Exalted – Raksha Charms

Now, on getting back to catching up, here we have some Raksha Charms…

Lord Of Chaos Subversion Artifice: Cost: —; Mins: Heart 3, Essence 4, Type: Permanent, Keywords: Native, Duration: Permanent, Prerequisite Charms: Unassailable Tower of Glamour). (Waking and Dreaming) The ways of Chaos know neither pattern nor restraint, but merely the triumph of the self. If the user’s essence is two or more points above the minimum required for a charm, it may be taken whether or not the user has its prerequisite charms.

OK; between being mostly unreadable and half replaced by errata, the Raksha Charmset takes far, far, too much time to work through. This doesn’t solve that, but it does help a bit.

Hatching The Geomantic Egg: (Cost —; Mins; Heart 2, Ess 2, Permanent, Keywords; Mutation (2), Prerequisite; Heaven Rains Wisdom): (Waking and Dreaming) The Raksha live by incorporating alien energies into their own. This allows each of the user’s graces to mount (Ess/2, rounded up) Hearthstones, attuning it automatically at no cost. Stones will function normally or may be used to anchor and power other abilities, effectively providing two committed motes per level of Hearthstone used for this purpose.

Reflections Upon The Waters: (Cost —; Mins Heart 2, Essence 2, Type: Permanent, Keywords: None, Duration: Permanent, Prerequisite Charms: Unassailable Tower of Glamour).

(Waking) The Graces of the Raksha are most useful tools in creation, but none save the most foolhardy would wish to risk them being stolen. A Raksha may prevent this though, spending 1M to draw forth temporary duplicates of one or more of his or her graces. These last for one scene, and (as per the normal basis) have traits equivalent to fine equipment with (Essence) additional bonus traits to be assigned.

(Dreaming) The user may expend 3M to cast the reflections of his essence into the sea of chaos, creating (Essence+2) ephemeral duplicates of him- or her-self. If the user then flees, all of his or her duplicates will flee in different directions, if he or she remains, they will mill about – confusing the issue of the user’s actual location. Sadly, a single attack will destroy a copy – but that’s the only way to be sure which is which. Any duplicates remaining at the end of the scene will vanish then.

The Shattered Mirror: (Cost 6M, 2G, Mins Ring 5, Essence 3, Type: Simple, Keywords: Shaped-Only, Native, Duration: Indefinite, Prerequisite Charms: Great Works of the (Grace) for whatever graces are to be affected, Reflections Upon The Waters). (Waking and Dreaming) The user may spend 6M and 2G to manifest a temporary version of one of his or her graces as an artifact of the appropriate type, rated at up to (Essence/2) rounded down or (Grace/2) rounded up – whichever is less. The artifact will remain in existence as long as the user keeps the motes committed, but a given grace can support only one such secondary manifestation at a time. Such quasi-artifacts must be attuned normally.

Harvest of the Winds: (Cost: —, Mins: Cup 3, Essence 3, Type: Permanent, Keywords: Shaped-Only, Duration: Permanent, Prerequisite Charms: Banquet of Crumbs).

(Waking) The user can drain tiny traces of power – far too small to be noticed on an individual basis – from mortals within a one mile radius. He or she may automatically regain up to (Essence or the Magnitude of the number of people within the radius, whichever is less) motes per hour and – if he or she also has the Oneiromantic Conjuration charm – a similar amount of gossamer per day. He or she gains the secondary effects of the Gossamer background at a level equal to his or her essence (five maximum).

(Dreaming): The user may cast his consciousness across the wyld, weaving a web to reel in his hearts desires. The user may opt to count any time spent in the Wyld as time spent in Wyld Questing, no matter what else he or she may be doing there.

Continuum of Dreams: (Cost: —, Mins: Cup 3, Essence 3, Type: Permanent, Keywords: Native, Shaped-Only, Duration: Permanent, Prerequisite Charms: Harvest of the Winds).

(Waking) Human minds hold many common dreams, ranging from replaying the simple routines of daily life through common dreams of falling/flying and being chased, and on to the infamous archetypes like “the place where you’re naked in public”. While this is similar to soul-carving artifice (page 177), such dream realms are quite permanent. The user may spiritually move into such a dream-realm for 3 motes and one temporary willpower – and may move into it physically for 12 mores and 1 temporary willpower – as long as there are at least one hundred mortals within a one-mile radius.

(Dreaming): The user may spend 2m to step into a common dream, look for a mortal dreamer currently present there, and accompany them back to Creation – materializing by their side as they awaken.

Forge of Dreams: (Cost: —- (3M, 2 G); Mins: Heart 3, Essence 4; Type: Permanent, Keywords: Glamour (4), Shaped-Only, Native, Duration: Permanent, Prerequisite Charms: Unassailable Tower of Glamour).

Shaped Fair Folk area bridge between the stability of Creation and the chaos of the Wyld. Those who have learned to exploit this talent may draw the stuff of chaos into the heart of Creation – or the stuff of Creation into the heart of the Wyld.

(Waking): In Creation, The user adds +2 – with no cap – to the willpower cost of Creation-born ignoring his or her Wyld Stunts and decreases the requirements for enacting such stunts in Creation by -1 Heart and -2 Essence. More importantly, the user may expend 3M and 2G to invoke an extra Wyld Stunt, over and above those allowed by his or her Style background (if any) up to a limit of (Stamina) such stunts per day. These stunts are always rolled with Occult, regardless of what ability they appear to use.

