Exalted – Some Raksha Miscellany

Next up on trying to catch up it’s a few leftover things for Leon – a Charm, three more Treasures, a couple of Horrors, and an accounting for Leon’s duplicates of Charles’s Hearthstones and Artifacts.

In The Style Of The Renaissance Masters (Cost: -; Mins: Ring 4, Essence 3; Type: Permanent, Keywords: Native, Glamour (3), Mutation (2), Duration: Permanent, Prerequisite Charms: Style-Improving Spirit).

The user’s sublime style now extends to those objects he or she uses; all such items – weapons and armor, tools and clothing, and everything else – is treated as being “perfect”. Creatures (and any shaping weapons that manifest as such) are also affected; the usual +1/+1/+2 bonus traits for “perfection” may be allotted to attributes, abilities, and total mutation points, although additional mutations for ordinary creatures (say, the horse you just stole) are usually invested in fairly subtle things, such as being faster, or inexhaustible, or some such. Items which are fine, exceptional, or “perfect” already (such as most artifacts) do not gain both sets of bonus; you have to subtract any existing quality bonuses first.

And yes… this particular charm is a reflection of Charles’s crafting talents, as filtered through Leon’s “I’m on vacation!” prospective.

Cloud Of Awe (Oneiromancy *, 3 Motes to Attune)

The Cloud Of Awe takes the form of just that – a fabulous aura of power, derived from the near-divine blood running through the user’s veins (yes; it’s an injectable Oneiromancy). While it’s power infuses the user his words carry terrible power and his speed is quite inhuman.

  • Assumption of the Person’s Heart (1): The Cloud Of Awe takes the form of a radiant, silvery, substance to be injected into the user’s circulatory system.
  • Beguilement (5): Boosts staff-shaping attacks in the Wyld, converts social attacks to UMI that cost 2 will as a base to resist in Creation. The user’s words strike straight to the heart, drawing the target into the user’s ideas.
  • Mad Gods Mien (1): The Cloud Of Awe is not subject to Countermagic.
  • Swift Wings Of Song (3): The user may add his or her Cup rating to Join Battle, Join War, and Join Debate checks.

The Shamanic Way (Oneiromancy *, 3 Motes to Attune)

  • Assumption of the Person’s Heart (1): The Shamanic Way takes the form of a complex tattooed mandala, showing a thousand spiritual paths woven through the sigils of the five elements. That wheel constantly turns in the user’s mind, when he or she focuses upon it, it will reveal the elemental secrets of Creation around the user.
  • Imposition of Law x3 (9): Always succeeds in identifying the right spirits to get in touch with to produce a given effect, always succeeds in getting in touch, always succeeds in explaining exactly what’s needed (actually persuading them to help is a job for the user’s social skills).

The Phoenix Oath (Abjuration *, Commits 1 Mote).

While I walk in Creation, I shall hold it’s elements as my own!

  • Assumption Of Fire Shape (1) : Provides immunity to nonmagical heat and fire.
  • Assumption of Dreams and Passion (1): Select an emotion. Gain one automatic success on all social rolls where it might be useful and +1 MDV against mental influences which would contradict it.

The Phoenix Oath is a common way for Noble Raksha to gain an effective form without resorting to permanent personal mutations, with all their penalties. Those who swear it must, however, show some respect for the elemental powers of nature – although that’s often a good idea in any case.

Leon’s Personal Shaping Weapons:

Horrors: Base Attributes Str 14, Dex 17, Sta 16 (8L/16B Soak), Cha 0, Man 0, App 0, Per 12, Int 12, Wit 12. Will 12, Compassion 7, Conviction 7, Temperance 7, Valor 8. Melee 5, War 5, Athletics 5, Archery 2, Dodge 9, Firearms 2, Occult 11, Thrown 3. 11 mutation points with Xaverite Cubicon, up to 13 with In The Style Of The Renaissance Masters. All gain the benefit of Hit Locations and Leon’s extra health levels.

Sirrush/horse-sized dragon-cat-things. +2 Dex, +1 Thrown, Mutations (12) Opalescent Gossamer Raiment (+12 L/B Soak, Net 20L/28B, 2), Ordinary Object Conjuration (Stream of Flaming Napalm, 3, aimed with Thrown), Gossamer Winged Flight (2), Racing Dragon Speed x 2 (2), Surpassing Excellence (aiming flames, +2d, net 28d, 1), Claws and Fangs (1), and Assumption Of Fire Shape (gives them immunity to natural fire and smoke; they have no objections at all to hosing themselves down napalm occasionally to discourage attackers).

