Exalted – More Raksha Charms

All right. Next time we do Exalted it’s probably going to be with the Baba Yaga Exalted

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Well, what are YOU doing wandering around out here?

or Hero System rules. Simply trying to find or create the effects you want in Exalted is a nightmare, and actually making  a playable character out of them once you have them is worse.

Still, for the time being…

Calling The Dance Of Blades

  • Cost: —; Mins: Sword 4, Essence 4, Type: Permanent, Keywords: None, Duration: Permanent, Prerequisite Charms: Transient Work of Flesh and Bone.
  • This charm upgrades it’s prerequisite. In the Wyld, the user may distribute an additional (Will) points among the qualities of the resulting shaping weapon. In Creation the user may either summon a unit or a monster. If a unit, the user may distribute an additional (Sword + Will) points among it’s qualities – although none save mutations may be increased above (Sword). If a Monster it gets an additional (Sword + Will) mutation points and may either use a normal creatures traits as a base or count as an Deep Wyld Horror – gaining the appropriate Soak and Artifact Weapon traits. At Essence 4+ this charm may be activated twice in a scene. At Essence 8+ this charm may be activated three times in a scene. Such activations may be simultaneous.

New Mutations: Guardian (4): the Behemoth may ALWAYS be in the way of any attack aimed at a chosen individual – but this does not work against area effects. Wearable (6): the Behemoth may be “worn”, and protects against all attacks, including area effects. Upgrading the innate Weapon Traits of a Behemoth costs 2/4/6 for +1/2/3 “Artifact Dots”.

Wyld Mirror Dance

  • Cost: 6M, 3G, 1W; Mins: Sword 4, Essence 6, Type: Simple, Keywords: Combo-Basic, Obvious, Shaping, Duration: One Tale/Scene, Prerequisite Charms: Calling The Dance Of Blades.
  • (Waking and Dreaming): The user may pull up to (Essence/2, rounded down) duplicates of himself or herself from the Wyld. All are equally real, and entirely independent of each other, although all are run by the player. The player may decide which of the resulting Raksha was/is truly the original at the end of the scene or tale. The others vanish. This charm may, however, only be activated once per scene or tale.

Wyld Prince Reality Subversion Artifice.

  • Cost: —(1M); Mins: Heart 3, Essence 3; Type: Permanent Keywords: None, Duration: Permanent Prerequisite Charms: Unassailable Tower of Glamour.
  • All things – material and immaterial, mirrors of past and future, and routes between realms, may be found in the Wyld. Such is the basis of Wyld Questing. A near-instant search for some simple magical effect – the fundamental basis of Wyld Stunts – is an easy thing for a Raksha, a creature who’s very essence is snatching power and pattern from the swirling chaos. A search for “an easier way to do things” is almost no search at all.
  • Waking or Dreaming: The user may spend one mote at the start of each round to sense potential patterns in the swirling madness of the Wyld or cracks and flaws in the House of the Primordials – seeing how their abilities may be used with the least possible effort. Roll (Occult + Perception). Successes may be used to reduce the cost of using charms and other powers during the round at a ratio of one success per mote and two successes per point of glamour. Sadly, such costs cannot be reduced below zero; a Raksha cannot regain motes by finding easier ways to do things.

Quarrelsome Stormcloud Mind

  • Cost: None; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent, Keywords: Shaped-Only, Duration: Permanent, Prerequisite Charms: Any Assumption Charm.
  • The user’s mind remains lost in the Wyld, and split into a committee, regardless of his or her current physical location. Attempts at mental influence (natural or unnatural) aimed at him or her must succeed (Heart + 1) times in separate attempts before they will take effect. They still only require the usual amount of Will to break, and – if not repeated often enough to take effect – will find the count automatically reset to zero uses at the end of the scene. For each point of Will above seven, the user may also select one of the following bonuses. Each, however, may only be selected once: (1) Being fully Outside of Fate, (2) Having a second Motivation, (3) Reducing Flurry Penalties by one die (exception; this ability may be taken again at Heart 4), (4) Being able to spend 1G to carry on up to (Heart+1) independent conversations at one time for a scene, (5) Gain a standard Familiar at rating (Heart+1), (6) Being able to sustain an additional (Heart +2) Intimacies, and (7) increasing the difficulty of reading or interpreting your thoughts by (Heart). Unfortunately, any Raksha who develops this charm becomes more vulnerable to Bedlam, and will require an additional two steps to break free of it.