(Dreaming): In the Wyld the user may expend 3M and 2G to infuse an environmental fantasy covering up to (Essence/2 rounded up) waypoints – a dark forest full of hazards, a mighty castle with a moat, a huge swamp, or whatever – with reality. It will endure, effectively real, until the sun has crossed the horizons of creation twice. Charms such as Chaos-Repelling Pattern may stop the manifestation within the area affected, but will not undo it where it has already manifested – and the manifestation will “fill in” the once-protected area if the entity generating it moves. Environments that would naturally fill in an area – a flood, a blizzard, or some such – will slowly fill it in whether the individual generating the protective zone moves or not.

Into The Maelstrom: (Cost —; Mins Heart 1, Essence 2, Type; Permanent, Keywords; Shaped-Only, Prerequisite Charms; None). (Waking and Dreaming) The user’s Wyld Stunts now include Thaumaturgy-level effects (requiring Heart 1 and Essence 2, +0 difficulty, even if they’d be kind of silly to waste a Wyld Stunt on Thaumaturgies) and may be attempted on a per game-session basis, rather than on a per “Story” basis, making them easier to keep track of.

Basic Wyld Stunts: Thaumaturgy Level: +0 DC, requires Heart 1, Essence 2. Terrestrial Level: +2 DC, requires Heart 2, Essence 4. Celestial Level: +4 DC, requires Heart 3, Essence 6. Solar Level: +9 DC, requires Heart 4, Essence 10. A creation-born can resist a Wyld Stunt affecting them by spending (User’s Essence, Maximum 5) Will. A raksha may attempt a number of stunts per story equal to his or her lowest non-feeding grace.

Wyld Prince Reality Subversion Artifice: (Cost: —; Mins: Heart 3, Essence 3; Type: Permanent, Keywords: Native, Mutation (4), Duration: Permanent Prerequisite Charms: Unassailable Tower of Glamour).

All things – material and immaterial, mirrors of past and future, and routes between realms, may be found in the Wyld. Such is the basis of Wyld Questing. A near-instant search for some simple magical effect – the fundamental basis of Wyld Stunts – is an easy thing for a Raksha, a creature who’s very essence is snatching power and pattern from the swirling chaos. A search for “an easier way to do things” is almost no search at all.

(Waking and Dreaming): The user may sense potential patterns in the swirling madness of the Wyld or cracks and flaws in the House of the Primordials – seeing how their abilities may be used with the least possible effort. Roll (Occult + Perception) at the start of each round. Successes may be used to reduce the cost of using charms and other powers during the round at a ratio of one success per mote, two successes per point of glamour, and three successes per point of will. Sadly, such costs cannot be reduced below one point in total; a Raksha cannot avoid spending his or her resources entirely simply by finding easier ways to do things.

Mythic Traits: (Cost —; Mins Ess 4, Permanent, Keywords; None, Prerequisite Charms; Any Assumption Charm). (Waking and Dreaming) You may draw on the mythical or reputed traits of your animal/element/emotion/whatever when using the King of Beasts Method or any of it’s merged charms; for example, lions are noted for leadership, strength, valor, fighting more ferociously when wounded, and raw power. Foxes, on the other hand, are noted for for cleverness, stealth, evasion, trickery, and weaving illusions.

Evolutionary Sovereign: (Cost 5M; Mins; Ess 5, Duration; Scene, Keywords: None, Prerequisite; King of Beasts Method). (Waking and Dreaming) Essence/2 (rounded up) bonus dice from King of Beasts Method or any of its merged charms become passive through the scene, augmenting any appropriate checks.

Tower Of Invincible Egotism: (Cost —; Mins Ring 5, Ess 3, Duration; Permanent, Keywords; Mutation (4), Prerequisite; Inviolable Presence): (Waking and Dreaming) The user gains the “virtual” equivalent of artifact armor (three dot at Ess 3, 4 at 5, 5 at 8+). It has no attunement cost, no penalties, never needs any kind of repair or maintenance, and is equally effective as shaping and normal armor.

Dreaming Thunder Guardian (Revised): (Cost; 1G, 1 Virtue Channel, Mins Heart 3, Essence 3, Keywords None, Prerequisite: Unassailable Tower of Glamour). (Waking and Dreaming) Within the depths of the wyld every potentiality, pattern of essence, or creation unimaginable boils up from the chaos – and is just as summarily wiped away once more. That constant storm of possibility is the Dreaming Thunder. At any time – including the moment when an attack or effect would normally be resolved (during step ten, after the effect has been determined but before it’s marked down) – the user may pay the cost of this charm to draw time and a defense from the dreaming thunder, performing a defensive wyld stunt. This does not count against the user’s usual allotment of wyld stunts, and – since it must be entirely defensive – cannot be countered with Will until the attackers turn comes up again, at which point it is generally too late.

Ward Of The Complex Form: (Cost —; Min Ess 2, Keywords: Shaped-Only, Mutation (2), Prerequisite Charms; Ox-Body Technique). (Waking and Dreaming) The user gains a health track for his or her right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, chest, abdomen, and head. Arm and leg locations are considered Crippled if taken below “Incapacitated”, and can absorb no further attacks. Wound penalties apply to any action involving the damaged body part only. Overall damage – such as from rains of fire, being caught in avalanches, and similar problems – is always applied to the chest. Within those restrictions the user chooses where to apply the damage from an attack; since defense is primary, his or her choice cannot be overridden, regardless of stunts and such.

Yes, a version of this charm is available for pretty much every kind of character in the game.

Morphogenic Mastery: (Cost —; Mins Cup 3, Ess 3, Duration; Permanent, Keywords; None, Prerequisite Charms: Subversion and Transformation Artifice). (Dreaming) You may produce any shaping weapon. (Waking) You may mutate non-mundane animals and sapient beings.