  • Napalm Blast: Acc +4, Dam 12L+4L/Action Flame, Rate 2, Range 60, 20 ft radius.
  • Sirrush as a sword-shaping weapon: Speed 5, Acc +5, Dam +8, Def +0, Rate 3.

Sirrush are actually quite lovely (or perhaps the word is “Spectacular”), in the fashion of a monstrous scaly creature of multicolored fire with horns, feline forelegs, raptorial talons on the hind legs, and muzzles full of teeth. Their usual tactics are pretty simple; they swoop by overhead and set things on fire. If the target proves impervious to fire, they may fight directly, but are just as likely to drop heavy objects, push over walls, or carry the victim to a great height before dropping them. They aren’t STUPID – but when you’re armor-plated, immensely strong, fly, and “breathe” massive blasts of napalm, you usually don’t need sophisticated tactics.

Humbaba, the Bull Of Heaven, is a mighty giant with the horns of a bull, the face of a lion, a serpent for a penis, and scales over his fairly manlike body. +1 Str, +1 Archery, Mutations (13): Opalescent Gossamer Raiment (+12 L/B Soak, Net 22L/32B, 2), Gargantuan (4x normal size, +4 Str (Net 19), +4 Sta (Net 20), extra health levels: -0x2, -1×4, -2×4, 6), Essence Channeler/only to power Attack and Weather Control Thaumaturgy, 2), Claws and Fangs (1), and Armament Of Flesh (Dreadful Gaze: Speed 5, Accuracy +6 (Net 26), Damage +3L (Net 22L), Rate 3, uses Archery, range 300, 2).

  • Humbaba as a sword-shaping weapon: Speed 5, Acc +4, Dam +8, Def +2, Rate 2.

Humbaba will usually scoop up a really big club (treat as a mundane Tetsubo) to smack things that get close, turn his terrible destructive gaze on things that are further away, and – if given time and the situation calls for it – use his powers over the natural elements to invoke assorted natural disasters, ranging from simple storms and floods to earthquakes, tidal waves, and rains of fire.

Storm Kings Banner; Accuracy +4, as a Hazard causes an extra -2 penalty, for a total of -14.

The Can Of Beer; Defense +3, as a Hazard gains a +2 bonus to the user’s social attacks which involve enjoying the party.

Charles – and thus Leon – uses a monstrous pile of rating-5 Hearthstones. Leon can socket thirty of them in his Graces (and does so) via Hatching The Geomantic Egg, as well as having a few more hearthstone sockets available in various items.

Hearthstone-Based Effects: (Mote Recovery 2/Minute).

  • Devoted to Committed Motes (8): Ambrosial Chalice, Black Opaline Inkstone, Earthmaster’s Stone, Two Forgestones, Honorable Diamond Gem, Phantom Castle Stone, Radiant Heart Ruby. This provides him with the equivalent of eighty committed motes – far more than enough.
  • Noted Statistical Bonuses: +1 Int, +1 Dex, Double Style Pool and Recovery, +3 to effective Cult. These are already included.
  • Defenses: Immune to Physical Restraint, +2 levels of Ox-Body, add wound penalties instead of subtracting them. Personal reroll-and-pick 2/Story, Force others to reroll and you pick 2/story, burn either kind of reroll to soak two levels of damage for yourself or others at any time. Mind cannot be read or tampered or his mental attributes be reduced. May Materialize or Dematerialize for twenty motes.
  • Magical Bonuses: Does not need thaumaturgical components. Shaping Actions require only three ticks. Has All-Encompassing Sorcerer’s Sight. May roll (Int + Inv) to Scry. Can speak to elemental spirits in the area. May use Thaumarurgic Countermagic whenever targeted by a spell, even if unconscious or otherwise busy, at no cost. Regains 10 Will/Day, as needed. Roll Temperance 1/day to gain Glamour and pay one less glamour for any charm that requires its use.
  • May remote-attune others to manses or break those attunements.
  • All non-sorcerous actions halve their time requirements.
  • Draw up to (Ess) temporary dots of Cult/Followers/Henchmen/ Retinue/Etc. Buy permanently for 1 XP/Dot.
  • Teleport up to six to Aden from anywhere, or from Aden to the Wyld.
  • May roll Compassion each morning to heal some of those in the area of almost any affliction.
  • May increase the attributes of up to (Essence) units/organizations under his or her command by a total of five.
  • May grant minions (Behemoths, Cultists, Followers, etc) six points worth of mutations. The bearer may customize as desired.
  • May reflexively spend 5 motes to step outside of fate for up to three days. If bound into fate an essence roll-off is required. If the user is subjected to some badly-written charm (usually martial arts) which lacks relevant keywords, functions partially outside the established game system, is widely considered “broken”, or offers no more appropriate defense, the same essence roll-off applies.
  • May bestow the graces rated at (Virtue+1) without cost.
  • Half all XP Costs.
  • Gains Nightvision.

