Exalted – Geomantic Emulation

By the old Manse

Yeah, here looks good. The cow will just have to move.

And here we have a few more geomantic charms for Exalted. Why? Why not? Admittedly, these are a bit specialized – but they have their uses on occasion.

Geomantic Empowerment

  • Cost: —; Mins: Occult 3, Ess 2, Type: Permanent.
  • Keywords: None
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Prerequisite Charms: None

The character becomes a living Network Node and Geomantic Nexus, linked to any manses with similar powers that he or she is currently attuned to. When within a manse, he or she may either channel points from available geomantic relays into it (whether to counter power failure or to boost latent powers into operation) or spend motes (2 per minute per relay point being emulated) to personally provide up to (Essence) geomantic relay points.

Geomantic Sphere

  • Cost: Special; Mins: Occult 4, Ess 3, Type: Reflexive.
  • Keywords: Combo-OK, Stackable
  • Duration: Scene
  • Prerequisite Charms: Geomantic Empowerment

The character may select up to (Essence/2 +1) rounded up build points worth of manse powers (although five-point powers may not be selected until essence 6+. Favored power modifiers DO apply however) and may activate some or all of them for a scene by (1) spending 5 motes per point of manse powers activated, (2) having other manses commit geomantic relay points to power them, or (3) devoting a Hearthstone with a rating at least equal to the number of manse power points to be activated to them, or (4) some combination of those things. A hearthstone, or geomantic relay points, will remain committed until the end of the scene, even if the power is terminated early. At a base these powers affect a radius of (Essence x 10) yards. A Zone of Influence extends this to (Essence x 50) yards, and an Extended Zone of Influence to (Essence x 100) yards. In general, only essence-based manse features can be emulated by an Exalt with this charm. Things like Fortification (or anything else that’s not dependent on the level of the manse) cannot be.

Geomantic Seed:

  • Cost: 30M (or Geomantic Relay Points at 2 motes for 1 relay point), 2W; Mins: Occult 4, Ess 4, Type: Simple.
  • Keywords: Shaping.
  • Duration: Instantaneous
  • Prerequisite Charms: Geomantic Sphere

The user may gather a mighty sphere of geomantic energy in his or her hands, toss it down where he or she wishes to have a manse – and then spend 1-4 XP to purchase the Manse background at a level of (XP Spent +1). The user’s new manse will grow to completion within the hour. It is entirely real and permanent, is already attuned to the user, and comes with it’s hearthstone ready to use.

*Optionally, the GM may allow the user to add an additional +10 Motes or +5 Geomantic Relay Points for about a minute, or double that for one turn.