th level breakdown for an Antimage –  a “class” that specializes in negating the powers of dangerous spellcasters.

The Maedar – a racial template breakdown for a male medusa.

Sailor Saturn – a fragile young woman from the Sailor Moon anime with some exceptionally over-the-top powers.

Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, written up at the peak of his powers – along with the Netherrealm Ghost template and three Martial Arts.

Sam Winchester, a level three paranormal investigator from the Supernatural television series.

Varek, a Level Six Cleric with some support abilities.

Abraham Lincoln, Level Twelve Civil Warrior of the United States of America – with a touch of Vampire Hunter and including his Martial Art.

Agent Spin – a Second Level Elite Beat Agent who gets sent… to encourage people in trouble.

Gargamel, a First Level Incompetent Ritualist and Bumbler – perhaps fortunately, without statistics for Smurfs.

Spinnerette, a Level Five Spider-Style Superheroine/

Malecite, a Level Ten Villainous Mage from Suburban Knights, along with Malecite’s Hand, a vastly powerful relic and various new spells.

Dirk Markson, a Level One Dark Witch – and possible hero.

Barney Stinson (Scroll Down), a Level One Sitcom Inhabitant – from How I Met Your Mother.