Charles – and hence Leon – actually uses a LOT of artifacts, and has quite a few redundant effects running since we do use stacking limits. Secondarily, Leon can use Adenic Thaumaturgy, even if he doesn’t use it all that much. Ergo, a Summary, for committing 30 motes and four health levels (of his choice) he gets…


  • +25A/L/B Soak, Hardness 13, caps injuries at 2 health levels. Does not count as wearing armor and can look like any kind of armor or clothing.
  • +3 levels of Ox-Body Technique. All health levels are doubled, but the lowest four are invested in Manses. Heals 4B/Minute, 2L/Hour, and 2Ag/5 Hours
  • Immune to Aging, Bleeding, Crippling, Disabling, Disease/Sickness, General Environmental Effects (not directed ones), Poison, Scarring, Unwanted Shaping, and Unnatural Mental Influence. Need not Eat, Sleep, or Breathe.
  • May attack and parry with Occult as if using a “Perfect” Javelin (with special effects as wanted).
  • May spend 2M at will for one-tick immunity to Desecration effects.


  • Uses the Advanced Thaumaturgy System.
  • 24 free Thaumaturgies per day with +3 Successes and a one-level reduction in casting time.
  • May spend 1W to absorb an incoming Terrestrial or Celestial spell for his use. Can store three.
  • Can store nine Thaumaturgies.
  • May select six Thaumaturgies to be self-sustaining and to come back in six ticks if dispelled.
  • “Spell Shattering Palm” and similar effects affect his spells as Celestial Circle Countermagic.
  • Dispelling his spells with countermagic is automatic as a defense, but otherwise requires an opposed essence check. He gets +6/+3/+0/-3 dice vrs Thaumaturgy/Terrestrial/Celestial/Solar countermagic.
  • May stack stack one Thaumaturgic effect with charms, artifacts, and other sources of power.
  • Adds (Conviction) to Thaumaturgy rolls.

Utility Functions:

  • +(Ess) dice on rolls calling for fine manipulation.
  • +3 dice to any action that is enhanced in no other way.
  • 4 Hearthstone Sockets.
  • Access to the Aden Network.
  • Arcane Reference Library: +2d on relevant checks.
  • Double ground speed.
  • Essence Gathering Temper.
  • May spend 2 motes to take on 12 mutation points.
  • May Craft Quintessence, Ambrosia, Gossamer, and Fate with Occult.
  • May attune any magical material.
  • May Strike Immaterials.
  • May spend 2 motes to do an hours basic work.
  • May transfer his own health levels to those touched.
  • Negates four botches per scene.
  • Perfectly secure storage for 20 Lb of gear as if worn/carried.
  • Nightsight and a sense of smell as keen as a wolf’s (+2d).

Noted statistical bonuses (Again, already included):

  • +1 Valor
  • +4 Essence for calculation purposes (not for learning charms).
  • +4 to Craft, Computer, Linguistics, Lore, Medicine, Technology, Integrity, Resistance, Survival, Awareness, Dodge, Socialize, Presence, and Bureaucracy, Investigation, and Performance abilities, +6 Occult.
  • -2 on Occult target numbers
  • Attributes: +5 Int, +5 Str, +5 Dex, +5 Sta, All Others +1

And yes, that’s an utterly insane pile of bonuses. After all, Charles has been building this stuff for more than a hundred and sixty sessions…