Eclipse: The Timewalker Packages

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This one was another request; how to build a relatively low-level character with temporal powers. Given that this IS d20, this is going to be more Rifts-Style Temporal Raider than Dr. Who – but there’s really nothing to do about that; games have game masters not script writers. That’s why “Timewalker” is a supplementary ability package, rather than a primary one.

First up, it’s simple and cheap:

The Blood of Chronus (6 CP):

  • Innate Enchantment (8000 GP Base Value, Corrupted/Makes the user very magically conspicuous and marks them as very valuable, 6 CP). In general, Spell Level 1 or 0, Caster Level One, Unlimited-Use Use-Activated, base of 1000/2000 GP base cost for L0/1 effects.
    • Accelerated Reflexes/Enhance Attribute (+2 Dexterity) (Personal-Only (x.7), 1400 GP).
    • Living In The Moment/Immortal Vigor I (+12 x Con Mod x 2) HP. Personal-Only (1400 GP).
    • Precognitive Defense/Sidestep (Reflex Saves) (+2 Competence Bonus to Reflex Saves, Personal-Only (x.7), 1400 GP).
    • A Healing Instant/Healing Belt x2 (Magic Item Compendium, 1500 GP).
    • Whispers Out Of Time/Sapience (for the Healing Enchantments); Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 10, Empathy, 30′ Vision and Hearing, Ego 4, casts Nerveskitter three times per day (2200 GP). A Timewalker’s own thoughts whispering across time will often provide a warning of threats, even when he or she is asleep or otherwise off guard. Yes, that’s paradoxical. What do you expect from a time-manipulator?

Optionally you can throw in “Detect Temporal Energies” – a first-level effect that can tell you when you are, if paradoxes are disturbing the flow of time, what events cannot be changed, what things CAN be changed, if someone “belongs” in another time period, and much more. As a personal-only effect this would normally add 1400 GP (or 1 CP) to the total price – but, given that this is purely a game-master plot device with no purpose other than to drag characters into missions and restrict their options, I’d make it free – if I didn’t decide to count it as a variation on the “Accursed” disadvantage.

Similarly, you’d normally have to pay a few experience points to activate this unless you invest in Action Hero/Crafting or an immunity to that cost (1 CP). You might want to buy an immunity to dispelling too – but that won’t matter much until later on.

Temporal Manipulation (40 CP):

This is the big one: with this package you can manipulate the structure of time in a variety of ways – a power that can compliment almost any other set of abilities very nicely indeed.

A Timewalker can manipulate the structure of time. While their ability to contain temporal energies is limited, a “basic” timewalker can hold a pool of 3d6 (10) “Instants” ready to use – and can regain up to 15d6 (50) “Instants” per day, refreshing their temporal pool whenever they have a few minutes to recover. Sadly, using most of their powers sends up flares of poorly-controlled temporal energies, may trigger temporal disturbances and side effects or attract troublesome temporal creatures, occasionally forces them to go on bizarre time-and-causality patching missions to preserve their own timeline, and attracts all kinds of weirdness – effects which generally cover them being Specialized and Corrupted. Just to start with, the game master is entitled to consider the “Instants” spent during any brief period as points of Mana spent on an awkward reality edit. Still, they may spend an “instant”…

  • As an Immediate Action to take a Full-Round Action up to once per turn (“Borrowed Time”).
  • As a Standard Action to move up to one mile (“Racing the Winds of Time”).
  • As a Standard Action to gain +90′ movement, a +2 Dodge Bonus to AC and Reflex Saves, and +1 attack when making a full attack for one hour per level (“Bullet Time”).
  • While making a physical melee attack (not an action) to add the effects of a “Disintegrate” spell cast as if by a sorcerer of equal level to the attack (“Superluminal Strike”).
  • As a Standard Action to shift timelines (if the game master is agreeable) or automatically to resist changes in the timeline (“On Tides of Time”).
  • “Take 20″ on a roll – including skill and ability checks, initiative, attacks, and saves. This does not count as an action (“Choosing the Branch of Time”).

Other time-related effects, such as resisting aging effects, disrupting time-related spells, undoing very recent events (“Takebacks”), evading the effects of some terrible attack or event, and even time travel, may be performed as Reality Edits, producing Minor/Notable/Major/Grand effects at a cost of 1/2/3/5 “Instants”. Unfortunately, the permissibility of any given edit is always up to the game master.

