Eclipse d20 – Faelan, Mathghamhain, and Caiside.

These three youngsters were out hunting and foraging in the forest when the Weasel Clan hit their village. Luckily, the three got away without being spotted – although it wasn’t all that long before they got picked up by Lady Yolande. She, finding three unprotected and unclaimed children wandering about in the middle of a deadly wilderness war zone pretty much decided to keep them. While that does officially make them slaves, she’s crediting them with pay as scouts in service – a portion of which will neatly cover them buying themselves free once their apprenticeship is completed and leave them with a tidy sum left over. For them, it was a much better bargain than they were actually expecting to get even if they made it to the border of the Alarian Imperium and safety.

They’re also an example of why Atherian Birthrights, or any other optimized race, can make even level-zero children unique and interesting to build in Eclipse: even with only half the character points of a first level character they can still have a variety of interesting abilities – they’re just going to build directly from their racial/birthright abilities and be very narrowly defined and restricted to bring the cost down.

Faelan, Mathghamhain, and Caiside

Level Zero Scout-Apprentice Slaves

Atherian Dimensional Birthright Human (+0 ECL):

  • 2d6 Mana with the Reality Editing option (12 CP).
  • Action Hero with the Heroism option (6 CP).
  • Fast Learner (Specialized in Skills, for +2 SP/Level, 6 CP).
  • A bonus feat worth 6 CP.

Available Character Points: 24 (L0 Base) + 10 (Compulsive / slave-bindings, Broke, and History (which is basically a GM freebie in an NPC)) + 0 (Duties to Mistress) +6 (Birthright Bonus Feat) = 40.

Basic Attributes: 

  • Faelan: Str 12, Int 9, Wis 12, Con 16, Dex 12, Chr 16.
  • Mathghamhain: Str 12, Int 10, Wis 15, Con 13, Dex 12, Chr 14.
  • Caiside: Str 9, Int 16, Wis 12, Con 14, Dex 10, Chr 9.

Basic Abilities (16 CP):

  • Hit Dice: 6 (L0 3 HP Base +3 CP) + (Con Mod x 1) = 9/7/8.
  • Skill Points: 6 (Purchased, 6 CP) +6 (Fast Learner) + (Int Mod x 3) = 12/12/21
  • BAB: +0
  • Saves: Zero plus attribute bases (0 CP).
  • Proficiencies: All Simple and Hunting Weapons (6 CP), Light Armor (Specialized in Leathers, 1 CP).
  • Initiative: +(Dex Mod)
  • Move: 30′
  • Armor Class: 10 +2 (Leathers) + (Dex Mod).
  • Wealth Level: Common (3 Charms Each).

Forager Package (6 CP):

  • Faelan: Locating food, water, and shelter/hiding places.
  • Mathghamhain: Finding Metals and Minerals.
  • Caiside: Finding Charms, Talismans, and Ritual Components.

Other Abilities and Skills (18 CP):

  • Faelan: +1 BAB/Specialized in Bows (3 CP), Track/Wilderness (3 CP), Universal DR 2/0 (3 CP), Innate Enchantment (Serpents Strike, True Strike/Dodge/Save/Skill/Initiative 2/Day Each, and Resistance, 6 CP), Adept (Specialized/Survival and a Bow-based martial art only, 3 CP). Skills: Survival +4, Martial Art +4 (3 SP), Survival +4 (3 SP), Spot +4 (3 SP), Profession/Trapper +4 (3 SP). Charms: All-Weather Cloak, Blessed Bow, and Lucky Charm.
  • Mathghamhain: One level of Priestly Package Deal Spellcasting (Specialized/acolyte only, spells are per week; The Lord, domains are Fertility and Beasts, 5 CP), Presence / Camouflage Aura (6 CP), Relic (Ring of the Woodlands, 1 CP), +2 Will (6 CP), potential for Shapeshift. Skills: Knowledge/Religion +3 (3 SP), Survival +5 (3 SP), Perform/Oratory +5 (3 SP), Profession/Herbalist +5 (3 SP). Charms: Bracers of Force, Lucky Charm, and Sweat Stone. His Fertility Domain grants him the effects of an Amulet of the Stallion and a Contraceptive Charm, as well as the ability to grant those abilities to up to (Wis Mod) others at a time.
  • Caiside: Pathmage x2 (Basic, 4 CP), +4 bonus uses in Triggering (2 CP), Ritual Magic (Specialized in lesser magics only, 3 CP). Adept (His Rune Magic Skills – Earth/Plant and Totem/Animal (he had a wolf-barbarian grandfather), 6 CP), Mindspeech with Animals Only (3 CP). Skills: 6 SP invested in his Int-Based Rune Magic skills (all at +6), 8 SP in +1 (+4 total) in each knowledge, Spellcraft +3 (3 CP). Specialities: Dernmarik, Wolf-Totem Magic, Barbarians, & Getting information from Animals (4 SP). Charms: Bracers of Hurling, Ditty Bag, and Lucky Charm.

Here are some common bonus feats for the villagers, foresters, and other less-than-heroic types with the Dimensional Birthright. Sure, “Action Hero/Heroism” is useful (especially if you skip directly to the +6 CP/you can use Heroism once per day at no cost) and the occasional drastic reality edit can be a lifesaver as well- but it’s small, steady, abilities that really help people in their daily lives.


This handy little package lets you reliably produce a certain type of small edit. For example, while finding a great strike might call for the massed reality-editing efforts of dozens of prospectors, workable placer deposits and small veins require much smaller edits.

  • Triggering (Reality Editing), Specialized and Corrupted/only for a specific sub-type of edit; such as finding deposits of metals and minerals, locating food, water, and shelter, finding charms and talismans, finding helpful people, locating routes, finding special herbs and plants, finding easy hunting targets, calming and training animals, and so on (2 CP).
    • As a rule, Minor edits are treated as L1 effects (DC 13), Major ones as L3 (DC 17), and edits beyond that may have their cost reduced by the cost of a Major Edit, but cannot simply be triggered.
  • Luck with +4 Bonus Uses, Specialized and Corrupted/only for skill and attribute checks, only for Triggering (4 CP).


This helpful package allows an Atherian who can’t readily regain mana to still use some Rune Magic even without a high attribute and Magician.

  • Triggering (Rune Magic), Specialized and Corrupted/only for a specific sub-type of Rune Magic; such as Hearthcrafting, Healing, or Light (2 CP).
  • Luck with +4 Bonus Uses, Specialized and Corrupted/only for skill and attribute checks, only for Triggering (4 CP).

That’s not a LOT of magical power – and it can never be built up to really high-level spells (although that’s not too important on Atheria) – but it can certainly be convenient. 

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