Fantasia Cinamystic, Pretentiously Basking In The Wyld Radiance Of The Night

  • Cost: None; Mins: Essence 4; Type: Permanent, Keywords: Shaped-Only, Duration: Permanent, Prerequisite Charms: Quarrelsome Stormcloud Mind.
  • Waking: The user may spend 3M OR 1G and draw on the forces of the Wyld to reflexively spin a fantasy even in Creation. The fantasy is actually imprinted on Creation to some extent, and requires two Will to dispel. Unfortunately, the maximum area affected is a radius of (Essence x 5) yards, always remains centered on the user, and the strain is sufficient to limit the user to a maximum of (Sta) fantasies per day.
  • Dreaming: the user may spend up to four motes infusing a fantasy with a trace of reality – increasing the cost of denying it by one-half that number of points of will.

Subsumption And Adoption Dementia

  • Cost: 2W (Committed), Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple, Keywords: Shaped-Only, Shaping, Duration: Commitment, Prerequisite Charms:  Quarrelsome Stormcloud Mind, Forging The Cup, Sword, Staff, and Ring, Ravishing The Created Form, Heaven Rains Wisdom.
  • The user may, instead of feeding on a Mortal, suck him or her into his or her personal committee – making the victim a part of him or her self. The Raksha will fall into Bedlam one step earlier than normal, but may draw on the victim’s attributes and abilities (wherever those are higher than the Raksha’s), and essence pool. The “Victim” gains a full set of graces rated equal to the relevant virtues, 12 points of mutations (always including Awakened Essence if not already awakened), and – if ever released – five Raksha charms. Victims do not age while incorporated into a Raksha. No one knows if a victim can exalt while subsumed, or what would happen if one did. Raksha who choose to personally learn the victims abilities may do so for half price.

Time Like An Every Rolling Stream

  • Cost: Variable G, 1W (Committed), Mins: Essence 6; Type: Simple, Keywords: None, Duration: Commitment, Prerequisite Charms: Fantasia Cinamystic, Pretentiously Basking In The Wyld Radiance Of The Night).
  • It is only the pernicious – and pervasive – influence of the Loom of Fate that binds creation to single outcomes, that prevents creatures from being both alive and dead, that collapses the superimposed quantum states of the wyld into a single reality rather than allowing the glorious freedom of self-defined reality, as occurred during the Time of Cascading Years.
  • A Raksha with this charm can slightly undermine the operation of the Loom. He or she may spend one hour (-5 minutes per Glamour spent) and commit 1W to remove any one creature or natural feature short of the Shinma from his or her personal reality. For him or her, the chosen things simply do not exist, although he or she will recall it’s existence as a vague rumor. You don’t believe in the Western Sea? Go ahead, stroll on the bottom where most people think it is. Don’t want to believe in the Sun and Moon? That works too; you can stroll through a dark world while others stand in the light. Neither can harm you or even perceive you – and nor can you perceive or do anything to them. This is a perfect defensive effect. The flaw lies in the limited number of possible targets, in the fact that it renders the “targets” utterly invulnerable to you and undetectable by you, and the fact that the user will be unable to remember much about why he’s hiding from these vaguely-remembered things…

Fruit of The Renaissance Genius

  • Cost: 2M per +1 Ability Die, 1M per +1 Specialty Die, reduce the number of committed motes by the user’s [Ring + Staff] ratings, , Mins: Essence 4, Cup 4, Type: Simple, Keywords: Shaped-Only, Duration: Commitment, Prerequisite Charms: Banquet of Crumbs and Heaven Rains Wisdom.
  • (Waking and Dreaming): All things, material and immaterial, real or conceptual, manifest in the Wyld as constructs of essence. To reach out and – through sheer will – to seize a dream in solid form is the art of the Raksha. A Raksha with this charm may, up to three times per story, reach out to seize abilities made manifest and make them a part of himself. Each two motes committed can provide +1 Ability Dot (up to the usual maximums), while each mote can provide +1 Specialty Dot.

OK, to be quite honest, I have my doubts about the keywording on some of these – but hopefully the intent is clear enough…