Exalted – Quick Gods

Our current Exalted game involves rather a lot of gods, demons, and other spirits – as friends, allies, companions, creations, and devas. Unfortunately, the rules for generating them are kind of convoluted. Ergo, here’s a considerably quicker method of building them; just use the chart rather than messing about with all those formulas…

  • Demons and Essence: First Circle: 2-4, Second Circle: 5-7 (Occasionally 8), and Third Circle: 9-10 (Occasionally 8).
  • Gods and Essence: Least: 1, First Rank: 2, Second Rank: 3, Third Rank: 4-5, Fourth Rank: 6-7, Fifth Rank: 8-9, and Entities Beyond Rank (10).
Ess Virt Att (Max) Ability Charms Will Pool Soak Health: -0…
1 10 29 (5) 10 18 7 45  +3 5x-1,4x-2,-4
2 11 34 (6) 20 21 8 60  +4 6x-1,5x-2,-4
3 12 39 (7) 30 24 8 70  +5 6x-1,5x-2,-4
4 13 44 (8) 40 27 9 85  +6 7x-1,6x-2,-4
5 14 49 (9) 50 30 9 95  +7 7x-1,6x-2,-4
6 15 54 (10) 60 33 10 110  +8 7x-1,7x-2,-4
7 16 59 (11) 70 36 10 120  +9 7x-1,7x-2,-4
8 17 64 (12) 80 39 10 130  +10 7x-1,7x-2,-4
9 18 69 (13) 90 45 10 140  +11 7x-1,7x-2,-4
10 19 74 (14) 100 51 10 150  +12 7x-1,7x-2,-4

That leaves just a few choices:

  • You can move up one or two (the maximum) ranks in attributes, charms, or abilities by trading in a similar number of ranks from among the other columns in the group. Want to have high attributes? Take +2 ranks there for (say) -1 rank each on your charm and ability selections.
  • You may select one favored ability.
  • You may spend fifteen bonus points. +1 Essence costs 7, +1 to an Attribute or +1 Charm costs 4, +2 to an Ability, Virtue, or Willpower costs 2, and +1 to a Background or picking up two specialty dice costs 1. Merits and Flaws work as usual; many gods have some mutations to represent their inhuman forms. NPC Gods usually spend a few points on mutations to represent any inhuman features and a few more on Artifact to represent their panoplies – but may leave the rest unspent.
  • You may select your charms.
  • You may also expend up to (Essence) charm slots on each of the following bonuses: +10 Motes (Essence Plethora), +1 Will (Reserve of Will), and +2 Health Levels (One -1 and One -2, Ox-Body Technique).

With the original divine mechanics, any god who didn’t sink at least three bonus points into Cult was being stupid and shortchanging themselves. On the other hand, taking Cult 4+ was awkward. Ergo, this chart assumes a “Concept Reliant” Cult-3. A “cult” with this modifier costs two bonus points more than a normal cult and can only exceed Cult-3 with special permission from the game master, but relies on widespread general belief rather than a specific group. In other words, it’s not going away, and it’s not increasing. You can’t call on your followers, but neither do you have to look after them.

The compensating disadvantage is “no figured characteristics”. A spirit made this way CAN spend bonus points buying up virtues and such, but – since  we’re using a chart – those won’t affect later calculations, since we’re not making any. This -5 flaw pays for the assumed cult.

Given the gargantuan expansion of Creation in the modern setting, a considerable majority of the current gods are using this mechanic.

The Spirit Charm list is very long; ergo, here’s a very short version…

Essence 1

  • Amethyst Awareness: All-Encompassing Sorcerers Sight
  • Benefaction: Target gets +1d on some sort of roll.
  • Call: Sends a message to a group.
  • Divine Decree: Manipulate the environment towards stated ends.
  • Dreamscape: Send targets dreams.
  • Essence Bite: Gain a damaging aura.
  • First (Ability) Excellency: +1d/Mote up to (Essence) dice.
  • Landscape Hide: Inhabit the Landscape.
  • Malediction: Inflict a 1d penalty on some type of roles.
  • Measure the Wind: Sense essence scores
  • Natural Prognostication: Reveals the Destiny background.
  • Plague of Menaces: Makes subject a target for spirits.
  • Second (Ability) Excellency: +1 Success/2 Motes, up to (Ess/2) successes.
  • Signet of Authority: Lend someone your authority over subordinates.
  • Spice of Custodial Delectation: Gain motes when your domain is cared for.
  • Subtle Whisper: Make Natural Mental Influence inobvious.
  • Third (Ability) Excellency: Get to reroll for 4 Motes.