If the game master chooses to enforce the minimum level of use on innate spells Racing the Winds of Time will not be available until L3 or L5, Bullet Time will not be available until L5 or L7, Superluminal Strike will not be available until L7 or L9, and On Tides of Time will not be available until L9 or L11. In this case just skip buying those until your Timewalker is high enough level to use them. In any case, to build this particular package take…

  • Tapping The Time Vortex: 3d6 (10) Mana with Reality Editing, Specialized and Corrupted for Triple Effect when spent/as above, plus only to power time-based abilities, not other powers (18 CP).
  • A Timey-Wimey Thing: Rite of Chi with +14 Bonus Uses, Specialized and Corrupted/cannot be used to recover spells or power, mana may only be used to refill the user’s Time Vortex pool of “Instants”, can not be used during an “encounter” (9 CP).
  • Borrowed Time/Reflex Action, Mana-Powered Option, Corrupted for Increased Effect (provides a full action rather than a standard action)/costs 3 Mana (one “Instant”) rather than 2, Specialized for Half Cost (3 CP). Expend one “Instant”, take a full action as an Immediate Action.
  • Racing The Winds Of Time: Inherent Spell I/Rapid Travel (The user may travel up to one mile too quickly to be subject to attacks of opportunity along the way; he or she must be able to trace at least a semi-plausible path to the destination however; while the path may explicitly cross over water or gaps of up to 30 feet in the floor, the user may not move anything more substantial than a light door along the way, open locks, or otherwise interact with people or the environment other than by causing minor disruptive side effects – such as kicking up a trail of dust and creating a gust of wind. This is normally a level four spell, but it costs 2 Mana for the Powered By Mana option and 1 Mana to reduce it to level three – making the cost one “Instant”) (2 CP).
  • Bullet Time: Inherent Spell II/L5 Version of Boundless Energy (The Practical Enchanter) with a one-hour per level duration, Mana Powered Option (1 Mana to reduce it to L4, 2 to power it – for a net cost of one “Instant”). Provides +90′ movement, +2 Dodge Bonus to AC and Reflex Saves, +1 attack when making a full attack (2 CP).
  • Superluminal Strike: Inherent Spell III/Disintegrate variant; has no range and no spell resistance but acts in conjunction with a physical attack as the user strikes so fast – and thus with so much kinetic energy – that the target may be completely destroyed. (2 CP).
  • On Tides of Time: Inherent Spell IV/A voluntary or self-activating level seven effect (powered by Mana and reduced to level six by the additional point of mana inherent in an “Instant”) that allows the user and those he or she opts to include in a 20′ radius to shift to another timeline. While this will self-activate to keep users from being affected by changes in their own past, it also occasionally takes the party to timelines where things have gone drastically wrong and need fixing, or which are about to invade across time, or some such (2 CP).
  • Choosing the Branch of Time: Luck, uses Mana (one “Instant”) instead of Uses/Day (2 CP).

I’ll Be Back (6 CP):

One thing for Doctor Who, that “regeneration” trick is pretty handy.

  • Time Heals All Wounds; Grant of Aid with Spark of Life, Regenerative, and Mighty, Specialized and Corrupted/only activates if the user is driven to the point where he or she OUGHT to die or if the user spends three points of mana (an “Instant”) on it, the user’s personalty tends to change radically if he or she is driven below (Negative Constitution) hit points and this power saves him or her, activates ten rounds after the player decides that it ought to, and takes another ten rounds before another use may be activated (6 CP).

Martial Art; Deja Fu (Dex)

Deja Fu is the art of manipulating time in combat – dipping in and out of the Time Vortex to attack and evade with supernatural speed, to blink from place to place, and to find plenty of time to react to any given attack. Practitioners seem to adopt a series of near-stationary poses and stances without actually moving between them – a strobe-like effect, as if a fight was being illuminated by lightning even when everything is clearly visible.

  • Requires: Tapping the Time Vortex.
  • Basic Abilities: Attack 4, Defenses 4, Strike, Synergy/Knowledge (History).
  • Advanced and Master Abilities: Combat Reflexes, Instant Stand, Mind Like Moon, and Weapon Kata (any single weapon).
  • Occult Techniques: Focused Blow, Ki Block, Light Foot, Vanishing, all powered by “Instants” rather than by Constitution Points.

There are obviously a lot of other appropriate powers – the various Block abilities can be VERY handy, augmenting your constitution bonus to hit points with your intelligence (as you cleverly sense when to get out of the way), Imbuement/Natural Weapons used to acquire the “Warning” +1 ability is pretty handy, and there are dozens more – but this is a low-level package, and that kind of thing can (and sometimes must) wait until later.