Exalted – Retinues At War

And for some more catching up, today it’s some minions for Exalted – some Commoner Raksha Warriors suitable for adding to your retinue. Go ahead; take along a Chancel-1 and a hundred or two of these guys. You know you want to.

Attributes: Str 3 (4), Dex 4 (6), Sta 3 (4), Cha 1, Man 1, App 2, Per 2, Int 2, and Wits 3.

Caste Abilities: Archery (Firearms) 4 (6), Martial Arts 2, Melee 4 (6), Presence 1 and War 3.

Favored Ability: Dodge 7 (9).

Other Abilities: Athletics 3 (5) (7, Tail), Awareness 2, Craft 1, Occult 3, Stealth 2, and Thrown 2. Survival (1, Fur).

Specialities: +3 (5)d Small Arms, +3d Heavy Weapons, +3d Crafting via Charms, +2d Dodging Firearms, +3d Spellcasting (3 BP).

Virtues: Compassion 2 (Cup 1), Conviction 2 (Staff 1), Temperance 2 (Ring 1), Valor 4 (Feeding Grace, Sword 4).

Heart 1

Essence 2 (Pool 20)

So what treasures are they using? Well…

  • Tale of Heroism (Onieromancy *, 3 Motes)
  • Barking Dog (Fey Beast *, 3 Motes)
  • Mantling Dream Of The Peerless Warrior (Treasure ***, 1 Mote)
  • Portable Foxhole (Chancel *, 3 Motes)

And they’ll normally be sworn to these Abjurations:

  • Aspect of Pan (Abjuration *. 1 Mote)
  • Wondersmith’s Oath (Abjuration *, 1 Mote)
  • Mirth Like Mail (Abjuration *, 1 Mote)
  • Stormtreader’s Oath (Abjuration *, 1 Mote)
  • Oath Of The Distant Wanderer (Abjuration *, 1 Mote)

Altogether that comes out to 15 motes out of 20. Of course they are getting an awful lot of protection and power out of that – and have only five charms that cost motes, two of them basically noncombat (at 3M each), one for calling a weapon to hand (1M), one usable only once per combat to summon help (5M), and one being a final resort to avoid damage (at 5M) – which is, of course, what their armor is for. A large pool is not really one of their needs.

Willpower: 6

Health Levels: 7.

Combat: Dodge DV 11 (12 vrs Firearms, 13, 14 versus Firearms when backed by the Oriflamme of Conquest), Parry DV 10 (12 when backed by the Oriflamme of Conquest), Soak 0A/2L/4B Staamina, 7A/7L/9B Armor, 1A/1L/1B Fur, +(Ess + Heart) B/L Charm. Net total Soak: 7A/12L/16B.

Attacks: (All +3d when backed by the Oriflamme of Conquest).

  • Assault Rifle: Speed 5, Accuracy 19, 9L, Rate 4, Range 200, 6’s count as successes. May burst fire 3/10/20 shots in an attack for +2/3/4d split as desired between damage and accuracy.
  • Bayonet: Speed 5, Accuracy 15, Damage 9L, Defense +2, Rate 2, Reach.
  • Grenade Launcher: Speed 5, Accuracy 19, 6L in a three meter/10 foot radius, Range 30, Clip 8, Rate 3, Accuracy 19. If someone happens to wind up on top of it or clutches it to themselves or gets it inside their armor or some such they take double damage – but there is no area effect.

Bonus Points: Specialities +9 (3), Raising Dodge to 7 (2), Artifact 3 (7 dots, 4x*, 1x***), Birth 3 (Gains birth charms, see below), Gossamer 3 (+6 Gossamer per Story, Resources 5), Style 3 (4d Stunt Pool, recovers one die per scene), and Willpower +1 (1).

Birth Charms:

  • Assumption of the Bestial Visage: Can take on a more or less human form with (Essence) points of mutations to style it after some animal of choice.
  • Ravishing the Created Form: They can drain mortals for more essence.
  • Banquet of Crumbs: They can gather essence from the residues of strong emotions.
  • Essence-Forging Art: They can create ordinary equipment for 3M with a roll of (Int + Cra + SP + Stunt) (normally 6d + Stunt). They’ll need a good roll to produce even basic equipment that can exist in Creation since that adds one to the difficulty, but Gas Grenades (depends on the gas) often come in handy.
  • Awakened Dream Manufacture: They can create minor beasts and servants at a cost of 3M – but with a base pool of only 2d and the need to make their creations permanent, they can’t make anything too powerful. However, if it’s appropriate, they reasonably be presumed to have a horse, a disposable servant or two, and so on (not that they couldn’t just buy or hire such things anyway).

Personal Charms:

  • Bastion of the Self (Heart): They are immune to unstunted nonmagical damage and add +(Ess) to their DV or resistance checks against other physically damaging attacks, including those employing stunts or magic. This is pretty good against generic mortals who aren’t stunting or using thaumaturgically enhanced weapons, but isn’t that much use against anyone else. Still, every little bit helps.
  • Writhing Ego Invasion: Pay 5 M and 1G to turn levels of damage into the loss of one temporary will point or one intimacy per two levels of damage (or part thereof) so negated. This won’t work against aggravated damage from cold iron though.
  • Host-Summoning Glory Of Command: Pay 1m to instantly draw and ready a weapon.
  • Transient Work of Flesh and Bone: Pay 5M and 2G to summon a mutated animal or a Magnitude 3 group of Elite Warriors with Drill = Sword for a scene. Yes, that’s expensive – but a hundred and fifty minions can be pretty handy for rather a lot of things. Since they come equipped to suit, if you happen to need a fort built, a harvest gathered, a building searched, a fire put out, or some such, then this is the charm for you.
  • Fantastic Grotesquerie Shell: They can keep their assumptions equipped with six points worth of handy mutations – although these are fixed once chosen. Unless they have some other method of coming back, it’s usually best to leave a chunk of flesh behind in a Chancel; that way they can usually come back if they get killed, even in Creation or by a Creation-born.
  • Glorious Hero Form x2: Well, +1 to Dex, Str, and Sta is pretty handy for a soldier.
  • Surpassing Excellence: They get a +2d Speciality in Small Arms (a particular type of bow in less modern games) that stacks with their existing 3d speciality. They’re pretty good shots.

Overall, these guys are no match for an Exalt – but they should be able to hold up most junior exalts for a bit, especially if they aren’t combat specialists. Sure, it will be by deploying a mass of troops, and some backers for them, sniping a bit, and then getting out while the Exalts are busy with the last of their generic troops – but they’ve got a decent chance at making it work.