Essence 2

  • (Element) Dragons Embrace: Grant minor bonuses and penalties.
  • Affinity (Element) Control: Manipulate a particular element nearby.
  • Animating Management: Possess Objects.
  • Blessed (Element) Body: Absorb a type of elemental energy to gain motes.
  • Bread of Weak Spirit: Eat another spirit.
  • Calculated Order of Immediate Action: Accomplish Domain-Related tasks with great speed.
  • Domain Manipulation Scenario: Make whatever you’re in charge of do plausible things.
  • Harrow the Mind: Inflict a Belief
  • Host of Spirits: Create cheap copies of yourself.
  • Hurry Home: Teleports Home
  • Intrusion-Sensing Method: Monitors your domain for an event.
  • Landscape Travel: Boosts movement.
  • Loom Stride: Short range teleport.
  • Meat of Broken Flesh: Drain Motes with attacks.
  • Memory Mirror: Read memories and intentions
  • Paper Tiger Arrangement: Create a local illusion.
  • Paralyze: Turn damage into effects.
  • Possession: Posseses a target.
  • Sense Domain: Surveys the user’s domain.
  • Shapechange: Alter form, gain minor bonuses (usually about Ess+2 mutation points).
  • Sheathing the Material Form: Add Soak.
  • Spirit Cutting: Affect immaterial beings.
  • Stoke the Flame: Induces an Emotion
  • Taste of Mortality: Removes Exalt-level healing abilities.
  • Touch of Eternity: Grant Exalted health benefits.
  • Tracking: Sets up an arcane link to the thing touched.

Essence 3

  • Bane Weapon: Attacks do aggravated damage versus a target type.
  • Claws of the Angry Dragon: Temporarily drain powers.
  • Creation of Perfection: Become tangible to everything.
  • Divine Prerogative: Makes an Intimacy unbreakable.
  • Dreaded Embrace of Mundanity: Negate Excellencies – painfully.
  • Endowment: Grant dots and charms – mostly to mortals.
  • Eye of Inspiration: Let someone use one of your excellencies
  • Foretell The Future: Get some information about what is fated.
  • Fruit of Living Essence: Steals motes or Will.
  • Hoodwink: Brief Mental Stun
  • Impromptu Messenger: Talk through something near your target.
  • Infinite (Ability) Mastery: Reduces the costs of Excellencies.
  • Material Tribulation Divestment: Briefly Dematerialize as a defense and shed various effects.
  • Materialize/Dematerialize: Manifests an expensive body
  • Mimic of Tongues: Speak all languages.
  • Mind-Knife Sacrament: Inflict Mental Damage or Training Boosts.
  • Mirror of the Infinite Wardrobe: Illusory Disguise.
  • Portal: Open a gate to your nearby sanctum.
  • Principle of Motion: Store extra actions.
  • Ride: Merge with a host.
  • Scourge: Drains traits and charms.
  • Storm Shuttle Passport: Long-range travel via storms.
  • Touch of Saturn: Inflicts damage and various nasty effects.
  • Touch of Divinity: Bestow motes, will, or other spiritual boost.
  • Weather Control: Slowly changes local weather.
  • Words of Power: Turn words into attacks.
  • Worldly Illusion: Hold Instant Conference.

Essence 4

  • Banish: Sends individuals, groups, or items away from a domain.
  • Chrysalis of Preservation: Preserves Objects and Creatures.
  • Destiny Sponsorship: Protects the user from various minor troubles.
  • Emergency Prayer Relocation: Make temporary low-powered visitations in response to prayers.
  • Hollow Out The Soul: Drains a host to make it easier to control or weaken it.
  • Melodious Diagnostic Report: Finds the source of a domain project and may find how to fix it.
  • Regalia of Authority: Command others through UMI.
  • Shatter: Area Effect Attack.
  • Touch of Grace: Minor Healing.
  • Wine of Infinite Heartbreak: Enthrall and drain mortals.

Essence 5

  • Divine (Ability) Subordination: Auto-succeed on a roll.
  • Capture: Snatch targets into your sanctum.
  • Commander: Influence exorcism attempts.
  • Form Reduction Technique: Becomes a weaker creature.
  • Geas: Force a target to work on a task.
  • Hand of Destiny: Move inevitably towards a goal.
  • Shattered Adamant Attack: Attack while immaterial.
  • Symbol of Invincible Authority: Immunity to things related to your domain.

Essence 8

  • Legalisms of the Creators: Provides summoning resistance.

Gods are just as free as anyone else to come up with new charms – and it’s encouraged – but these are the standard selection.